The Cure For the Nightmare

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Chapter 1: A Witch Hunt in New York City

"Fox, Zifox…Vulpes, Vulpenes…"

Like lost children, an innocent or not-so-innocent human mortal would stray from the main streets and into an alleyway. Or, perhaps, a hardly used side road, an abandoned building, or some other quiet place. They would be following the sounds of a crying baby.

And, one by one, each person would have their bodies turned to ash by foxes of flame that form seemingly from the dust. All that would be left was a soul and ash of the finest quality on the ground where the human had died.

"My, my, just 502 souls left until I have all the ingredients I need." Mused a soft, delighted, voice from the roof top of an abandoned shoe maker's workshop. The voice's owner was tucking the recently stolen soul in a bag in which it would be hidden from any meisters with the soul perception ability. She whispered, "Soul protect." And now her soul's identity as a witch was hidden as well.

The woman then leapt off the roof and quickly ran off into the crowds of New York's night time, wearing a dark green t-shirt and blue jeans. She blended in perfectly and, thanks to soul protect, so did her soul. Anyone with soul perception would have lost track of her witch soul as it took the form of a normal human soul and hid in a crowd of others.

It had been this way, every night, for nearly six years. The witch Morgan would kill two humans and take their souls. She'd take three when feeling particularly impatient. She'd take one if a meister made him or herself known in the city. It had been easy for her.


It was about to get difficult.

"Hello, hi, good evening, Kid, Maka, Soul, Liz, Patty~!" Shinigami-sama clapped his hands together as he enthusiastically greeted the meisters and weapons that stood before him in the realm behind the mirror.

"Good evening." The Shibusen students all greeted with varying levels of their own enthusiasm.

"Maka, my dearest daughter, hi!!!" Spirit, too, was standing by Shinigami-sama's side with a big smile on his face and arms out-stretched for a hug from his one and only child.

"Mmmph…" Maka Albarn instead turned away and muttered something under her breath. Something not too pleasant.

Wanting to change the subject, Death the Kid cleared his throat.

"What is our mission, Honorable Father? You said it was important…"

"Oh, yes, yes. The mission. Well…" An image in the mirror appeared showing what seemed to be a large city.

"Hey! That's New York." Patty pointed out.

"Bingo!" Shinigami-sama applauded. "And that is where you'll all be going."

"Cool!" Soul grinned. He'd never been to New York before.

"Wow…It looks so amazing at night! I think my mom traveled there once, but the postcard she sent me only showed what it looked like during the day…" Maka recalled with a smile.

"Well, it does look cool from here, I guess…" Liz sighed, remembering the bad part of New York that she and Patty grew up in.

"And for what reason will we be going here?" Death the Kid was the best at telling when his father was dodging the question or trying to temporarily avoid an issue. Kid knew this wouldn't be a vacation, so time was of the essence. And Shinigami-sama needed to get to the point.

"Well...You're going to be hunting a witch!"

"Oh…" Kid blinked, smiling slightly. "Is that all?"

"We can do that." Maka chimed in.

"Don't be too confident." Spirit had his ever-so rare serious face on and was speaking in a firm tone. "This witch has eluded us for about six years, now. Every time we've sent a meister with soul perception to go after her, her witch soul would appear for just a few seconds. Then, she'd put soul protect back on and mix with a whole bunch of humans. And that means mixing with a whole bunch of other souls. She's been killing humans and taking their souls for some unknown purpose."

"Hmm…Well, yes. That's about right." Shinigami-sama admitted with a dramatic shrug.

"I don't see how this is gonna be difficult." Soul admitted with a shrug of his own.

"Any witch with that much cunning and sense will be able to use that same ability in battle, I suppose." Kid mused before turning to his father. "Right, Honorable Father?"

The elder shinigami only nodded with an,

"Mmhm…" before clapping his overly large hands together. "Any questions?"

Soul raised his hand.

"How come Black Star and Tsubaki aren't coming with us?"

