Author's Notes! / Heeeey. This is the first time I've ever posted a real slash piece, aha. If you don't like slash, don't read blahblah, because I'm kinda like :| at the fact that I wrote it in the first place. It just sort of came out (no pun intended lmao). SO YEAH. One huge lemon that HAS A PLOT. Ooh. Ooh. The plot may thicken if I write more.

Ooh. Ooh.

Name: Goodnight, McDreamy

Rating: MMMMM

Pairing(s): Very, very Derek/Mark



The rain was really pounding down now; the constant bang, bang, bang drowned every single line of thought from Derek's mind, burying every word he didn't want to hear. But every now and then, he could hear.

It's over. So, so over.

He wanted to run somewhere – anywhere – away from her, Seattle Grace, himself, although he couldn't. He was too tired. Too tired of being the only one trying.

There was a knock at the door.

"Hello?" Derek called. Not that the visitor would be able to hear him from inside the trailer. He climbed to his feet sluggishly and walked to the door, clicking the latch and opening it.

It was Mark.

"I have scotch," he said.

Derek turned around and fetched two glasses out of the horrendously small kitchen.

"Well," Derek said, "I have the angst."

"Sounds like a good night," he replied. "Are you okay?"

Derek laughed cynically.

"I'm sorry." Mark said. He sounded... sincere.

Derek turned to him, leaning back against the kitchen surface. "You have nothing to be sorry for."

"I do. For Meredith finishing it. I'm sorry for that. And for Burke leaving. I'm sorry about that, too."

"None of that is your fault, Mark." Derek whispered, barely audible.

Mark took a step forward and took off his leather coat, revealing his signature tight, black shirt. He carried on talking. "... and I'm sorry about Addison. I'm really, really sorry."

"That one is your fault."

There was a momentary pause. "So," Mark said, "the scotch."

"Yeah. The scotch."

Derek sat down on the bed at the other side of the trailer as Mark opened the bottle in the kitchen. He poured into the two glasses and followed after his friend. He sat down next to him and passed him his alcohol and started to drink his own; he hated seeing Derek like this – completely... distraught. Derek never gave up, and this time... this time he had done exactly that.

"Hey," Mark turned to his side and put one knee on the bed. "Can you remember that sleepover we had when we were, like, fourteen or fifteen?"

"Which one?" Derek said glumly. The reminiscing wasn't working so far.

"The one where you said you were gonna ask out whatserface... Ch... Ch..."

"Charlotte King," Derek finished and cracked a smile. He's beautiful, Mark thought.

"God, she was horrific."

Derek laughed again. Mark was drunk on the sound of his giggles, as cliché as it sounds.

"She works at the hospital that Oceanside Wellness is in partnership with."

"Charlotte King works with Addison now?" Mark said, shocked.


"Derek," Mark shifted his knee onto the bed a little more. "Why did Addy leave?"

"She was lost, Mark. Some people get like that sometimes." He took one more swig of his scotch. He was lost. He stood up and headed to the kitchen.

"I'll get it." Mark stood up and walked over to the miniature kitchen. Picking up the scotch, he tried to think away the tightness in his trousers; Charlotte King, Charlotte King... he kept thinking, trying to get inappropriate images of Derek out of his mind.

He poured his best friend some more.

"I remember another detail about that sleepover."

Mark looked at him. "What's that?"

"You told me about you and Nancy."

"Oh yeah –" Mark replied awkwardly.

"Do you enjoy using every single woman in my life, Mark?"

"Derek. That was uncalled for."

Derek looked at him. "No it wasn't. Nancy, Addison, my other sisters, my cousins and our old tennis coach. Do you want me to go on?"

"It wasn't that long ago that you used me."

Derek looked at him, shocked, his mouth gaping open. "What?" He snapped.

"Oh, come on. Med School?"

Derek sat up straight. "I didn't use you at all. You're the one who... who... ugh."

"Shall I just go?" Mark said.

No reply.

He stood up, slammed his glass on the bedside table and started to walk. Derek grabbed his right hand sternly, his breathing increasing.

"I'm sorry, Mark."

He sat back down next to Derek and brushed some rogue strands of hair that flicked about his face. "I know you're hurting," he said. He was never this... touchy-feely. "But don't take it out on me. I'm here for you."

Derek looked at him straight in his eyes and put his glass down.

And, in seconds, Derek leaped forward and grabbed onto the back of Mark's neck, kissing his perfect lips and occasionally tentatively lining in between them with his tongue.

