Title: Furry Tales
Characters/Pairings: Wolf!Allelujah x Bunny!Lockon!Neil
Rating: T
Type: Long Fic (2116 words)
Setting: Forest, fantasy creature.
Warnings: Possible Character Rape (?)
Summary: Little white hare Neil waiting for his friend, a younger black timber wolf cub, Allelujah, to visit him, however…

Lil bunny Neil was home alone when disaster stroke, for a human had entered the animal realm with ill intent for its inhabitants. Neil was home alone since his family wanted to go to the big grass patch for the day but Neil had wanted to meet up again with his best friend Allelujah, a wolf cub, managing to convince to let him house watch for the day.

Upon hearing the door being knocked on and whilst still chewing on a piece of celery that was left for him to snack on when he wanted, with little white furry paws he opened the door, thinking it was the cute little wolf that he'd play with secretly behind their parents back, only to freeze stiff at the sight of someone very tall, dressed in strange material that wasn't fur, and wild red hair, with a very scary looking grin in his direction.

"Well well, if it isn't a cute bunny I found.", smirked the man putting a foot between the door wedges as soon as the bunny had tried to shut the door close, now forcing himself into the cozy little house.

Neil seeing that he couldn't keep the human from entering did the next best thing any of his kind could do and that was flee, however before he could even get two paws away his wrist was grabbed in a non-gentle manner making the young creature yelp in pain.

Ali was a rouge hunter, hunting harmless creatures and beasts for game and shameless pleasures, and today he found a very cute and irresistible toy this time, taking in the white soft fur, long fluffy ears and bushy tail, it made him lick his lips in anticipation.

Neil was shaking in fear as the big dark shadow towered over him.