Kingdom Hearts ~ Oblivion


***Unknown world***

It was twilight, the sun was sinking behind the horizon, darkness spread across the forest; darkness spread across the clearing, across the unlit fire.

As darkness spread, something in the shadows stirred, a man stepped forward; walking into the moonlight between the trees; cloaked in darkness he was unrecognizable, he stabbed his longsword into the ground as he walked.

"The war begins."

He raised his hand and fire burst out, setting a campfire ablaze. He backed off a step and sat, in a black cloak he was unidentifiable, he sat and he waited.

Slowly another figured walked out of the shadows, dressed the same. Stabbing his Katana into the ground next to the other weapon, he sat across from the other man and waited.

"The light has been veiled."

Another figure came from the darkness, once more cloaked in black. Falling gracefully from the canopy, he also stabbed his weapon into the ground, a warscythe; he sat at the side of the fire, between the two other companions.

"The rage of the kingdom will be felt"

The air whistled as a fourth figure dropped from the sky, landing next to the fire, no sound, no affect on the area, then a broadsword, a great Zanbato dropped next to the others, falling on its side rather than standing into the ground. Ignoring the looks from his companions, he sat across from the third figure.

"The battle for light and dark begins, yet twilight will reign."

The second figure then turned to the last;

"Sometimes you think the end is within your grasp, yet something else begins."

The third then raised his head

"The kingdom. The light. The dark. All must be reunited, or all will have been in vain. Things have been set in motion, and the gears of war are grinding. The universe calls for her warriors, and they will answer it, or they will never know the truth of life…"

The four figures rose and left, melting into the darkness taking their respective weapons, the fire burned out, the darkness rushed in, the logs never burnt, no sign of anyone having ever been there. The first figure looked back into the shadows of the forest.

"It has begun"


Sora vaguely heard someone shout his name a thought drifted across the void that was his mind, 'So not getting up.'

Again someone shouted his name, 'Still not getting up' floated across his void.

He then felt a sharp pain on the back of his head, quickly followed by one to his face. He slowly opened his eyes; breaking the darkness of his void, "wha...." he began to ask, before he was interrupted.

"Wake up you lazy bum"

He heard the shout somewhere to his left; He then attempted to work out where he was. 'Alright face down on... a desk... that's it, now where would I have a desk?'

He lifted his head, the teacher at the front, and what appeared to be writing on the board. A very angry teacher. 'Did I do that part already?' Then he looked to his left.

There sat Kairi, one of his best friends, in a school uniform, "Eh? Where am I?"

Kairi sighed, "School, where do you think?"

"Ohh, right..." 'Didn't I work that part out already?'

Kairi sighed again "Sora you moron… Go on Riku, hit him again…"

He felt another sharp pain in the back of his head. Looking to his right he saw his other best friend, Riku, with a smarmy grin on his face "Welcome back to the world of light!"

Riku, Kairi and Sora began to laugh.

The teacher, Lulu came up to them, "Finished yet?"

The three friends looked rather sheepish.

After settling back into life, or as much as was possible after saving the world, becoming incredibly strong, seeing other worlds, life was never normal. Little did our heroes know, things had only just begun…