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Author's Notes: I don't know if the post was recent or not, as I was unable to check, but I read a small, passionate rant on one of Sagakure's pages (I think it was her LJ... maybe XD) about the lack of fics that feature an uke Kaname (or at least where they switch often) and how it was a shame since Zero makes such a good seme, etc....Indeed, she writes a very, very lovely ZeroxKaname (*drool...* 83) and thinking about it... I want to do one too ^^ (but I doubt I'll be able to do it as well as she does X3) There should be more ZeroxKaname fics and I want to help make more 8D

Now... notes regarding the fic itself... SS, Nothing's Ever Easy, and all those are still in the works, so don't worry. (Don't think any of my VK fics are on haitus X3) In fact, this was rather spur of the moment since after reading SGK's thing, I was struck by a stray bunny with no real plot o_o So... If you've read my fic, "More Than You Know", then try to recall its "I'm making this up as I go along cos it usually works out when I do that" flavor.. It's here too even though I have a bit of an idea thanks to adnana XD So that means spontaniously short chapters that will probably have time skips between every chapter Also, Yuuki is human and not really Kaname's sister because I suck at keeping things canon while making it a good fic. e_e; I hope this goes well o_o

^^ The title of the fic, "Clouds and Sheets", is actually the english translation of the title of one of my favorite songs EVER."Nuvole e Lenzuola". Translation of a few of the lines (put into sentence form) that I felt went well are what the italics are in the start of this chappie (since the chappie itself is kind of an intro anyway)... However, the translation was hard to find and the person said that they may be wrong. I have faith in them XD If you wanna help with translating this (apparently) Italian song then uh... look it up and tell me? X3 Good song ^^ (Thanks to Guitar Hero: World Tour for having it on their song list XD)

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Chapter One

Diverted, stupid, stubborn- like I always try to do it. I've decided to stop it to be able to have you still. Don't say anything, hoping he won't realize I've stolen the last half hour, thinking it was the only chance to feel you close still...


Kaname Kuran. He was frighteningly powerful like the flame. He was emotionlessly immovable like the mountains. Gracefully fluid like the river; infuriatingly unstoppable like the wind...

But... like the elements, Kaname Kuran was too independent from others and he knew that all of his power, stoicism, grace and inertia were mere products of will. Things he had to have as the pureblood prince (soon to be king) of his clan and Cross Academy itself. No one would want a leader who let his emotions get the best of him, would they? But thinking about how... how truly useless he was in that aspect only made it harder. For all of his self-made traits, he was lonely and in pain and he wasn't in denial about either of those things.

He had friends, absolutely, and he would protect them for all he was worth, but they were loyal friends who were irreversibly under the impression of how a pureblood vampire was supposed to act. They were too aware of his blood, of his name, to see that he wasn't really all that in control. In a way, he too, was trapped by the sanctity of his pure vampire blood. And while he had friends and blessed Yuuki- her too, of course- he would never allow them to see his weaknesses. He had to be strong for them, especially Yuuki; he could not require a shoulder to rest on because then they would raise their eyebrows and think, "This is what we rely on? A weak, unstable vampire?"

Unacceptable. Simply... unacceptable.

Anything other than the word 'mask' never described what happened to Kaname when he left the privacy of his rooms so well.

But right now, Kaname was in his rooms and he was laying on his couch, on his side, facing the backrest. His slender shoulders shaking slightly while he curled into himself a bit... he cried. Just because people rarely saw pureblood tears didn't mean they didn't exist. Purebloods, or at least Kaname, learned that letting himself have these moments of vulnerability actually made it easier to keep up his facade in public. He wouldn't have the urge to sob so close to the surface when he saw Yuuki flinch away from his touch or see her playing around with the other member of the Disciplinary Committee, Zero Kiryuu.

Kaname felt his chest constrict and he reasoned that maybe this crying session may last a little longer than normal as the stoic face of the male prefect came to mind.


It was so much of a sin, the name seemed to burn his tongue as it passed over it, and yet, like the sting of alcohol to an addict's throat, it felt so good. Of course, Kaname was careful- very careful- to not let anyone know about his feelings, save himself, but it was still kind of painful to even think about it. Sometimes he wished that even he himself did not know.

Kaname had the most disgraceful, immoral, deadly, unheard of attraction... for Zero.

What had started it? The blood bond created by the Level D himself? No... The blood bond had not made Kaname like Zero this way. It made him lust for the ex-human- his sometimes hesitant, sometimes brutal, touch and the painfully delicious pierce of his fangs- but anything more than that, no. And even though Kaname was physically stimulated by Zero that way (while, of course, said hunter knew nothing about it) the pureblood could easily ignore most of it. Zero was the first one to ever bite Kaname and have his pure blood, so the strange, erotic feelings the brunette experienced were certainly new and interesting. However, in the beginning, it was fairly easy to fight any mental attachment to the moody prefect mostly because of how said prefect treated him. The arousal was only Kaname's body responding and for a vampire, purebloods especially, it was natural to feel this way from a bite. It did not bother him so much that it was happening, but the fact that it was Zero made the older vampire reject it, holding completely still while the silver-haired vampire took just enough from the pureblood to go on a little while longer.

