Author's Notes / Chapter eight. WOO! Extremely sorry for the absolutely maHOOsive delay. Won't happen again!

Chapter: 8

Chapter name: Revenge Never Tasted So Sweet, and Neither Did Sex In The Elevator

Pairings: Alex/George/Mark, Derek/Owen, Mark/Derek

Warnings: Same as usual; beautiful mansex with multiple men, multiple times. Good times.

He didn't stop driving for a long time. All he needed was a place to stay – nothing big, nothing small, but somewhere with people. He flipped out his phone from the left pocket of his jeans and navigated to the Phonebook section, scrolling through the small bundle of numbers thinking I have no friends. Meredith's name appeared on the screen. Grey has a big house.

He called the number.

"Hey, Grey?" He said. "Is there a spare room for a dirty ex-mistress?"

He knocked on the door of Grey's house, the suitcase firmly in his hand.

Meredith answered a few minutes later. "What's happened?" She said.

"Me and Derek – we, uh, aren't... we're kinda separate now." He replied.


She didn't move from the front of the door. "Well," he said awkwardly, "can I stay tonight? I would've gone somewhere else, but this was the first place I could go to from the trailer. And I guess I could use some company. Karev's staying here, right?"


She let him in. "Izzie's in the room on first left up the stairs, mine's down the hall, George is in the second left and Alex is in the second right. The first right is free. Bathroom's past George's room."

"Thanks." He walked up the dark stairs, no sound in sight and headed into the room up the stairs.

Half an hour later, I got changed into just pyjama bottoms, leaving my shirt off – everyone was in bed, and it was a really hot night. I went to brush my teeth in the bathroom – past the second right, I remembered. I stepped out of the door and trod lightly on the floorboards, careful not to wake the sleeping residents. As I walked past George's room, noises escaped through the door; noises I couldn't quite make out. I slid open the door to see George on all fours with Alex drilling his ass from behind, taking a swig from a can of beer in his hand. Many bottles of stolen tequila and beer cans littered the bed and the floor, and drunken slurs from both of them filled the room.

Alex spotted me watching and pointed at me, coiling his finger, gesturing me to join in. I ran in and stripped off my bottoms so I was just in my boxers – climbing onto the bed, I tried to make my throbbing hard-on less painful by straightening out my boxers, but it just throbbed harder. I knelt behind Alex and grinded my hips against his bare butt, the friction from my boxers becoming too much. I removed them quickly and rubbed my skin against his, relishing in the contact and moaning to the rhythm. Slowly, I slid my cock into his ass as I reached down to grab O'Malley's – he was so hard (not as big as Alex or Derek, but big enough to get a handful of) and I pumped it, hearing his grunts get much louder as all three of us increased speed. After George came in my hand, I brought it to my face and licked it off, swallowing all the liquid on there.

Alex took much longer to come. I kept fucking Alex's tight ass and he released inside George, who was rubbing his own sticky juice through his pubes and on his chest. Alex still smashed against his ass even after they'd both finished up. I took my dick out of Alex's ass and sat in front of George, then lifted my legs up; he licked my crack enthusiastically, and Alex wrapped his wet lips around my cock. Alex's dick was still in George's ass – he kept thrusting, making George moan and shiver, his tongue deep in my crack.

"Yeah, swallow my load, Karev, eat it all up." He gagged a little when I shot my cum down his throat. George looked up from my ass and looked at Alex; they kissed, my cum in both their mouths, overflowing out of their lips. George fell asleep on one of my hairy thighs, right next to my dick, and Alex collapsed next to my right armpit. I fell asleep with them.

"Hey, it's Derek." Derek said into his phone.

Owen picked up the phone. "Hey, Shep. What's up?"

"Just wondering if you wanted to, y'know, talk or something."

"Mm, still turned on after earlier?" He replied in a teasing voice.

Derek laughed half-heartedly and said, "Yeah... plus Mark just left me."

"Oh... how do you feel about that?" Owen asked.

"Not so good... you?"

"Well, at least now I can drink your come without feeling so guilty."

