But not for long though.

So, to let me explain myself. I'd pretty much dropped this story since I wasn't getting any… drive to do it anymore. BUT! I've recently been lookng into Birth By Sleep, and though I still don't know what's going on in either BBS or 358/2 specifically, I have a general idea which has completely re-written the remainder of this story.

However, then my muse left as quickly as I came, so I'm gonna do the decent thing and post what I wrote while inspired, wrap it up so it makes a decent 'Start Of Darkness' story, and post this as the final chapter.


The twisted, demented tower of chaos crumbled under its own weight, and Kefka descended from the scorched yellow sky, six wings coming from his back as he wore nothing but a purple robe.

"Now…" He said, raising his arms to the sky. "Perish."

A multitude of black meteors fell from the sky, obliterating the planet. Sora dodged the best he could, as did everyone else, but it wasn't long before he was struck down from behind, knocking him down instantly.

Sora found himself in the familiar grassy fields of his soul to find Roxas chuckling at him. "Man, you really are pathetic, aren't you?" He asked.

"Just who are you?" Sora asked. "I know I've said this before, but you are not Roxas."

"Yeah, I know." He shrugged. "It'd be better to say that Roxas was us, but while we're arguing, your friends are dying."

"So let me out of here." Sora snarled.

"What, so you can do that heartless transformation again?" He asked. "Not a chance. In case you haven't noticed, this is a nice place." The man who wasn't Roxas pointed out. "I like it here, but I probably won't if it turns black." He grinned maliciously. "And neither will she."

Sora sighed. "I won't let the darkness control me." He stated. "My heart's strong enough for that."

"Funny, because I remember one idiot saying the same thing once." The blond chuckled. "Wanna know what happened to him?" He asked. "You killed him. Twice."

"Xeanhort..?" Sora asked.

"Almost." The blonde laughed. "But Xeanhort was long dead by the time you got to him. You just fought what was left."

Sora clenched his fist. "This is getting me nowhere." He said.

"No, it's not." Replied the other. "That's because you have no idea what you're doing."

Sora stopped dead. "Darkness will infect any heart that tries to use it." The blonde explained. "No exceptions, that is a fact. No matter how strong a heart is, eventually it will give way if it keeps letting the darkness in. But that's where I come in."

"What?" Sora asked.

"My heart is already corrupted black beyond return." The blonde young man stated. "So all you need to do is let me handle the darkness, and I'll give you my power."

"Not a chance." Sora refused. "You'll try to take over my body, won't you."

The other laughed whole-heartedly. "Of course I want your body!" He shouted. "But at least you know I'm trying to take it." He pointed out. "And I won't try to sneak behind your back to get it, I've got my pride there."

Sora thought about it for a second. "And just to sweeten the deal, I'll even teach you all about the Keyblades." The blonde young man offered. "Stuff that mouse should've told you a long time ago."

"Tell me one thing." Sora decided. "What is your name."

The blonde grinned. "Vanitas."

Riku struggled to get to his feet, but was forced down once again by the sheer weight of Kefka's presence. He forced his chin up and tried again, but his jaw dropped when he saw Sora stand to his feet without any difficulty.

What's more, the darkness had left Sora completely. How was he…

Riku grunted as Sora removed the Two Across keychain from the Keyblade, returning its form to that of the Kingdom Key. Sora then held the Keyblade in his right hand and held out his left as a second Kingdom Key appeared.

Then, Sora's right hand was surrounded by a blinding light, his left with a black shadow, as Sora lifted the weapons in front of him and crossed their blades. Blue spikes burst from the point where the two blades intersected, and a golden sword burst from the end, forming as large and powerful weapon.

Sora tossed it lightly before catching it with both hands and getting into a stance, his hand gripping the two middle hand-guards, which had now formed into one handle. "Let's go big guy!" Sora taunted, leaping into the air at the ascended madman.

He sliced through Kefka with ease. The battle was over before it even began.

After the battle, Sora divided his two keyblades again, then pointed one at the sky and one at the earth. A beam of light burst from each one, and the sky returned blue, the land regenerating itself. Once everything was once again as it was, Sora grinned at his friends.

"You guys are not going to believe what I've found out."

Sora explained things to Riku and Kairi. Lots of things.

He told of the Keyblade Academy of old.

He told about the Keyblade's origin, that there are as many Keyblades as there are hearts capable of creating them.

He explained how Riku inherited Xion's Keyblade, and passed Roxas's Keyblade onto Kairi.

He explained how Xemnas came to be, and how he formed the organisation

He explained the Keyblade war, and how it consumed the worlds with darkness and suffering.

He explained how he knew these things, and who had given Sora the second Keyblade.

Riku didn't like it.

"Sora…" Riku said. "Don't trust Vanitas."

"I don't." Sora replied. "But I'm going to use him."

"No." Riku demanded. "You need to seal him away, deep inside of your heart. Vanitas is the greatest evil ever unleashed upon the world."

"What're you talking about?" Sora asked.

"The king told me about him in confidence." Riku explained. "And that Keyblade you used, the X-Blade? It has more potential for destruction then any Kingdom Hearts."

"Then it's a good thing I'm the one using it and not Typhoon." Sora replied smugly. "Remember that he needs to be taken care of."

Kairi was still concerned, but she trusted Sora. "Alright." She nodded. "But, just be careful, alright?"

Sora tilted his head. "Of course I will." He told her.

"You really scared her you know."

Sora turned to Riku in the dim light of the Gummi ship's cockpit. "When you came out of the rubble with all that darkness around you, we all feared the worst."

"I've used Anti-form before." Sora pointed out, almost flippantly. "Darkness is a quick road to power, but it can consume you, while Light is just as likely to blind you to the truth."

"You're somewhat philosophical lately." Riku pointed out. "What's up?"

"Nothing really." Sora lied, steering around an asteroid. "It's just that the closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes I suppose."

Inside Sora's heart, Vanitas laughed.


Yeah, I think I'll end it there.

It's a shame though, there's a lot of things I won't get to do now. I had planned all sorts of crazy crap for this story, such as:

Sora and Riku entering Kairi's heart to save her soul, finding the embodiment of her dependence on Sora, so Sora fights that alone while Riku saved Kairi, making her depend less and less on Sora.

Sora going so far to darkness that he dies

Sora earning redemption by becoming a soul reaper

Sora betraying soul society by saving his current target, Kairi, and then coming back to life.

Warriors of Twilight tricking Sora into destroying the world of light and the world of darkness so they can reform it as one world order.

Sora having to go on a huge man-hunt to find a keyblade wielder terrorist known as 'Dragoon'.

Several epic wars

And much, much more.

Unfortunately, this story, both in my head and on paper, has died.

Before the panic hits in, that won't happen to For Every Soul. For one thing, that already has a large lynch mob ready to kill me if I don't finish that story, and I've got too much invested in that one for it to die.

Hell, that story will be epic. Actually, it's already beyond epic. We're gonna have to think up new words when I come back in two years.

So, enjoy! If any of you feel like continuing this story, ask Ravenwingcorps!