But over time, although Kaname was not sure if it was intentional on the other vampire's part, Zero gradually took more and more blood, and the sessions would proportionally grow longer. Zero never took too much, though the temptation must have been phenomonal, and Kaname had only had to command him to slow down towards the start of Zero's 'feeding' times. Not only was the younger vampire beginning to take more to sustain himself, but- and this was when Kaname suspected that things started- the ex-human was more gentle. Occassionally, Zero would even mumble an "Are you all right?" to the pureblood... even if the words were automatic-sounding and grumpy. Not even a hint of affection in them... But somehow... The extremely careful and wary concern in the lavender eyes struck some kind of spark in Kaname because after the first question of vague concern, the pureblood's mind was clouded with simply Zero.

His face, his voice, his scent, the way he walked and how his expression softened when he thought no one was looking...

It was terrible...

And yet, Kaname allowed it to go on- he wanted the sessions to get longer. He wanted to keep feeling the sensuous motions of Zero's surprisingly supple, blood-slicked lips against the tender wound he'd inflicted with cool, sharp fangs and know that at least for that moment, the ex-human needed some part of him... even if it was only his blood.

Kaname shuddered as he thought about it and the reaction was part arousal and part disgust at himself. He loved Yuuki, he always had. He wanted nothing but happiness for her and would die for her, if needed. However, when he looked at her, he felt the urge to kiss her hair gently or her forehead, not her lips. And when he held her in his arms, as rarely as it happened these days, he basked in her warmth and listened to her strong heartbeat but felt no great desire to possess her in that sense. Indeed, he felt a little bit of jealousy when she casually touched or spoke to Zero, but sometimes Kaname wondered if it was because he wished for her to be that way with him, or if it was because the pureblood himself wished to be the one speaking to Zero.

The calming down pureblood rolled slightly to his stomach and pushed himself up, his now mussed sorrel locks hanging over his damp face. As he tucked his legs under him, lightly brushing his cheeks free of tears and their tracks with his forearm, he mused that if all three of them were different, it would be so much easier. If Kaname was less pressured to be aloof and perfect. If Yuuki was less skittish with Kaname. If Zero was less taciturn and volatile. They would all be able to be friends or at least Zero would not hate Kaname and Yuuki would be close to both boys.

He took a deep breath through his nose, the sting of his tears' scent burning slightly, he let out an equally long and nearly silent sigh. That was enough crying and weakness for today, he supposed. Next week should not be as bad... Kaname ran his fingers back through his hair slowly, getting the minimal tangles easily since he'd already showered earlier and stood up wearily. He blinked sluggishly on his way to the bathroom to wash his face and once there, saw in the mirror that the blood vessels in his eyes had dialated, making them feel annoyingly puffy.

With another sigh, noticing that he was suddenly very tired, Kaname ran water from the sink, glad that classes were over for tonight and he could get a good day's rest. However, as he began splashing his face with the blessedly cool water, he failed to notice the main reason for his tears approaching his room. The rushing sound of the water from the sink certainly hid the unusually unintrusive knock and subsequent open and closing of the same door. Aside from his nose, which wouldn't have caught the scent until a few moments later anyway, most of Kaname's senses were dulled with exhaustion. But when a solid, but curious-sounding "Kuran?" was uttered with the intention of Kaname hearing it, the pureblood stood upright like someone elbowed him in the back.

His eyes, which were still reddened, were momentarily widened, but he quickly put on a bitter look while he growled, "Kiryuu."

Zero stood in the bathroom doorway, his inquiring and now irritated gaze on Kaname's dripping face and he opened his mouth, presumably to either say what he wanted or insult the pureblood in some way. Kaname had expected the latter to come, but the hunter closed his mouth again and when he reopened it a moment later, he murmured, "...What happened?"

Kaname uncharacteristically hesitated, unprepared to answer that question, but to Zero the very slight pause was probably unnoticed. Anyway, the pureblood certainly knew how to lie- some things were not helped by the advice 'lying makes things worse'...

"I was washing my face before bed. Is that okay with you?" he murmured, turning the water off and looking the other way for a towel.

Perhaps it was the sarcasm that Kaname didn't usually start out using when talking to Zero or maybe it was something else, but the prefect didn't back down and he leaned against the doorframe, a dry look over his features.

"It's perfectly fine with me... But then... did you get soap in your eyes?"