"Good question!" Shinigami-sama seemed like he would have been smiling if anyone could see his real face. "If Black Star goes to New York with you, I have little doubt that he's going to make a spectacle of himself."

The Shibusen students nodded in agreement.

"Which is a very bad idea, in the case of this witch, because she seems to have eyes and ears in random parts of the city." Spirit elaborated. "If she catches wind of any meisters at all, well…She'll put her guard up even further and it'll be practically impossible to catch her. This is an observation Professor Stein made after hearing stories from countless other Shibusen students who'd been sent on this same mission."

"How many others have you sent for this assignment?" Kid asked calmly.

"Uh, well…" Spirit cleared his throat uncomfortably before turning to Shinigami-sama. Unfortunately, the great shinigami gave a shrug.

"We lost track three years ago." He sounded very casual about this.

"Great." Liz sighed.

"So, that's why we've decided to send two of our best technicians!" Shinigami-sama clapped. "Maka Albarn and my own son Death the Kid. You both have soul perception abilities and you have both proven to be very impressive meisters."

Maka and Kid both exchanged proud looks at this before turning back to face Shinigami-sama.

"When do we leave?" They both asked.

"Right now."


"Well, that was short notice." Death the Kid commented as he rode the skateboard Beelzebub through the night skies on the way to New York.

"I'd say so." Maka agreed with a quiet chuckle as she tried her best to keep balance. The skateboard was cramped, but Kid was obviously practiced enough for it to not be too much of a problem that Maka was occupying half of the space. Soul, Liz, and Patty were all in their weapon forms for obvious convenience. Two people on a skateboard made things cramped. Five people was just plain impossible.

"Any plans for how to deal with finding this particular witch, Maka?" Kid asked suddenly.

"Well…You and I should keep our soul perception fine tuned the whole time we're in the city, right?" Maka began.

Kid nodded.

"I suppose, though it's not an exact method. We'll walk the city streets, all of us in human form so that we aren't suspected to be meisters with weapons, until either you or I catch wind of a witch's soul. That witch is bound to go out hunting for human souls, after all. Once she does, you and I will run to her location while trying to keep track of her soul's position even when she's used soul protect again. It will look like a human soul, but we still have to keep our eyes on it. And, then, if what your father said was true, she'll run off into a crowd of humans. This is when things will get difficult." Kid paused to frown. "Her soul will mix with that of other human souls, but we should still try to keep track of the crowd itself. Once we reach the crowd, we'll intersperse ourselves in it as well. And we'll all keep an eye out for anyone who strays away and goes off by herself."

"And anyone who does stray away…That will be the witch?" Maka asked after listening intently.

"Most likely. At the very least, it will be someone to keep track of. Keep track of her soul and memorize the looks of whoever strays away. Supposedly, this witch goes after two souls per night. Which means she releases her soul protect twice per night. So, the next time she relinquishes her soul protect, we'll know. And that means…"

"That means that we'll know what the witch looks like!" Maka came to this conclusion with a satisfied smile. She was amazed at how smoothly a mission could be planned out with Kid, when the shinigami wasn't fussing over symmetry of course.

Kid returned the smile.

"Exactly. Although, like I said, it's not an exact method. Others will probably leave the crowd besides the witch. We won't know which one's our target, so we'll have to keep track of and memorize the looks of all of them."

"Well, that's going to be difficult." Maka sighed. "But, I guess it's the best we've got. And didn't my dad say something about the witch having eyes and ears all over the place?"

"Which brings up another problem." Kid admitted with unease. "If she finds out that meisters are after her, she'll become more cautious and double her efforts to hide from us…We may have to stay at a hotel for a few days before we finally catch her."

"Well, that's all right, I guess. We'll get two rooms. Soul and I will stay in one. You and the Thompsons will stay in another. Right?" Maka glanced at the scythe in one of her hands as she mentioned Soul.

Kid nodded.

"Of course." He agreed before coming in for a landing near the New York city limits, Maka holding on tightly to Kid as he made a rough turn.

Nothing – not the witch hunt, nor the room assignments – was going to be so easy.

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