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Postscript Messages
Epilogue: A Different Postscript Message

I wish I could say I gave him a real answer, but I didn't. Instead, I simply nodded my head after a long time of silence.

I've never been sure how I made that decision. Sure, I wanted to say with him with every little thing inside of my body, but a part of me feared that the agent inside of me would finally take over.

I remember weighing my options twice, once standing there and once crumbled on the couch. Only Chuck was patient this time.

Sitting on the couch, I felt out of my body. It didn't feel as if I was there. I could feel the fear rising up in me again, and that scared me. I could hear Chuck call my name, but it was like I was under water and it was breaking down my senses. It took all my strength to nod my head.

"You'll stay?" he questioned in disbelief.

I took a look at my heart, inspecting it. Suddenly, it felt whole, as it did before I left. It didn't take me long that Chuck was opening the door, the key somehow back in his possession, and coming back in. It felt warm, beating with more strength and completeness rather than the emptiness and weakness I endured while I was gone.

Once again, Chuck had managed to bring me back, this time not to life, but to him.

My voice failed me as I nodded my head once more.

That nod kept me where I belonged. Since that monumental day I've stayed with him, working through things slowly. We had risen back to where we left off rather quickly, thankfully, and went from there. I learned my lesson the first time around and knew somewhere in me that I wouldn't have the strength to leave him again. Not now. Not ever.

Regardless of his mixed emotions about the letters, I wrote him another one. Well, it was really just a text message to see what time we were due at Ellie's, but the end contained a different postscript message from that of my last.

P.S. I love you...