"Hi Uncle Sam!" Junior said as he floated up to the stool at the bar.

Sam blinked. "Junior did you just float?"

Junior nodded enthusiastically. "Um hm."

"Junior what did I tell you about running ahead of me?" Sookie yelled as she came in.

"But Mommy, Uncle Sam's here." Junior pointed out like as if it was the only explanation.

"Sam?" Sookie said looking at her boss, whom hadn't moved at all, just staring at Junior.

"Sookie, he, he, HE FLOATED!"

"Oh you saw that?" Sookie said unsure.

"Your son can FLOAT!" Sam repeated rather stupidly.

"Uncle Sam, I know, I shouldn't float in front of people. But no one's here!" Junior gave Sam an exasperated look.

"What did I expect; he's yours and Eric's. If he ended up normal, then that would be unbelievable." Sam muttered.

"That's for sure." Amelia agreed.

Sookie both gave them half hearted glares.

"Junior, I need you to sit here while we work."

"I know Mommy."

"So Junior do you want a drink?" Amelia asked as she sat down across from him.

"Hmmm." Junior said as he tipped his head to the side thoughtfully. You would've thought he was about to answer the final jeopardy question. "Mountain Dew!"

"Good choice kiddo." Sam laughed. "Ice or no ice?"

"Ice, lots and lots of ice."

"Coming right up."

Sookie came out of the office after stowing her stuff away and puting up her hair. As she came out the bell jingled signaling that a customer had come in.

"Uncle Jason!" A certain cherub squealed before his body zoomed directly to his very surprised Uncle.

Jason almost toppled over when a small body attacked him but managed to lean back into the door just in time.

"Uncle Jason, guess where we went last night?"

"I don't know?"

"We went…"

"Did you find the boy?" A raspy voice asked.

"No sir, not yet."

The man whirled around furiously. "How hard can it be to track the boy? Aren't you a tracker? His scent is unique is it not?"

"Ye, yes." The tracker stuttered. "But the track it ended at the house, I can not find it anymore. The small of fairy is clouding it."

The man clenched his teeth. "Damn that Niall." He muttered. "If you do not find that boy by next tomorrow you will be going back into the ground with your pathetic friends." He said, his eyes glowed, then the tracker's eyes flashed a bright red.

"Yes sir, I will track the boy." The tracker said robotically.

Jason found himself sitting with the boy that would one day be his nephew. He watched as the boy chatted away. He was currently talking about some Broadway show that "Aunt Pam" took him to on his third birthday. Jason's brows furrowed. Was this Aunt Pam he was talking about the vampire lady? The sort of scary looking vampire lady?

Sookie was distracted as she took down the person's order, even though the person was ordering, their thoughts were focused on Junior. Wondering about him… and his parentage.

Actually a lot of people in the bar were concentrating their thought s on him. It made her worried to tell the truth. She worried that maybe she shouldn't have brought him. But he was with Jason. She'd never been more grateful to have Jason there than ever before.

Sam looked on at Amelia as she chatted with one of the guys from Jason's road crew. As if she could feel him gazing at her, she glanced up and gave him a laughing smile. Then she realized what she did and turned bright red.

So far an hour into the lunch period, everything was alright.

Sam couldn't help but let out a sigh.

More people came; each took a peek at the blonde boy they saw a few days ago, their curiosity longer than the digits in pi. Some kind and confused, some mean spirited and unaccepting.

Jason knew this and tried to distract Junior from hearing the ill hearted comments directed at him and his mother.

Thirty minutes later Jason had to leave.

"Sam I'm going to take a brief break."


"Me too!" Amelia quipped.

"Amelia!" Sam exclaimed.

"What?" Amelia gave an innocent look.

"We're at lunch hour!"

Amelia gave him a sad look then looked at the seat where Sookie joined Junior.

"Fine," Sam sighed. "Five minutes though Amelia."

Amelia gave a laugh as she smiled. "Oh Sam, you're so adorable."

Sam's face became flushed.

"Did you hear?"

"About what?"

"There's a boy."

"Okay. What about the boy?"

"Apparently he's the spawn of woman and a Vampire."

"What? Is that even…"

"I don't know, that's just what someone swore it was true. The kid even has the Vampire's name."

"Who's the vamp?"

"You remember the scary tall blonde that came into Merlotte's before…"

"The man?"

"Yeah him."

"I don't believe it."


"I'd rather go see for myself."

