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All I remembered was climbing into dad's car then coming out and the house was suddenly a different color and much smaller than I was used to. I turned around and suddenly dad's car wasn't there either. I looked around and I didn't see Aunt Pam's house anywhere either.

I ran into our house but stopped as I spotted the door. It was also different. It wasn't the bright yellow that Daddy and I painted three months ago. I gently pushed the door open to find it was also different. There weren't the flowers that Daddy brought mom each week on the table.

I walked into the kitchen and spotted Aunt Amelia!

Amelia whirled around at the sound of her name to be engulfed in a big hug that nearly knocked her down from shock. She could see turfs of blonde hair sticking out of the head. Suddenly the head looked up and her and gave a large smile.

"Aunt Amelia!" The boy cried happily again. Bright blue eyes shining. "I missed you so much. I'm glad you're back from Hawaii! How was it? Did you get me anything?"

"Sweetie are you lost?"

The boy looked up at her in confusion. "I'm not lost. Are you lost Auntie?" He said adorably.

Amelia smiled sadly. "Maybe." She said ruffling the boy's hair.

The boy frowned then hugged Amelia again. "I'm sorry." Then he looked at her with his beautiful crystal ocean blue eyes that now that Amelia was looking at them, they looked really familiar. "I'll help you find your way." He promised earnestly.

For the first time in a while, Amelia really smiled. "You're a sweetheart. But I think I should get you back to your parents."

"Okay!" He said brightly. "Um I think Mom is probably at Merlotte's. Dad might be with her or he's at Fangtasia."

Amelia didn't know what to say. "Um okay. Yes um we'll head to Merlotte's first."

Amelia took her keys out and walked down the steps offering to help the boy but he just waved her off. Amelia smiled at his independence. He was just too adorable.

The boy opened the backseat and quickly put his seat belt on. Amelia was surprised as she pulled out of the driveway.

"Sweetie how old are you?"

The boy gave her an odd look. "Aunt Amelia you don't remember?"

Amelia wanted to say that she had no clue even who it was but wasn't so sure if that was a good approach. "Sorry sweetie, I forgot."

"Oh." The boy said. "I'm three!" He exclaimed showing three fingers.

Amelia almost braked in shock. The boy did not act like he was three. His English was way too good to be three. There wasn't even the slightest lisp.


Aunt Amelia was acting really strange. She didn't remember how old I was even though she was the one who bought me the mini motorcycle to match Daddy's on my birthday.

I had to strain my head to see through the window and suddenly I saw Uncle Sam's place. I smiled happily. I always loved coming here. Uncle Sam always let me help him and all the people always were nice to me. It was never boring. As soon as Aunt Amelia parked I took off my seat belt and shot off into Merlotte's.

Sam was going around the tables making refills on the beer orders since they were still down one waitress since Arlene quit.

The bell rang signaling someone coming in. Sam looked to the door to smile at the person but saw no one. His gaze followed down.

"Uncle Sam!" The boy cried excitedly before running up to one of his favorite uncles and tackling his leg.

Everyone in the bar turned to see a little blonde boy hugging Sam's leg in curiosity.

Sam looked down at the boy attached to his leg. The boy looked up at him smiling. "Hi." The boy said then giggled. "Uncle Sam you look funny." The boy said giggling.

Sam broke into an unconscious smile. Sam detached himself from the boy then bent down to the boys height.

Amelia came rushing in. "Ohmigod. Did anyone see an adorable blonde boy come in?" She yelled panicked.

Sam along with everyone else stared at Amelia in shock. They hadn't seen her in weeks. And now she came back with a little boy.

"Is this him." Sam asked pointing to the boy.

Amelia looked to where Sam was pointing. She gave a large sigh of relief. "Sweetie don't scare me like that again." Amelia said looking at the boy.

"Sorry Auntie." The boy said looking at the ground. "I didn't mean to panic you."

"It's ok I just want to return you to your parents in one piece." Amelia said ruffling the boy's hair.

"Is he yours Amelia?" Sam asked.

Everyone's ears perked up.

"Well not really." Amelia said before explaining how she met the boy.

Sookie POV

"Look here buddy, I'm at work. SO stop calling me. Sam's getting really pissed off and so am I."

"Did you just call me Buddy again?"

I groaned. Of all the things I said that word he still retains. "Look I have a job to do so just… I can't deal with you right now."

"Lover we will talk one way or another."

"Whatever BUDDY!" I said before slamming the phone. Ugh stupid Viking Vampires. They never seem to get through their thick heads that they can't always get what they want.

Sam listened as Amelia described how the boy came barging in and calling her Aunt Amelia much the same as him.

"Amelia have you asked what his name is?" Sam asked.

"Well actually now that I think about it. No I haven't."

Sam turned to the little boy and for the first time got a real good look at him. He looked eerily familiar like someone.

"Hey what'd I miss?" Jason asked as he came in. He stopped as he saw both Sam and Amelia on the floor with someone else.

Sam looked at Jason then at the boy and saw a resemblance. Oh god please tell me this isn't Jason's kid. Sam said to himself.

"Uncle Jason!"

Jason looked down to see who just called him 'uncle Jason' to see a small blonde haired blue eyed boy. "Who's the kid?" Jason asked the question everyone else was dying to know.

"Kiddo what's your name?" Sam asked.

The small boy looked at Sam hurt and offended. "Uncle Sam what's going on? Don't you remember me?" The boy asked sadly crawling into Sam's lap.

Sam felt a tug on his heart at the devastated little boy's face. It looked so sad that it made him want to make sure it never made it's appearance on the boys face ever again. He felt such a strong urge to protect the boy.

Sam leaned down to kiss the boy's forehead. "Sorry kiddo. I don't remember you right now but I might if you tell me your name."

"Oh okay." The boy brightened up. "My name's Tray Niall Eric Northman." The boy said smiling brightly.

There was a crash not too far from where Sam, Amelia, and the boy were sitting but no one turned to see as they were still in shock from what the boy said.

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