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/"blah!"/ = Pokemon talk /blah!/ = pokemon thought

Liza raised an eyebrow as she stood facing Ash's Charizard. "You want to go out and explore?"

Charizard made an affirmative nod accompanied by a grunt.

Liza gave Charizard an uncertain look. I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I guess I can't stop it. If Charizard wants to explore, then it can go. I just hope it'll be all right or Ash won't forgive me.

Charizard sensed that she was deep in thought and growled to get her attention back. /What's taking her so long? Is it really that hard for her to let me go?/

"Um…I guess I could let you go," said Liza. "But you can't be gone too long. There's no telling when Ahs will need your help. Try not to be away for more than a week."

With a smile, Charizard let out a happy growl. It then spread its wings and took off with a happy roar, shooting fire into the sky.

As she watched Charizard fly away, Liza couldn't help but wonder if she had opened to door to trouble.

Misty walked out of the Cerulean city Pokémon center, with her psyduck in tow. She had just given away another cascade badge to a tough trainer, and all of her powerful Pokémon were now recovering at the center. The only battle-ready Pokémon with her was psyduck and relying on it would be relying on chance.

She let out an exhausted sigh. The last few battles have been really tough. I'll have to close the gym until all of my stronger Pokémon are healed.

"Well what do we have here?"

Misty stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the three figures standing in front of her. They all had matching blue outfits. Oh no! Not them…not now!

The leader stepped forward with his poke ball in hand. "It's time for a rematch Misty. No one gets away with humiliating the Invincible Brothers!"

"This isn't the time," said Misty desperately. "Why don't you come back when my Pokémon are healed?"

"Are you crazy? This is the perfect opportunity for us to have our revenge, especially with that Gyarados out of the way."

The other two brothers snickered as their leader called out his Tentacruel. Misty realized that she had no choice. All she could do was hope that Officer Jenny would happen by the area before it was too late.

Taking out her own poke ball, Misty called out a Goldeen. It was much weaker than the one she usually used, but she had to make due. "Now Goldeen, use peck!"

The man snickered. "Tentacruel. Use poison sting."

Poison darts shot forward from Tentacruel and hit their mark. The poor Goldeen was knocked out by the first hit.

"Return Goldeen." Misty eyed the poke ball with a sorrowful expression. "I'm sorry Goldeen. You weren't ready for your first battle."

"So what's next Misty? If you don't choose another Pokémon, you'll forfeit and I'll become the new leader of Cerulean Gym."

She shot him a glare. "Alright you cheaters. I'll show you what a real water Pokémon can do. Isn't that right Psyduck?"

"Duck." Holding its head with both hands, Psyduck waddled forward.

The three brothers broke out into laughter. "Tentacruel! Use wrap attack!"

The tentacles clamped tightly around Psyduck's head. The poor Pokémon could feel the pressure increasing as Tentacruel tightened its grip. The pain went up, giving Psyduck a headache.

When she saw Psyduck's eyes glowing Misty knew that it was time to attack. A sly grin formed on her face. "Now Psyduck, use confusion!"

"Psy-duck." Tentacruel was lifted into the air and thrown against a building.

The three brothers were shocked. "Return Tentacruel," said the leader.
"Alright, I'm not going to underestimate that again. Go Hitmonchan!"

"Chan." Hitmonchan threw a few mock punches after appearing out of the poke ball.

"Use thunder punch!" Electricity sparked from Hitmonchan's fist as it charged towards Psyduck.

"Oh no! Psyduck!" Misty scared. Psyduck didn't have the sense to evade the attack and its powers had worn off. There was no escape and she didn't have any Pokémon left to battle with.

The figures in the streets were oblivious to the large creature, which had perched atop a nearby building. Charizard had arrived at Cerulean city a short while ago, and recognized Misty. The battle with the Invincible Brothers had caught his attention, but he couldn't help but feel that this was unfair. His trainer's friend and former companion was now in danger, and he felt that he had to help her.

He saw Hitmonchan heading towards the clueless Psyduck and decided to intervene. Swooping down, he landed in between Psyduck and Hitmonchan.

"Mon Chan?" Hitmonchan stopped in its track.

Opening it mouth, Charizard let loose a powerful Flamethrower. The blast sizzled Hitmonchan, knocking it out within seconds.

Misty's eyed Charizard with a surprised and confused expression. What's a Charizard doing here…wait a minute…is that? "Hey Charizard! Is that you?"

Turning to her with a smile, Charizard let out a friendly grunt. He then got ready to battle as the other two brothers jumped in and summoned their Tentacruel.