"Derek..." Mark said in between kisses. Derek pushed down on him more until Mark's back was flat against the bed and Derek on top of him, feeling around his sculpture of a chest and streamline hips. He's gorgeous, Derek thought, drunk and cloudy.

"Derek...," repeated Mark; he needed to do the right thing and stop him, but what he wanted was much different. "Meredith, Derek."

"Shut up, Mark." He said as ravaged at the neck beneath him. Ah, to hell with it, Mark thought. He turned Derek over by his hips so they were the opposite way around: Mark above him. He didn't want to stop now. He lifted off Derek's shirt and his own quickly – he wanted Derek's flesh on him – and lowered his head down.

"Are you sure?" Mark said.


He licked Derek's nipples with the tip of his tongue, making sure he had extracted each and every moan possible before he advanced further down.

"Mark... ungh..."

Unzipping his trousers, Mark saw just how excited Derek was. Slowly – very, very slowly – Mark lifted the hem of Derek's trousers and pulled them down, leaving all but his black, kind-of-tight boxer.

"Are you sure?"

"... yes."


He breathed on the material, making the entirety of Derek's body shiver from head to toe. He took his bulge through the material into my mouth and licked around, feeling more confident as he carried on.

"More." Derek said hoarsely. Mark was happy to do as he was told; he pulled off his friend's boxers and stared at his glorified erection, trying my best and failing at concealing his sheepish grin.

"Derek. Are you sure?"


Mark smiled up at him. "Okay, fine, no need to get cranky."

"Shut up."

He took Derek's length into my mouth and suckled on the tip. His breath was shallow, and in between he'd make a cute little moan that brought memories of Med School come flooding back. He put one hand on the back of Mark's head and tried to force me to take more in, and he did as he was asked. Although he hadn't had much practice, Mark knew what a good blowjob was; he took Derek's cock as whole as he could into his mouth so the tip touched the back of his throat. Above him, he could hear the moans getting louder and louder, louder than the rain that was still lashing against the roof of the trailer.

"Oh, Mark... ungh... oh..."

Just when he could feel Derek getting close, Mark stopped.

"For the love of God, Mark!"

"Now you shut up." Mark replied playfully.

He flipped Derek over onto his back and then lifted his hips up gently. Fumbling with his belt, he could already feel himself getting close. He took off his trousers and boxers in one quick move. He couldn't wait – he'd been waiting for this since Med School.

"Lube, Derek?" Mark asked.

"Um," the other said back impatiently on all fours. "Bedside cabinet to your left."

Mark opened the drawer to find some lube – but no condoms.

"There aren't any condoms."

"I don't care." He replied quickly. "Just please. Hurry uppppp!"

Mark opened the bottle and looked at the label and laughed. "Strawberry Dreamer Lubricator?"

"Yeah," Derek said. "It's flavoured. Hurry. Up!"

"We should use this next time." Mark finished.

He quickly applied some to his dick and tried not to moan upon touching it; he was so, so close.

"Are you sure, Derek?"

Derek looked behind him. "MARK. YES. I'M SURE."

"Just making sure." Mark whispered into his ear, and then licked down the side of his friend's neck.

Slowly and revelling in every, single amazing second of it he entered Derek, exhaling deeply as he went in further.

"Oh my God, Derek... Der... Ek..."


They both laughed playfully, as if they were back in Med School right there.

"Shall I keep going, Derek?"

Derek looked behind him again. "Do you think I want you to stop?"

"Not really."


Mark pulled out until it was just the tip that was left in Derek's hole, and then thrust back more speedily this time. He kept up a pace until he could feel himself about to fall off the edge, preparing to climax. He grabbed Derek's cock and kept pumping his hand and his body. Mark couldn't hear anything from Derek anymore – moaning didn't explain the feeling.



Incoherence filled the trailer as they both screamed incomprehensible words. Mark emptied himself inside Derek and Derek came all over the sheets beneath him. As Mark lazily pulled out of his best friend, he watched his load dribble down Derek's thighs and onto the already come-thickened sheets. He grinned.

He collapsed onto his back on the bed as Derek climbed into the bed.

"So," Mark said after a few minutes. "Who used who?"

They both laughed, relaxed.

Derek turned his back on Mark and turned off the bedside light. Mark pressed up against Derek's back and put his arm around his waist, his erection still coming down from its climax. He kissed Derek's neck and whispered, "g'night, McDreamy."

They both laughed again.


Author's Notes! / I think Imma write Chapter Twoooo if I get positive responses or no reviews. Negative responses and I shall cry back into the wilderness of straightfictionland.


I hope it's not too bad for my first slash :/