N/A: This fanfic disregards Snape dying in DH. Hope you like it!

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Chapter Rating: T

"Now Miss Granger, as a new professor at Hogwarts, I expect you to be on your best behavior. Please try to be as professional as you can be as you are the youngest teacher we have and have ever had here."

'She still hasn't changed.' Hermione thought. 'Still yammering is she? Where is she taking me anyways?'

Hermione trailed behind Mrs. McGonagall as she winded through the hallways of Hogwarts. Hermione held on tightly to the books she found at a discount shop in diagon alley. She knew that the older the books the better, as she was slotted to teach History of Magic. Professor Binns decided, even though he was a ghost, that it was time to retire after all those years of teaching 'unappreciative children' the wonders of the past.

They rounded one last corner and McGonagall opened a door and motioned Hermione to go in.

"In you go dear."

Hermione walked into the room and saw a large table with all of the teachers sitting down together. She surveyed the room and smiled. She took in a deep breath and thought to herself 'this is where I'm supposed to be.'

"Now, now everyone, settle down." McGonagall said, clanking a glass with a pencil. "Everyone, I'd like you all to welcome our newest teacher, whom most of you will remember, Miss Hermione Granger."

Professor Snape, who usually slouched back and tried to fall asleep during these types of meetings, perked up with the name 'Granger'. She was the only reminder of that Potter boy left, and now that she was back the nightmares started all over again. He looked at the head of the table as all the professors clapped to welcome Hermione. 'She's grown-up very well' he thought to himself, surveying her curves and the way her shirt bunched and the slimness of her legs. He suddenly felt more interested.

"Miss Granger will be teaching History of Magic and hopefully she will be here for a while. Everyone please help her out however you can."

Hermione smiled and waved to everyone. She was about to sit down until someone spoke up.

"So, how are you and Mister Weasley, Miss Granger? You must fill us in on what you've been up to since your N.E.W.T.S."
"Severus!" Professor McGonagall exclaimed. "Now Miss Granger, you do not have to reply to that. Each teacher has a right to their own privacy. Now teachers, if you don't mind I'd like to get this meeting going. Tomorrow…"

Hermione's smile turned into a frown as she sat down in her chair and started to remember what she'd been up to for the past three years since she graduated.

After she graduated, Harry, Ron, Ginny and herself made a promise that they wouldn't lose contact. Hermione decided to move into the burrow after Fred's death and there was an extra room. Of course, Ron wanted her to stay with him, and she did for a bout a week. But every so often they'd fight and she'd go into Fred's old room. Even though the pictures of qudditch and old posters of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes weren't her idea of home, it was better than arguing with Ron. She endured two long years of that and finally decided to leave him. After a long, final night with Ron, and after much yelling and anger, Hermione packed up.

"You're so absorbed in your qudditch and mindless things; you don't know what you're doing with your future!"

"But you're my future 'Mione."

"Oh don't expect that to work Ronald! You can't depend on me all the time and I certainly can't rely on myself all of the time either!"

-Suitcase slams-

"Goodbye Ronald. And if you didn't get it by now I no longer wish to be your girlfriend."

"Yeah I got it… but we still have to be friends. After all we've been through. At least give me that."

""I'll give you that, but not now. I have too much to think about and I can't stay here to do all that thinking."

-Hermione walks out of Ron's room. Ron shouts to her-

"Will you at least write to me when you're ready?!"

-Hermione stops, turns around and smiles faintly-


She said her goodbye's to Ginny hoping she'd understand, and left to go back to the muggle world. After she'd left the burrow and went to the muggle world through a port key, she started on her search for her parents. After a year she finally gave up and decided to return to Hogwarts.

With that last thought, Hermione's mind suddenly returned to the meeting.

"… and with that the meeting is over! Please prepare you're lesson plans very soon as classes start tomorrow!"