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This story is focusing on the hero Cassie Bernall! Bless her soul

Christian theme


Cassie Bernall

"Mom I've changed. I've totally changed. I know you aren't going to belive it, but I'll prove it." This line was said by Cassie Bernall.

She was born in November 6, 1981. She died in April 20, 1999. She lived with her mother Misty Bernall, her father Brad Bernall, and her brother Chris Bernall. She used to go to Columbine High School before the shootings. She was a daddy's girl and she loved to do lots of things with him like dirt bike riding. She also enjoyed fishing and playing with her pets.

Years before Cassie's death she was heading down the wrong path towards darkness. Her friends Mona and Cassie were writing notes to each other about killing their teachers, sex talk, suicide, and murdering Cassie's parents. When Misty discovered these notesshe was horrified. She talked to the police about it and Mona's parents and their minister. It was then Cassie's parents decided to ban her from hanging out with Mona anymore. Cassie's parents transferred her to a Christian School were a new friend of Cassie invited her to a camp were all Cassie's attitudes changed completely. Later her parents brought her back to Columbine High.

Cassie is a hero to a lot of young Christians for saying yes to a killer who asked if she was a Christian. Saying yes to the life threating question got her shot in the head and she died instantly. Her killer was a troubled student named Dylan. Cassie was also a hero for staying calm when the gun was at her head.

April 20, 1999 started like another normal day for Cassie. She was getting ready for school wearing her casual clothes. Cassie walked to school with her brother Chris. She was in the library with some friends, when a teacher started to scream at them to hide or duck under the desks. At first none of the schoolers did what they were told to do instead they just resumed their work, and then two gun fires were heard. They then knew the situation that someone was in the school with guns. The startled studants started to run and some hide. There was more gun fire and kids began screaming. The killers soon wandered into the library with their gus loaded. There were only two killers, both boys were peers of the terrified students. The two started to knock down tables and chairs and then the killer with the name of Dylan walked over to where Cassie was hiding with a friend (who was a survivor of the massacre) and kicked over the table they were under. He then asked if Cassie was a Christian, and she stood up and said, "Yes." Dylan asked another question, "Why?" Before she could answer she was shot in the forehead.

This is important to me because it teaches me to stand up for what I belive in. It should be important to any good Christian. What she did not only teaches us to stand up for Jesus but to be brave and bold and to know God is with you at all costs.

In conclusion, everybody should remember the tragic day of April 20, 1999 and the young high school student that taught us to always stay by God.

Based on the book She said Yes!

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