Hello! This is the second piece of Descriptive Writing I've done – this time it wasn't for school – and I do hope you like it! It's not as good as I could have done it, but it was written off the top of my head during form (20 minutes!!), so it won't be great.

Anywho, enjoy!

Pegasus Galaxy; Lantea

The planet Earth travels at a relative speed of 19 miles a second as it orbits the large, yellow star at the centre of the solar system. That solar system resides within one of the outer arms of the galaxy that is known as the Milky Way. Another galaxy, in an entirely different region of space, is known as the Pegasus galaxy.

Within the Pegasus galaxy there is also a planet that orbits a large, yellow star, not unlike the way the planet Earth does in the Milky Way. This planet has an atmosphere just like Earth's, but the continental masses are different. Instead of a land mass coverage of 40% like on the Earth and various other continents, it instead has a single continent that roughly covers 15% of the planet's surface. On Earth there is a continent that is around about the same size as this single continent; that continent has a name, North America.

Now, the rest of this unknown planet's surface comprises of water, ocean to be precise. These oceans are unpolluted as there are no pollutants being emitted from less-than efficient power stations. No, on this planet there is only clear blue, ocean and a single large land mass.

There are no cities and no farms on this land mass, there are no human inhabitants; they reside elsewhere.

A war being raged between two races, one a creation of the other, is the reason as to why a once great city; a stronghold of one race, has been submerged beneath the rolling oceans of clear blue. This city, abandoned out of the necessity to survive, is left slumbering. Protected from the power of the waves and the oceanic currents by a shield it waits. It waits for the return of its residents, of the race that fled so as to survive.

It waits alone, powered down to conserve its power, for decades that eventually become centuries and thousands of years until…

Something changes and something comes. Its power is put to use, a connection across the stars established. A connection to a planet that travels at a relative speed of 19 miles a second, orbiting a large, yellow star; the planet where its residents fled. And now they return to it, return to see and to learn of the history of the galaxy they find themselves locked within. The city that becomes their home.

So! What did ya' think? Would love to know!