E/O Challenge: Worn, Alert and Dry

A few late shout-outs concerning this challenge:

--PlatinumRoseLady: I'm sure you have overcome your chickenpox, but here is some sick!Dean for you, anyway.

--Late b-day wishes for PA Davis!!

"How are you boys feeling?" Bobby asked as he handed Sam a cup of tea.

"Ask Dean," he said dryly. "He's been through every Abba song there is, and it's driving me insane."

"Dancing Queen! Young and sweet, only seventeen!" Dean belted out almost incoherently.

Sam gave his brother a worn glance as Dean started in on "Take a Chance On Me," for the sixth time that morning.
"Take a chance! Take a chucka chance!"
Thankfully Sam's phone vibrated, alerting him to some kind of distraction from Dean's incoherent delirium. He smiled at the caller ID.

"Hey, Dean! Ash wants to talk to you!"