Title: iCaught Her Scent

Rated M

Summary: She smelled like the sun. He smelled like the rain. Seddie one-shot. For Andrea.

Disclaimer: I don't own iCarly.

A/N: I should have updated this one-shot up ages ago but I haven't been able to organize my time during the summer well. I'm updating Andrea's (depressedjuliet) one-shot prizes out of order as a result. She won my contest over on Dasey Nation ages ago and I feel bad that I haven't finished the prizes yet. I hope you enjoy this one, Andrea! I feel compelled to also add that this is my sort of first/second lemon. I don't know how I should think about it so reviews and criticism is welcome and requested! I hope everyone enjoys!

Dedication: For Andrea.

Flesh brushed flesh as they moved against one another in darkness. Her own breath became erect when his lips came across a sensitive spot. Her bare skin felt like flames against his for that simple kiss goodnight quickly became one of lust and longing.

He needed her as much as she needed him.

A plea for more escaped her desperate lips. He obeyed. She moaned his name softly as she arched to meet she could feel was unimaginable pleasure. Intimacy now had a whole, new meaning.

A wonderful smell prodded his eyes open. Morning light fell peacefully through a flimsy curtain. Freddie Benson felt her curled up next to him. He smiled as she continued to sleep. The fresh sunlight had created a pattern which painted itself over Sam's half-exposed frame. The sunlit-pattern continued over and above the sheets that Sam pulled up to her neckline. Freddie closed his eyes and silently sniffed his lover's dirty-gold hair. Sam smelled of warmth and radiance. A new beginning. Someone to protect.

She smelled like the sun.

His caress was soft and controlling. She had allowed him to take control.

There was no need to prove herself.

There was no need for her stubborn tendencies to take over this particular situation.

She felt as if she was on fire. Her skin burned and each time she parted for air she could see flames behind her closed eyes. His kisses soothed her as they moved together in an unexplainable rhythm. As he broke the kiss to touch her she though she had stopped breathing. Imaginary flames scorched her throat until his mouth claimed hers.

He kissed her once: a refreshing relief.

He kissed her twice: the imaginary flames burned out.

She used to dream of this moment.

He was making her dreams a reality.

When Sam Puckett awoke she found brown staring warmly into grey. The layers of sunlight around her bedroom made her squint for she was facing the direct source. Rather than sitting up in bed, Sam closed her eyes and hid her face against his chest. This made him laugh.

"Come on, Puckett," Freddie kissed her hair. "We've got to get up sooner or later." Even as he spoke he made no action that indicated him moving from the bed anytime soon.

Sam's complaint was incoherent but she tilted her head so that Freddie could capture her lips in a good morning kiss.

A distinct aroma tickled her attention as they kissed. It was virile and enticing. Relief from chaos while also a new promise.

He smelled like the rain.

Two lovers, two partners, two friends.

That was the way it was always going to be.


A/N: Like I said before, I'm neither pleased nor displeased with this one-shot. I was trying to go for a poetic-metaphor type deal but I feel like I messed something up. Still, I hope those who are reading have enjoyed! Especially you, Andrea! Until next time, everyone!

"Never let go of the one you truly love."