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Naryu's letter


It was a beautiful place, not as pretty as hyrule but close enough…

Naryu oracle of ages stood atop the Zora palace. Her exotic blue hair dancing in the wind, its movements so graceful no dancer could match.

Her face had a serene look of bafflement upon it. Then as if in afterthought she flew down the mountain, landing gracefully at her house. Mortal miles meant nothing to her. She opened the door and moved to the only chair in the room, Blue ink, and a feathered quill stood ready for her use. Pulling out several sheets of paper Naryu held the ink-laden quill over the page to collect her thoughts then began writing.

Greetings and salutations to Princess Zelda of hyrule,

Though your last trip here was unnecessary as well as the attendance of your nursemaid, it was a nice visit. You seem to forget that if I had been inclined to stay it would have been quite easy for me to do so. Your formal invitation needs a bit more of the formal language princess. Since you are improving I decided to attend your coronation.

Upon further investigation in your royal library however I was quite aghast at some of the recordings of your historians. I have taken it upon myself to rectify this error in your judgment for letting some crotchety old men anywhere near a quill.

This is the actual account of what happened, It may be from a second hand source but at least it is far more accurate than anything those old men could dream up. Do they ever go outside? I have been interviewing most of the people in this account for authenticity. I do have certain ablates that you do not, however because of this please be aware that since your dating system changes so often and I simply cannot keep up with it. I will record as events on with dates as I am sure that our dating system would only confuse you. Thus I will keep the sagas to a minimum.

P.S. Please either practice your singing skills or do not sing at all. Also you are pretty good at an ocarina would you like to try harp?

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