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What Would You Do If…

Chapter 7

"Lucky Vulcan bastard has the fates work in his favor." Kirk exclaimed.

"Apparently. I was never that lucky when I was with my ex-wife," Bones said. "Then again, Klingons couldn't compare to that woman."

Bones had recently become a part of Spock and Kirk's discussions on the progress of the 'game'. It was Kirk's idea to bring Bones into the mix, Spock protested at first at the idea of sharing his personal life with yet another being. But Kirk claimed it was good for Spock to build up more relationships, and that male bonding was healthy for him. So Spock reluctantly agreed.

"I hardly believe that your concept of 'the fates' have anything to do with the situation, Jim." Spock answered to their remarks.

"Yeah right. First, you were lucky enough to have Uhura even allow you to play the game, a right that no man in history has ever had before. Then, you were lucky enough to master the game and not get scorched by Uhura for it. And just when we think your luck is gonna change, the redheaded chick reappears only to work at your advantage," Kirk explained exasperatedly. "If that's not the fates at work I don't know what is." Slamming his glass on the bar table.

"I almost want Uhura to full on start asking her questions again. It seems like she's ducked out in asking her own 'cause she didn't realize how good you'd be playing it." Bones said, as he downed a shot.

"I admit Doctor, that she has not been playing her part of the game as much, recently. You hypothesize that it is because she is intimated by my unexpected skill?" Spock asked curiously.

"Hell yeah. Granted Uhura's an understanding woman, but all women have their pride that they'll never admit to," Bones answered. "Women." He sighed gruffly.

Spock raised his eyebrow at Bones last statement. "Women? Your statement suggests that most women have an unyielding stubbornness that can lead to unwanted scenarios."

"Yeah, exactly." Bones confirmed.

"On the contrary, men of any species have the same unyielding stubbornness and pride, if not worse. And as a male, although Vulcan, I can admit that. Usually women will eventually 'come around' as you say, and try to make peace." Spoke said with unhesitant eloquence.

Both Kirk and Bones stared at Spock with slightly widened eyes, of mild humorous disgust. Spock noticed their glares.

"What?" Spock asked.

"Here we are trying to male bond with you and you go off and defend women and put us down." Kirk answered, downing his fifth shot. "No wonder Uhura's with you, you're the only man who would say some crap like that."

"Vulcans." Bones said gruffly, mostly to himself.

"I was merely stating facts. Scientific statistics have proven that although women can be quite stubborn they generally use more of their brain than men do. Which proves my point that it is unfair to make such statements about women." Spock said.

"We don't wanna hear your stats, Spock," Kirk said slightly annoyed, but becoming amused. He began to laugh slightly, as did Bones. "Your gonna be the weirdest friend I've ever had." Kirk said giving Spock a quick slap on the back that indicated his fondness.

"I think Spock could say the same for you too, Jim." Bones said humorously.

"Indeed." Spock confirmed.

Jim and Bones burst into a fit of drunken laughter, while Spock's lips curved slightly upward.


There were only a couple days left before shore leave was over and the crew of the Enterprise would be back in infinite space.

Nyota's head rested comfortably in Spock's lap, while the rest of her body laid on the fresh grass. They were in the local botanical gardens, it was actually Spock's idea to go there. He said, "I would like to enjoy Earth's more natural settings before returning to our duties." Nyota smiled at the statement and gladly came along.

"I can't believe shore leave is practically over. Don't get me wrong I can't wait to be back on the Enterprise, but I'm going to miss Earth terribly." Nyota said, shifting slightly to look up at Spock.

"That is understandable," Spock said, looking down. "This is your home planet... I have come to realize that I will miss Earth as well."

Nyota caught when Spock trailed off, she knew what was in the back of his mind, Vulcan. Nyota sat up and lightly trailed kisses across Spock's lips in comfort.

"Had fun these past weeks?" Nyota asked, making the subject lighthearted.

"It has been an enjoyable and… interesting time." Spock answered, an almost smile appearing on his lips.

Nyota recognized this trail off as amusement. "Interesting, huh? You can say that again. I didn't expect playing my 'game' with you would be so successful. Not to mention the 'interesting' events that happened these past weeks."

"You do not feel resentful about those events, do you?" Spock asked cautiously.

Nyota laughed a little. "No, Spock. Don't worry, I actually found everything funny."

"That is well. I was under the impression that that was not the case. You desisted in asking your random, hypothetical questions. I thought I discouraged you." Spock admitted.

"Oh, Spock," Nyota was touched. "I know I came off sour sometimes, but honestly it has been great playing with you. I appreciate the fact that you have, because I know how hard it must be doing something so… well, human. I really want to thank you."

Spock stared into Nyota's eyes. "Thank you for allowing me to explore aspects of myself I never have. You have been doing so since I first saw you."

Spock always knew what to say to stun Nyota into silence, even if it wasn't intentional. Nyota leaned in and captured Spock's bottom lip between her lips.

Breathless Spock slightly pulled away and spoke against Nyota's lips, "What would you do if, I told you I desired no one else but you?"

"I would tell you, that you have great taste." Nyota answered, lips still brushing his.

"What would you do if, I told you that I imagine no one else in my future but you?"

"I would tell you, that your future looks bright."

