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It's not really wrong
It's not really right
I'm wide awake

"Guys...I'm gonna puke."

Carly can barely make out the slurred, tangle of words for a moment but Sam is shouldering her way into an empty bedroom like she knows exactly where she's going, Freddie's arms wrapped heavy and limp around her and Carly's shoulders as they drag him into the darkened bedroom and Carly figures that Sam probably speaks drunk a little better than she does.

Carly manages to flick on the bedroom light and kick the door shut, despite her own inebriation, shutting out the bumping, throbbing music and the ring of voices of the party still going on in the rest of the house.

"Thank God." Carly sighs in relief when Sam twists them towards the bathroom connected to the room and together they wrestle Freddie into the slight tacky restroom.

"Ugh." Sam grunts, practically tossing Freddie's heavier-than-expectedbody onto the tile floor and Carly laughs a little when the other girl sways on her feet. "Well...go ahead." Sam says gesturing at the toilet and Freddie lifts his head from the cold ground to glare at her.

"You know what, Sam..." he starts, venom slipping into his sloppy words, but then its like his body is taking her advice and he's lunging for the toilet and shoving his head inside, barfing his guts out.

The sound alone is enough for Carly's stomach to toss a bit too much and for her liking and she takes a staggered step out of the bathroom.

"Freddie, just,uh, let us know when you're...ya know, done." She blurts and she wonders if her words sound as knotted as they feel tumbling off of her tongue.

Sam follows her out of the room, shutting the bathroom door loudly,before taking a few wobbly steps into the bedroom.

Sam's drunk, Carly can tell by the looseness of her limbs as she takes a few steps around the room and the heaviness of her blue eyes as she turns to gaze at Carly for no reason that Carly can tell.

And for a moment its like Carly can't look away and Carly's definitelybecome accustomed to that pulling, tugging feeling over this summer.

"Do you think Freddie will be alright?' Carly asks because she cares about her friend but mostly because she needs the words to break the tension that falls between her and Sam as regular as the rain in Seattle.

"Who cares?" Sam cries, arms flinging in a wide, careless gesture. "That's what he gets for trying to drink me under the table. With all of the alcoholics in my family, I'm practically immune to it." She says the last part right before she takes a poorly calculated step and bumps into a nearby bureau, making the seemingly millions and millions of tiny porcelain figurines lining the top, teeter and a few fall to the carpet.

"Whatever, you're drunk." Carly laughs, dropping onto the wide bed in the middle of the room and Sam blows her bangs out of her face."I can tell."

That grabs Sam's attention and she looks up at Carly and Carly tries tofigure out if the bubbly warm feeling in her stomach is from alcohol or the upward tilt of Sam's mouth.

"Oh yeah? How?" Sam asks, all challenge over the sound of Freddie vomiting his brains out.

"You're all smirky and giggly." Carly laughs and Sam is laughing too, the sound spilling out of her mouth and into Carly's skull, bouncing around like a super ball. "And you keep looking at me?"

"Looking at you?" Sam questions, words slurring on all the hard sounds and Carly giggles, picking at the loose strings on the quilt covering the bed.

"Like you wanna kiss me." Carly points out and Sam's eyebrows arch slowly, deliberately.

"I don't wanna kiss you." She defends and Carly rolls her eyes, immediately regretting it as things that are supposed to be stationary, like walls, dance a bit.

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't." Sam laughs, the sound so bright that Carly can practically see it but Carly's jaw drops in disbelief.

"Stop laughing! And you do so want to kiss me." Carly argues, watching Sam pick up a statue of what looks to be an owl, breaking off a wing in what may or may not be an accident before setting it down. "And I can so tell because you've been watching me all googly eyed all night, especially when I was dancing with Carter Ford."

"I was not making googly eyes at you," she laughs, hands fluttering up into uncoordinated air quotes. "I was nauseous because Carter Ford is gross."

"What! Carter is so hot!" Carly cries. "You're just jealous."

"What, that you danced with Carter 'suspicious sores around his mouth' Ford? I don't think so."

"No, that he got to dance with me." Carly counters and Sam just mumbles something unintelligible and probably rude, under her breath while Freddie heaves in the bathroom.

Silence seeps into the gap in words but Carly's a bit too drunk to appreciate it.

"Sam, c'mon. Just admit it." She pleads softly with her best grin and Sam exhales like she's completely annoyed.

"Fine, maybe I was possibly flirting with idea of a little oral contact." She finally mutters and Carly beams at her.

"Yeah?" she breathes and Sam looks at her with shinning eyes and a shrug. "Well, I want to kiss you too."