Kaname stilled once again, his face hidden in a soft towel and his back to Zero. There was no mistaking the tone in the hunter's voice. He'd seen Kaname's reddened eyes from where he'd been crying and the 'soap' part was obviously rhetorical. Zero knew he'd been crying. Still, Kaname resolutely continued patting his face dry gently, his aura and body language telling Zero to leave. Of course, the prefect did no such thing, probably staying just to spite the other vampire... Or maybe he was really concerned? Kaname doubted that.

"I can smell the tears, Kuran. I thought purebloods weren't supposed to cry," Zero murmured, his voice only carrying a faint hint of distaste, but otherwise oddly soft and... comforting to the brunette. And it was kind of strange to know that pureblood tears are unheard of because they symbolized weakness; yet, Zero merely commented. He did not look surprised and he did not look especially disturbed. If anyone else found out, they would not expressedly show their displeasure, but Kaname was almost sure they would feel it later.

No matter how the words made him feel, Kaname ignored it and busied himself with folding the hand towel while he casually prompted, "Why are you here?"

Zero sighed from the doorway and answered this time, although the way he said it showed that, to him, if Kaname did not want to tell, then fine. The hunter would not care.

"I'm not happy to be the one telling you this but Headmaster Cross wouldn't let me refuse. He wants me to show you and get your consenting signature. Please, feel free to decline..." he added in a resentful mumble as he came into the bathroom and produced a slip of paper. Now Kaname looked over, taking the paper.

Scanning it and seeing Zero's surprisingly neat signature at the bottom, Kaname realized that it was similar to an order from the Hunters' Association. He glanced back up at the younger vampire but he only had an idle glare trained on the pureblood so said pureblood lowered his gaze again to read the order.

Apparently, to be able to file this as a report, the headmaster wanted Kaname and Zero- pureblood and hunter- to go and execute a Level E together. To give such a report to the Hunters' Association would prove that co-existance was more than possible, it was a reality. ...Of course, if they actually saw the brunette and silver-haired hunter together, maybe not so much. But in words, it would look good for the Academy and Kaien Cross' dream.

If only for Cross, Kaname would sign it.

"Very well," the pureblood nodded, walking past Zero to go to his desk where pens would be. "It should not be so hard and it won't take long."

Zero sighed and followed Kaname.

"I could handle one 'E on my own..."

Kaname was far to tired to care for more arguing so he just ignored Zero's complaint and, upon reaching his desk, picked up a pen that was already out and signed his name on the line, beside Zero's. Anyway, the hunter was right- he could kill it and all Kaname had to do was stand there. The pureblood could do it just as swiftly as Zero, but perhaps the prefect needed to shoot something.

With a simply weary sigh, Kaname stood straight again and offered the paper back to Zero who spared it a glance before looking back up to the pureblood. Kaname returned the look for a moment and then turned away, intending to finally go to bed. Anyway, looking at Zero for too long tended to only make Kaname's dreams wonderful and waking up depressing.

"Kuran," Zero's deep voice arrested said pureblood, making him pause with his back still turned. "I don't know what's wrong with you, but I hope you snap out of it before our assignment. If I have to travel anywhere with you, I don't want you all emotional."

Kaname didn't turn, not even as he heard Zero walking towards the door, but even if he wanted to glare at the hunter, he wouldn't, because his eyes were traitorously widened. Zero did not like to talk often. He didn't like to talk to Kaname at all. And very rarely did the prefect care to hope someone would be in a better emotional condition. Not that Zero was one to talk about not being depressed, but the point was this: Zero really was bothered by Kaname's sadness. Whether it was an annoyed bothered or the kind that made the other person worried, it didn't matter. The pureblood could already feel his mind absorbing the information and preparing to keep him awake with it.

Zero was gone now, leaving the dorms at the moment, and Kaname pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh. The hunt was tomorrow night so he was apparently excused from his classes... Hopefully, the silly wistful thoughts would be tame enough to at least allow the brunette some rest. Tomorrow, his mask would be back in place and Zero would not have to care about an 'emotional' pureblood. Not that the hunter would ever care in the way Kaname wished he would.


Author's Notes: Aw. I actually stopped for a moment, when Kaname was thinking about how he liked Yuuki, to consider making this a threesome story (KxYxZ) but I couldn't picture it in the same light as I do KxZ and ZxK. I also considered having a bit of ZxY thoughts from both boys (Kaname knowing it was starting to get like that between them and Zero knowing that Yuuki was the girl for him) but I stopped that too... I thought about having the usual "But, Kaname, I love Yuuki and so do you!" thing that I've seen before from Zero... But I don't want this story to get that long and elaborate... So... Bascially what I'm saying is that I don't think there is a great amount of originality here XD Again. Why do I suck at that? Wah.

Let's just say I've turned Zero's compassion and protective instincts up, and Kaname's 'mask' is really an important part of his personality. Since... in here, when it slips. It. SLIPS. XDDD