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"Cynthia!" I whispered/yelled.


"Open the door!" I was standing outside her room, in my night dress.

"Why?" She asked, sounding suspicious.

"Just open the door."

I heard her grumbling come closer, then the doorknob turned.

Cynthia opened the door and I laughed at her appearance.

Her hair resembled a bush and her eyes were droopy with sleep. Her nightgown was wrinkled. I looked back at myself, my long black hair perfectly brushed, my face washed, and my nightgown in pristine condition.

"Yes, Sister?" She made 'sister' sound like a dirty word.

"I have to tell you something. Quick close the door!" I scrambled to her bed and sat down, cross-legged. She crawled on in front of me, and her face looked expectant.

"I don't know how to exactly explain this…thing…I saw." I breathed out slowly.

"Whoa. So this is serious." She looked surprised.

"Of course it's serious!" I hissed. "Why else would I bug you in the middle of the night? You aren't exactly the nicest person when awoken."


"Anyways. I guess you could call what I saw…a vision? Of the future…" I said confused.

"What exactly did you see?"

"Ummm…Just someone in trouble. No need to worry." I said just a little bit too quickly.

Cynthia raised her eyebrows at me. "Why would I worry? Was it someone we knew? Were they hurt? Oh my gos-"

"Nothing! Nothing to worry about." My voice cracked at the end of the sentence, and I knew there was no way she would believe me.

"Alice. I know something's up. You are a skillful liar; Dad is putty in your hands, but not me. You can't fool me. Now tell me what happened."

I cringed. She was right. I was putty in her hands. I sighed, defeated.

"Fine. But you have to promise not to tell. Promise?" I asked sternly.

"Of course dear sister. By the sisters' law, I promise to keep secrets, secrets and promises kept until my dying day."

I laughed at the little pledge we had made years back.

"Ok then." I smiled my usual happy-go-lucky smile, but then remembering my vision, frowned.

"It…it was mom." I watched as she cringed.

"What happened?"

"She was attacked. And…and…" I could not finish. And I was sure Cynthia knew what had happened.

I was twisting my fingers and I looked up when I heard sniffling. Cynthia was crying silently.

"Oh, Cynthia!" I pulled her into a hug and she sobbed into my shoulder.

In the back of my mind, I heard a voice say that she was going to ruin my night dress. I quickly slapped the voice away, disgusted.

"Shhh...Shhh…I won't let that happen, sis."

"Really?" She sniffled.

"Of course." I was crying straight through my lie. I could only hope she didn't catch me.

She slept in my tiny lap, and I stayed there and stroked her hair out of her face. I wished I hadn't told her. Now she would spend all her time worrying. Sometimes I thought she was a thirty-year old trapped in an eleven-year olds body. She was so mature.

I gently moved her head to her pillow, and tucked her in. then I tip-toed to my room and lied down on my bed. Careful not to wrinkle my night gown, I turned over and fell asleep.

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