It was nearing the end of the Lunch rush when trouble came in the form of ignorant people. Those ignorant people were the Were Protestors.

"These stupid, stupid people." Amelia muttered as she glanced out the window.

"Who are they Aunt Amelia?" Junior asked.

"Just ignorant, retarded, mean spiteful people that should just go drown themselves."

"Aunt Amelia!"

"I know Junior but these people are really bad. And they're here because they don't like your Uncle Sam. They are the epitome of ignorant."

"Why don't they like Uncle Sam?"

"Because he can shape shift."

"What!" Junior cried outraged. "But, but, but, that's what makes Uncle Sam soooo cool." He yelled even louder. "Do you want me to blast them away?" He whispered.

"What?" Amelia whirled around to face the young boy.

Junior took a long slurp of his drink. "I can blow them away if you like." He said looking up. "Dad says I can't use my powers unless it is dire. But if they are being mean to Uncle Sam." His eyes gave a gleam that Amelia recognized right away. One that often made its way on a certain Viking Vampire's face.

"Shit Sook, some of the other waitresses can't get here because of the protestors." Sam said as he hung up the phone.

"Where are the sheriff and Andy?"

"I don't know Sook. I just want to kick them all out but." Sam sighed. "That wouldn't get rid of them at all, if anything it would just rile them up even more so."

"But Sam, we need to do something…"

"You could just get your son to blast them away." Amelia interrupted.

"What?" Both Sam and Sookie exclaimed.

"Hi sweet heart." Sookie smiled softly as she sat in the booth with Junior."

"Mommy!" Junior cried before climbing into her lap.

Sookie wrapped her arms around his small form. "Love…"

Junior looked up as he settled into Sookie's lap.

"Junior what is this about blowing people away?"

Eric sat on his desk at Fangtasia doing papers as his two year old son sat in the chair right beside his. The little boy was drawing on white paper also on Eric's desk. It was quite a sight to see the two of them like that. Both were so concentrated on their work, their expressions identical. Even some of their habits were the identical.

"Daddy, can you get that book for me?" Junior pointed to the coloring book that was laying on the third self of Eric's bookcase along with many other of Junior's coloring books.

"In a minute Junior." Eric said.

Junior waited for a few seconds. Then huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Daddy."

"In a minute kiddo."

Junior huffed again. Then he looked at the coloring book and began to will it to come to him. He was surprised and delighted when it gave a wiggle. Then it stopped though. Junior narrowed his eyes. He willed it towards him again this time making come here motions with his hands. It wiggled out more before popping out. Then it began to make its way towards Junior. His eyes widened in delight. Then he used his hand to Then he lightly swished it to the side. The book flew to the left. Junior gave a giggle as he moved it in a zigzag pattern. Then he gave a swipe of his hand. Unfortunately he'd put too much force into it and the coloring book crashed into the lamp.

The crash made a large crash. Eric looked up sharply from the papers he had been reading. When he saw the broken lamp and coloring book, he looked down at Junior whom was staring at the mess with wide eyes. "Daddy, I didn't mean to do that." He said as he turned to look at his Dad with wide, shocked eyes. "It just happened!"

"What just happened?"

"It flew! I wanted it to come towards me but then it flew into the lamp!" Junior made a wild hand motion as he said flew.

"What do you mean you wanted it to come towards you? Junior…"

"Watch daddy." Junior said before he concentrated on the book again. It began to rise much to Eric's shock.

Sam, Sookie, Amelia, and Junior all stood in Sam's office; blinds just open enough to look at the protestors.

"Okay Junior can you just make a really light wind. Just enough to blow some of the posters down."

"Okay Mommy." Junior said as he sat on the chair near the window. He then put a hand to his moth. He blew air out as he moved his hand, swiping it through the air.

Sookie, Sam, and Amelia watched amazed as dozens of the posters the protestors were holding, flew away just like that. Their hand and shirts blew like crazy in the wind and one person looked like they were nearly flying away.

Junior cupped his mouth with his hand. Then let his hand go with a hard flick as he let out a large breath.

Jaws dropped as a car literally flew away.

There were cries from the protestors as they felt like they were being blown away from the hurricane like gust. Posters went flying and some of the people had a hard time standing up right. Then the wind stopped as fast as it came.

Half of the protestors ran to their cars ready to get away from the freakish wind. The other half, just stood there in disbelief. Like idiots.

"How was that?" Junior asked as he smiled up at the three adults in the room.

The three looked down at junior in shock and awe.

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