Hi, everyone! I had to say that this is my first Transformers Animated story and I been thinking about it for sometime. Anyway, this fic takes place 3 hours after the episode "This Is Why I Hate Machines" and we will see Alpha Trion visiting two old friends of his.

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Cybertron Cemetery is a place where the bodies of deceased Autobots are buried from the Greats Wars to the present. Many families and friends came here to pay their respect to their love ones and often talked to them of their life and how is going along. Every Autobot sometimes come here to visit and bring favorite gifts to the deceased, in honor of their memory. But today, the cemetery no longer has any visitors.

Why you asked? Ever since Sentinel Prime became the new Magnus; he causes fear and panic on the citizens of Cybertron because of the attack on Ultra Magnus by the traitor Longarm Prime; who in reality is the Decepticon Shockwave and left the Supreme Commander in spark support. The image of Ultra Magnus in the infirmary, are used as propaganda in Sentinel Prime's fanatical government policies.

While this causes everyone to stay in their city to be safe from another areas that is thought to have danger there. One Autobot ignore this and went to the cemetery to see two old friends of his.


Alpha Trion was standing in front of two gravestones then kneel down to read the names of the deceases.

In loving memories of Archer Master Beta; In loving memories of Cyber-Ninja Master Yoketron

They will never be forgotten and will always be remember in our sparks forever as they gave their lives to end the Great Wars and bring peace to Cybertron.

"Hello, my friends," Alpha Trion said softy. "It's been a long time since I last visit here and talk to you two."

He then paused. "I am sorry that I didn't come here to visit. Being a member of the Autobot High Council can really take away any free time I had for other things. Please forgive me."

There was only silence.

"Why did you save me from Megatron's attack, Beta? I was the guardian of the Allspark and I would glady gave up my life to protect you, our son and our home but you lied to him by saying your are the guardian and you were killed." His body was trembling as memories were flashing through his mind.


At the ruins of the Space Bridge...


Alpha Trion was holding Beta in his arms. There was a hole in the chest and her spark was beginning to faded away.

"Why do you lie to him, Beta?" He asked.

The light and dark green femme stared at his face and smiled. "I lied so you can live and look after our son. You are the most important Autobot on Cybertron and held many great knowledges of our race." She answered. The spark was fading away by seconds as she is near offline.

"I don't want you to leave us!" Alpha Trion shouted. "My and Ultra Magnus' life won't be the same without you!"

"Don't be upset!" Beta scorned her mate. "You two must live on to protect Cybertron as me and every Autobot who sacrifice their lives to defeat the Decepticons and send the Allspark to safety."

She place her hand on his face. "We will see eachother someday. Take care, my love."

The spark then disappeared as she went offline forever.

Flashback End

"Me and Ultra Magnus misses you so much after you're gone and we still do. I miss Yoketron very much as he was my friend and your's too."

He look at the gravestones one last time before he left the cemetery.

"Watch over our son, my love. He needs you to keep him company."

Well, it's finished! How did you guys of it?