"You'll pay for that," said one of the brothers. "You and your Charizard!"

"Get them Tentacruel!" The two Tentacruels lunged at Charizard.

Charizard motioned to Misty. /I've always wondered what kind of trainer she was./

Misty raised an eyebrow. "You want to battle with me?"

Charizard nodded.

"Alright then. Charizard! Dragon Rage!"

With a mighty roar, Charizard let loose a powerful Dragon Rage. The flame-like attack pushed the Tentacruels back into the invincible brother and sent the entire group of five flying into the air.

With the threat gone, Charizard turned back to Misty to make sure she was ok. /She looks fine, and Psyduck looks okay too, but she doesn't have any strong Pokémon with her. Maybe I should stay here to protect her. It's what Ash would want me to do./

"Charizard, did Ash send you?" Misty was surprised when Charizard shook its head. "Well, were you on your way somewhere else and came only to help me?" He shook his head again. "Wait! You came here on your own?"

Charizard nodded. /Why is she so surprised? If Ash can travel around without me, then it's only fair that I can do that as well./

"So…why are you here Charizard?" Misty's only response were a few grunts. "Oh I get it. You left the Charcific valley to explore and battle other Pokémon for a little while. You just happened by and saw I was in danger, right?" Charizard nodded, causing her to smile. "Thanks Charizard."

Psyduck tugged at Misty's pant to get her attention. "Psy…Duck."

"Oh, that's right. I should get you and Goldeen to the Pokémon center." She turned back to Charizard. "Mind coming along Charizard? I could use the protection while my Pokémon are healing."

Charizard nodded and followed Misty back to the Pokémon center.

Unknown to all of them, another of Ash's Pokémon had caught sight of what had occurred, but this one didn't have all the facts.

Pidgeot had been flying its flock of Pidgey and Pidgeotto to a forest near Vermillion city. As it flew at the back to keep watch, it had caught sight of the battle, but only the part where Misty had ordered Charizard to use Dragon Rage, and had left the area shortly after to find a place to rest the flock.

He called out to get the others' attention. /"I have some business in Cerulean city. We'll be landing in the forest near Cerulean."/ Once the flock had landed and Pidgeot had made sure they were safe, he flew back into town.

Pidgeot knew that Misty would go to the Pokémon center after a battle, so he decided to start his investigation from there. When he reached the Pokémon center, he saw Misty leaving with Charizard and Psyduck by her side.

The last time Pidgeot had seen Charizard, he had been disobedient and a constant headache for Ash. It didn't bother Pidgeot too much when Charmander became Charmeleon, but when Charmeleon evolved into Charizard, Pidgeot had felt upset that its disobedience continued.

Watching Charizard battle perfectly for Misty had raised Pidgeot's suspicion. /That traitor! He's betrayed Ash to join up with Misty!/

"Thanks for staying at the gym with me Charizard," said Misty. "If those 'Invincible' brothers return before my other water Pokémon are ready, I'll be in trouble."

Charizard roared.

"Does Ash know you're here?"

Charizard shook its head.

"Oh…well I guess Ash wouldn't mind. He said he wants to catch a fresh set of Pokémon when he enters the Sinnoh League, so I'm sure he won't need you any time soon."

The eavesdropping Pidgeot slowly formed a story from what he was hearing. /Misty isn't travelling with Ash anymore, and has returned to her place at the Cerulean Gym. Ash is off on another journey at a place called Sinnoh, and when his back is turned, the traitor decides to come here and join Misty? I must get this message to Ash and Pikachu./

Pidgeot decided to return to its flock and change course for the Sinnoh region in search of Ash.

Misty opened the door to a large room. It didn't have any furniture, but the floor was soft and padded. "Sorry if it doesn't seem so…homely, but this is the best room I could provide for you Charizard." She chuckled. "After all, you can't sleep in the pool with the other water types."

Charizard smiled and let out a friendly grunt. Walking into the room, it found a spot to rest and curled up on the ground.

"Just holler if you need anything," said Misty. "Good night Charizard."

Now that Charizard had a place to stay, an exhausted Misty fell onto her bed. I miss Togepi. She used to make me happy after a hard day as the gym leader. At least Charizard's here now. Without Gyarados, there'll be a lot more trouble at the gym. I just hope Ash wouldn't mind.

Closing her eyes, Misty drifted into a deep sleep with a soft smile on her face.

This could turn into a full story, but for now I'm leaving it as a oneshot for now since I have other stories to work on.