Spock looked at Nyota with eyes that became incredibly intense. "And what would you do if, I asked you to become bonded to me forever, by becoming my wife?"

Nyota eyes widened. "What?" She asked softly.

"What would you do?" Spock repeated, a soft glow coming across his face.

"You're serious?" Nyota asked tears beginning to glaze her eyes.

"More than I can express." Spock's eyes looked vulnerable…nervous. "I have never wanted something so selfishly for myself, than the way I want you to be mine."

Spock reached around his neck and pulled up a thin necklace he was wearing, Nyota hadn't noticed it before because of his high collar. Spock unhooked the metal from his neck and dragged off the ring that was looped around it.

The ring was now in the palm of Spock's hand, presenting it to Nyota. She looked upon the rare stainless metal band and noticed the stone in the middle almost resembled that of a pearl. The stone had slight craters etched into it, it looked like… the moon.

"Earth's moon." Nyota said wistfully. Her tears now escaped her eyes, cascading softly.

"Yes," Spock confirmed. "Earth's moon holds great significance for us."

"Especially you." Nyota said in almost a whisper, gazing back up into Spock's eyes.

Spock nodded slightly in response. "Will you do me the honor of being my bond-mate, becoming my wife, Nyota?"

Nyota nearly didn't let Spock finish the question, when she latched onto his lips.

"Absolutely." She answered against his lips.

Spock exhaled in utter relief. Pulling away slightly he put the ring on Nyota's finger. Nyota never wore rings around Spock before and never told him her ring size, she could only conclude that his genius mind calculated what her ring size would be from sheer memorization of her every detail.

They're foreheads were pressed together as they looked down at their hands entwined, both admiring the ring that was now a part of Nyota.

"Perfect." Nyota stated in admiration.

"Indeed." Spock said, not looking down at the ring anymore but the receiver of it.


"Wooow!" Kirk exclaimed. "I was just starting to fathom that you guys were together, now I see a ring on her finger!"

Everyone at the table turned their heads toward Spock and Nyota, gazing upon Nyota's hand for proof of Kirk's outburst.

"Is the elevated volume of your voice necessary, Jim?" Spock asked slightly annoyed, of course never showing it.

Spock had promised Kirk days before that he would join the crew of the bridge, for dinner before shore leave was over. So now hours later, after Spock proposed to Nyota there they were under everyone's curious and shocked gaze. Spock and Nyota hadn't planned on saying anything yet about their engagement, but of course Kirk's… observant behavior had to comment on the ring around Nyota's finger.

"You two are getting married?" Chekov asked innocently.

"Yes." Spock confirmed.

Everyone looked at each other now, as if gazing at each other confirmed what they all just heard.

"Well that's great then!" Scotty exclaimed happily in his thick Scottish accent. "Drinks all around!"

"Yeah, congrats you guys." Sulu said.

"Take care of the elf, Uhura." Bones said gruffly, raising his glass to them.

"I'm still in bit of a shock, but seriously congratulations you two." Kirk said, also raising his glass to them.

"Thanks you guys." Nyota said happily, squeezing Spock's hand.

"All of your support is valued, truly." Spock said.

"Was that an emotional statement, Vulcan?" Bones asked teasingly.

"It was a mere statement of a fact." Spock answered, an almost smile appearing.

Everyone laughed. Spock's dry sense of humor was always great, they knew he could get emotional and it was always funny whenever he covered it up with logic.

"So you know what this means, right Spock?" Kirk asked.

"I am sure you will inform me." Spock said.

"I should get first dibs on being your best man." Kirk said as if it were obvious.

Everyone at the table sighed heavily at Kirk, except for Spock.

"I can only imagine what that bachelor party would look like." Bones grumbled.


The rest of the crew's evening was packed with chatter and laughter. It was one big family setting, something they all really came to love with each other.

Now in their quarters, Nyota laid across Spock's frame. His fingers weaved into her hair bringing her in close for a kiss. When they broke the kiss Spock saw a glint in Nyota's eyes that he hadn't seen for a couple of weeks.

"Before we get more intimate I want to ask one of my questions, 'cause one has finally come to mind." Nyota said, eyes shimmering mischievously.

Spock became a little nervous, but it was only fair because she hadn't asked one of her random hypothetical questions in some time. At least she was going to ask before becoming intimate.

"Certainly, ask." Spock told her.

"What would you do if…" Nyota began, propped up on her elbows now. "We woke up tomorrow…" She paused, looking at Spock as if preparing him for the absurdity of her question. "And I had a penis and you had a vagina?"

"WHAT?!" Spock was so thrown off he couldn't control the level of his voice.

"What would you do?" Nyota pressed, in fit of laughter.

Spock sighed and all he could think to say out of his confusion was, "I would not let you impale me with it."


Author's Final Note: LMAO, I know you guys must have been thrown off by that last question, I got the question from the stand up comedian, Greer Barnes. He told a joke about his own girlfriend asking him such a crazy question. Hope you guys liked it.

Thanks to all of so much for sticking to this story. Keep an eye out for my next Spock/Uhura fics, "The Nerve!" (ONE-SHOT) and "What The Moon Does To You" (FULL LENGTH), which will explore the affects Earth's Moon has on Spock because Vulcan never had a moon.