"That was hot."

"I bet you'd like it again, wouldn't you?" Owen said in a husky voice.

Derek moaned.

"Get your dick out." Owen said. Derek unbuttoned the two buttons of his boxer shorts and thumbed out his flaccid cock.

"If you were here," Derek said in between breaths, "what would you do to me?" He felt shallow.

"I'd finger your ass," Owen whispered, "then I'd fuck you until you scream."

"Go on..." Derek whispered.

"Not until you start touching yourself."

"One step ahead of you," Derek replied as he continued to wank himself.

"Anyway," Owen continued, "I'd fuck you until you scream, then come so hard between your cheeks that you'd be leaking for a week. But that wouldn't happen, 'cause then I'd rim your ass as deep as my tongue can fit in that tight hole."

Derek pulled up, down, up, down on his dick, getting closer and closer and closer with each stroke. Every time Owen stopped for breath, Derek's mind recollected itself to thoughts of Mark; Mark showering, Mark sleeping, Mark getting changed, Mark wanking, Mark thinking, Mark fucking. When the voice down the other end of the phone began again he'd mentally slap himself – tell himself not to go there and tell himself that that's done. Over. Finito.

"You're not really into this, are you, Derek?" Owen said.

"No!" Derek said. "I am! Of course I am!"

"Look: just get back with Mark. Maybe then we can have steaming threesomes. I bet he fucks like a jackhammer."

"I can't," Derek whimpered.


"Because that ship's sailed. I bet he's having a great time shagging Karev right now."

Work was... work. Usually, in typical Seattle Grace fashion, work was a second priority with gossip and general emotional chit-chat being first – but throughout all the dickplay between the male staff of the hospital, there wasn't much left to talk about.

Well, there was plenty to talk about. Finding someone who actually wanted to talk was the problem.

Derek chased after Mark with no idea what he was going to say; Mark dashed into rooms and locked doors whenever he saw Derek anywhere. Alex was hungover, sore and still a little bit turned on, and George was alarmed/shocked/humiliated/surprised/still a little bit turned on.

Mark rushed into the elevator, ready to go home, when Derek clanged against the doors with his fist and rushed into it with him.

"I've got you," Derek said.

Mark ignored him and continually pushed the B1F button.

"Now," Derek said, "we have things to talk about."

"We have nothing to talk about," Mark corrected.

"I have things to talk about."

Mark continued to stare at the buttons.

"Mark," Derek said, "I want to start again. I never meant or really wanted to fall into this with you, but I did and you did too and ever since then we're either crazy hot or freezing cold, and I can't be freezing cold with my best friend and part-time lover. I don't want you to be my best friend and part-time lover, I want you to be my best friend and full-time lover." He stopped and felt heat rush to his face in a mad blush. "Maybe a three-quarter timer if you're not up for the full challenge," he added.

"You're such a dork," Mark said.

"For you."

Then, the elevator stopped and was filled with a red light. A telecom speaker resounded throughout the hospital: "Ladies and gentlemen, we're sorry to inform you that there have been some technical hitches and a power cut has left the elevators and electronic doors to the ORs temporarily disabled. These will be back up as soon as possible. We are sorry for this difficulty, we'll report back as soon as we can."

Mark laughed. "Well this is fun."

Derek took a step closer to Mark. "You know what else is fun?"

He began taking off his lab coat and top, revealing those sketchy hairs Mark had grown to love so much. He'd been working out, by the looks of things.

"Derek, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" He continued to strip; soon off came his trainers, his socks, his scrum bottoms. Then his boxers. Then his watch. "Here," he said. "Here I am."

He was completely and utterly naked – nothing except the body God gave him.

Mark dropped his briefcase and said, "God, you're too good at this."

He quickly removed all his clothing too. Derek's dick became hard as soon as Mark took his top off, revealing the perfectly sculpted muscles beneath.

"You like what you see?" Mark said when he was bare naked too.

"I love what I see," Derek said and went crashing into him. Their bodies mingled against the steel walls of the elevator, skins touching, rubbing and healing. Their hands intertwined and Derek lifted them up until they, too, were against the elevator.

