"Just what the f--"

"Dean!" Sam motioned to the diner they were currently occupying, a handful of children could be seen seated nearby them. "Can't you cut down on the profanity while we're in public?"

"Kinda hard when you're strapped to a friggin' angel!" slamming his hand down onto their table, pulling another arm with it. They were separated by almost three inches of air, according to the angel this was the work of an old, but powerful spell. To Dean it fell like there was an invisible rope was tied to their wrists, he could only feel it when they tried to pull their hands away, and both men didn't look too happy about it.

"Dean, calm down, we'll find out how to break it" Castiel reassured the latter, he sat beside Dean and was one of the current problems on hand.

The second one was Uriel.

It had all happened a few hours ago, just after the Winchester brothers wrapped up a vengeful spirit case in Harlan, Iowa. Dean had gone into another spat with the angel about how he couldn't stop Lucifer, and Castiel had reassured Dean that in due time, he would, it was God's plan.

"Well to hell with God's plan, don't you think if I was supposed to do something, God would of told us to already?"

"In time, Dean, God's plan is just," the angel took a few more steps towards Dean, eyes fixated on the other, growing tired at this constant argument, today this particular argument had gone on over an hour.

"Just? Lilith is out there breaking the seals while we're here with our fingers up our asses, that's just? It's been months, Cas and we've done nothing!" kicking the nearest motel chair over Dean took a swing at the angel, the blow hit but fell like Dean had just punched a brick wall.

Castiel, unfazed by the blow, continued with a line similar to what Dean heard before, "I can easily throw you back into hell Dean, show some respect."

"Respect for an angel who does nothing? You guys are all dicks, I can't stop Lucifer and we haven't been doing anything."

Sam had left their motel in search of restocking hunting supplies, so he said, and Uriel, his patience had run out long ago.

"Castiel, you and this mud monkey are drawing my patience thin," Uriel spoke as he rose up from his seat.

Glancing at his comrade Castiel sighed and lifted his hands up in defeat. "Dean, this is the first time in 2,000 years we've been on Earth, we are working, be patient."

"No, fuck this Cas I quit," promptly giving the angels a middle finger and making his way to leave the motel.

"Dean Winchester, I suggest you stop before I resort to my, angel mojo, as you call it," Uriel smirked, challenging the human. Castiel glanced at his comrade and moved over to Dean placing an arm on the other's shoulder trying to stop him.

"You guys need me, you won't do anything," turning to Uriel he continued, "so try it."

And with a smirk, Uriel left. At first nothing happened, then without warning, Dean's left hand and Castiel's right snapped together sticking the two in their current problem.

Now at the diner, Dean was currently attempting to use Ruby's knife to saw the invisible tether.

"The knife works on demons, not angelic jokes."

"Shut up Sammy, you got any better ideas?" pointing the knife at his brother the older asked, a passing by waitress dropped her tray of food in shock and ran into the back of the diner.

"Dean, I suggest you and your brother be leaving now."

The brothers looked at each other then at the current manager on the phone behind the front desk, calling what they assumed were the police.

Dean and Sam promptly left with angel in Dean's tow.

So that's the prologue, not too long, hopefully the rest comes out longer!