That makes Sam grin recklessly and in turn makes Carly's insides feel heavy and warm.

"Come here." Carly giggles and Sam does, cheeks flushing from alcohol.

"Ya know, this is really all your fault." Sam sighs, stepping her way between Carly's knees and Carly reaches up to hook her index finger in Sam's empty belt loops.

"You kissed me first." She points out at Carly's questioning but distracted gaze and the gross beer Carly's been drinking makes her bold enough to curl a hand to cup the back of Sam's knee.

"You liked it."

They should not be having this conversation right now, because there is too much alcohol in the air, covering up the fear and awkwardness and longing that seems to live under the surface of their relationship now. Carly sort of thinks they're doing this all wrong, they kiss, hot and open mouthed, before they even get to talking about what's happening between them and that's backwards. There's supposed to be some sort of sequence or succession to this things but there's not. They're full of continuity errors.

"Well, how was I supposed to know that fake mustaches and cowboy hats made you horny?" Sam laughs, pushing Carly on the bed and easing on top of her and Carly really likes the way Sam's weight settles over her hips." I would've suggested we'd do the idiot farm girl sketch more often."

How could Carly not when Sam was buzzing with post show energy and Carly just spent the last few minutes pretending to watch her adoringly and trying to remember her lines and it wasn't really pretending at all.

How could she be expected not to kiss Sam when it was what they'd been building towards with all of the unnecessary hand holding and the way Sam looks at her now? When Carly can't even think about Sam without her heart taking up a pounding, throbbing, rhythm too high behind her ribs.

"Yeah, but you're the one who kissed me the second and third time…the fourth too." Carly argues fighting the blush creeping up her neck and Sam is leaning over her, blonde hair falling everywhere in soft, heavy, half realized curls.

"Carls..." Sam whispers with the sweetest smile that makes Carly lift her head and brush her nose against Sam's, begging Sam to kiss her without the actual verbal begging because she does have pride or whatever and Carly's hands are curling in her hair that still smells faintly of chlorine despite the fact that they were at the pool hours ago.

Sam's not smiling so much anymore as she takes a deep, deep breath and leans down to brush her mouth over Carly's and Carly inhales sharply as her heart gives a mighty beat at the contact.

Kissing Sam is like kissing a live wire or a power line, it's the only way Carly can describe the tingling sensation that sparks under her skin. It's like sticking her tongue in an electrical outlet and the parallel of that metaphor and the way she 's tasting the insides of Sam'smouth makes her laugh against Sam's lips.

"You're laughing." Sam pulls back, brow bent in a frown despite her mouth pulling into a smile.

"I'm sorry." Carly hiccups, laughter hitching in her chest. "Its not you."

"Well stop!" Sam breathes, adjusting her hands on either side of Carly's head. "This isn't good for my self esteem."

"I can't." Carly gasps.

"I can make you."

And that's enough to smother most of her laughter. "So, make me." Carly chuckles a little and Sam does.

The humor dries up like water in a desert as Sam slips her tongue past the ridge of Carly's teeth slow and deliberate like she wants Carly's brains to leak out of her ears.

Maybe she does, maybe that's the reason Sam's kissing her hot and slow, like bright red lava, and its making Carly's insides pull into complicated tangles.

Carly doesn't even realize her hands are sneaking up Sam's shirt until she's tracing the hard lines of her ribs with her fingertips and Sam is pulling away to drag in a hard breath and to stare at Carly and Carly feels the motion, the flex of bone, against her palms before she feels air flutter against her cheek.

There are things that Carly wants to say to Sam, important words that are usually so hard to find in situations like this, that seem to be teetering on the tip of her tongue right now and maybe she's sobering a bit because she's sort of terrified.

"This is weird, right?" Sam exhales like her brain is working over the same, exact thing Carly's is and saving Carly from possibly making a fool of herself.

"A little." Carly admits, curling her hands around Sam's ribs and Sam drops down to brush her mouth over Carly's again and Carly uses her elbows and heels to flip Sam over slowly until she's spilling onto her back and Carly is easing on top of her.

They don't seem to be communicating really well lately even though they've been stumbling, hand in hand, towards something massive and important but this, this kissing thing, they can do.

Carly slips down onto her elbows, hovering over Sam who is watching her expectantly, eyebrows knit in the middle in a soft knot and Carly can't help but think she's so pretty even though Sam's always been beautiful but Carly is noticing in an absolutely different way now.

Carly's mouth finds Sam easily, like a magnet to metal, and soft, short kisses give way to something deeper and slower and makes Carly's ears buzz.