"This is so gay," Mark said.

"No, that's just you." Derek snapped back and began smooching at Mark's neck and the crevice between it and his shoulder.

"Lower," Mark said. "Lower."

"Soon," Derek said and put a finger on his lips. He began licking and gnawing at Mark's left nipple, taking in the pink skin and sucking on it. Mark groaned and squirmed under the warmth of his saliva. He licked all the way down to his navel, where his tongue darted between Mark's belly button and his treasure trail, leaving a wet line. "You're mine now."

When he arrived at Mark's dick, he sniffed the scent of his pubes and gave a hearty lick to his large, pulsating shaft. He began to worm his tongue and mouth around it, pleasing Mark expertly.

"Only you can give me head like this," Mark said. Derek didn't reply, but just continued slurping away at Mark's dick. "Derek, I'm gonna come any minute."

Derek just hummed in acknowledgement. When Mark arrived at his last few moans, Derek pulled away from his dick as Mark shot his come all over his face, spreading down his cheeks and chin. Derek closed his eyes and revelled in the warm liquid dribbling down his face.

"Derek, you've got a little-" Derek rose back up and began kissing Mark with an unseen passion that he'd never seen before.

"Ugh, Mark, I need you inside me. I need you inside me. Now. Please, do me for every penny I'm worth."

Derek turned around and began grinding his ass on Mark's recovering cock. Mark grabbed a handful of Derek's ass and began kissing his back.

"Get on your hands and knees," Mark said.

Derek quickly followed the order and perked his butt as far up as he could. Mark got on his knees and slid his cock into his ass. Derek's moans rose in pitch until the high notes resounded loudly off of the elevator walls and into Mark's ears, who continued to ram his dick so far into Derek that his pubes brushed Derek's asscheaks repeatedly.

"Oh yeahh, Mark! Fuck me with your big dick! Fuck me, big boy!" Derek shouted. Mark emptied himself for the second time inside of Derek, but he kept on going, loving the feeling of his come lubricating Derek's walls. Derek reached from behind him and started fingering Mark's own ass, his fingers going farther in and out with every one of Mark's thrust.

"Want to fuck me, Derek?" Mark asked.

"Mmmmm," Derek moaned. "Yes!"

Mark pulled out his wet dick from Derek's dripping ass and bent over, his hands on the walls of the elevator and his ass sticking out. Derek rose to his knees and began licking at Mark's butt, his tongue flicking in and out of his hole at rapid speed.

"Derek, please!" Derek stood on his feet and plunged his solid dick into Mark. He pulled out just so the head was left inside his hole, and then rammed back in at full speed for minutes and minutes and minutes, and finally he released his large cumshot into Mark. As he pulled out, his seed trickled down Mark's thighs.

"That was amazing," said Mark, whose own third shoot had splashed against the walls of the elevator. "Here, let me clean you up." He bent down and began licking away at Derek's come-covered dick. After his second orgasm and his dick was cleaned free of the thick layer of sperm, Mark had tried to swallow most of it but some still remained in his mouth. Derek leaned down and kissed Mark, their tongues tentatively playing with their liquids.

Twenty minutes later, the yellow lights flicked back on and the telecom said, "Sorry for that delay, everybody – the electricals should all be in order. Once again, we're terribly sorry for that inconvenience."

"We better get cleaned up," said Mark.

They were back in Derek's trailer, in bed. Mark's arm was draped around Derek's chest and his thighs and dick were brushing against his butt.

"Are you happy?" Derek said.

Mark replied, "very. Are you?"


There was a very long, very comfortable silence.

"That was really hot earlier," Mark said, scoffing.
"I know," Derek said. "Just wait until we have a threesome with Owen."

"Bring it on."

Author's Notes / Phew! Hope you enjoyed that :'). Next chapter will probably be Derek/Mark/Owen, with maybe Jackson/Alex. I'm thinking about doing a chapter about when they were teenagers, or about when they were in med school or both. Any ideas?