Then Sam's tongue is swirling into her mouth, sliding against the roof of her mouth in a way that makes Carly fist the comforter on either side of Sam's head.

And Sam's fingernails scratching against the small of Carly's back makes it hard to think, to even breathe, to do anything beside kiss her and when Sam wraps her legs around Carly's and arches like she wants to get closer, to get inside of Carly clothes, inside of her skin, Carly can only groan weakly into Sam's mouth.

They're pressed together in the best way and Carly pulls away to catch her breath and Sam's mouth immediately finds her neck, tonguing her skin before sucking and Carly's sure that her vision grays just a bit at the edges.

Its turning into a blur of movement, the way Sam's entire body bends when Carly gets her hand under her shirt, palm pressing against her breast and the way Sam's leg move and readjust until Carly's straddling her thigh. It's a tangle of limbs and the slide of months till suddenly its not.

Suddenly it's not because Carly's fingers are between their hips, tracing the fly of Sam's jeans and Sam is breathing so hard that it's all can Carly can hear against her ear.

This is stepping into all sorts of new territory that doesn't just toe the line of more than friendship; it steps right over the line and firmly into somewhere else.

Sam's hard, rasping breathes stutter to a stop all together when Carly's fingers tug at the button and Carly seriously doubts it's the alcohol making her so uncoordinated.

Eventually the button surrenders and the zipper falls and Sam isn't really telling Carly to stop, instead she's staring at her with unreadable, glassy eyes and Carly would stop on a dime if Sam just said the words but she's not so maybe she wants this and that blows Carly's mind a little.

Carly licks her lips before she slides her hand, palm down, inside of her jeans and Sam makes this sound, this weak, soft, needy sound, hips lifting just a bit and its just…wow.

She's damp through her underwear against Carly's fingers and Carly's body responds with an according rush of pressure and heat low in her stomach as Sam breaks eye contact, eyes fluttering shut.

And Carly's never touched another girl before and she sort of feels like she's blindly groping and praying that she hits something good but Sam leans up and kisses her so hard that they're teeth collide and maybe she's doing a better job than she's giving herself credit for.

Sam murmurs Carly's name, all hard consonants and airy vowels, while Carly presses and rubs and tries to remember to breathe while this is happening.

Suddenly there's a knock on the bedroom door and Carly's heart is launching into her throat as a very drunk Wendy stumbles into the room, red plastic party cup in one hand and the other clamped around the door frame to keep her upright.

"Whoa! Hey!" She blurts, drink sloshing over her hand a bit as Carly yanks her hand out of Sam's pants and Sam scrambles back a bit on the mattress, putting distance between them as if Carly's hand wasn't caught in the proverbial cookie jar… "Whatcha guys doin?"

"Nothing." Sam snaps despite buttoning her jeans in a total incriminating way and Wendy just has this grin, red hair falling into her eyes whiles she takes a casual drink from her cup.

As If it isn't awkward enough, Freddie chooses now to pour himself out of the bathroom and to be completely honest, he looks fucking terrible. "Can we go home before I die?" He croaks and Sam stands, straightening her clothes.

"Yeah, let's go dork." She huffs, swinging his arm over her shoulder and Carly sits at the edge of the bed, hands gripping the side of the mattress and watches Sam maneuver past Wendy and out of the door practically dragging Freddie behind her, glancing at Carly over her shoulder once.

And Carly would follow them out because she cares about Freddie and they need to figure out a plan to get him into his house without his mother seeing but she's shaking so bad that she's not even sure she can stand without falling, adrenaline pushing hot through her veins and it's suddenly sobering.

This was intense and too much too fast and she and Sam probably just fucked up their entire friendship thanks to jello shots and teenage hormones.

Carly glances up at Wendy who gives her a look that's equal part curiosity and sympathy.

"Are you alright?" She question and Carly shakes her head no. "…I didn't even know you and Sam." Wendy starts after a moment but Carly cuts her off gently.

"Can you not tell anyone about this? Please?"

Wendy nods once and Carly exhales slowly.

"Then I'm just gonna…" Wendy says gesturing over her shoulder and she gives Carly one last looks before leaving and pulling the door shut behind her.

Carly thinks about yelling, screaming, cursing but instead she just lays back on the crumpled bedspread and closes her eyes as the room spins and spins.

She's heard all of the things about sex before marriage but she wonders if there's any sort of advice for life changing, friendship altering, almost sex before even talking about what it means that the two of you keep kissing...she'll have to look it up, the internet has everything nowadays.