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Ch 1

So what if he was making a fool of himself? So what if he was running though the hallways with his backpack open? So what if half of the girls from the St. Paul's softball team were shouting through the halls looking for the youngest member of JONAS? The curly haired boy didn't care if he did look like a fool running from these underage girls… He knew he could take them on any day, but obviously he wouldn't because he was a gentleman, right?

"I knew I shouldn't have stayed after school…" The boy muttered angrily as he rounded a corner.

Earlier, he had been thinking about that stupid song he couldn't get out of his head. Well, it wasn't really a song yet. He had dreamt of it one night, and after two days of repeating the worst day of his life, and Kevin saying 'new song' every 3 seconds, he gave up. It wasn't coming back to him.

So as a last resort, he decided to get his mind off it, and stick to studying for the big History test that was coming up the next week.

Unfortunately, Nick had not been told that the girl's softball team was playing another school that day. And to his annoyance, here he was running around the school like a maniac.

"AHH!" He shouted out dropping everything to the floor as another certain #1 JONAS fan had fell from the impact.

"N-nick! Ohh! I AM SO SORRY!" The girl uttered trying to pick herself up.

"No, it was my fault… sorry Macy..." Nick muttered gathering all his stuff into his bag as fast as he could. They both stood up and he handed her bag, oblivious to the shaking girl's hands.

"N-no! It was my fault! I shouldn't have been standing there…." She said in one breath. But Nick was too busy looking around for any sign of a girl in a green and yellow uniform: 's uniform.

"…and I should've been paying attention to where I was going, and not daydreaming like I usually do, but sometimes I can't help myself, I mean it's JONA—I mean it's not like I dream about you…." Macy talked incessantly until she noticed he wasn't even paying attention. She sighed.

"Um, Nick? Is something wrong?" She looked at him curiously. "You look…. Tense." As usual.

Currently, Nick was pacing back and forth head turning around back and forth so much it seemed like it just might turn all the way around. His eye twitched.

Nick shot his head back at Macy as if he just noticed she was there with him.

It wasn't like Nick didn't like Macy; he just didn't have any particular feelings towards her. Sure she was Stella's best friend and she did sometimes sit with them at lunch, but he never actually talked to her unless, it was her talking to him about something about her fan site, or a chip that looked surprisingly like one of the band members.

"Um… no." He finally answered.

She nodded then put her head down, not knowing what to say.

Nick hesitated. "Aren't you on the softball team? Isn't there a game going on?" He realized that those girls that were chasing him were not here for him, but actually for the game. They just happened to find out he went to this school. He eyed her and saw she too was wearing the girl's softball team uniform.

"Oh! There is a game, except that the other team wanted like a twenty minute break to do something… and the referee let them considering he was from there school… now that I think about it, I wonder what they're doing…" Macy lifted her head up in thought.

Nick obviously knew why they had to take a 'break' but he decided he wouldn't say anything. He loved any fan of JONAS, but he just didn't feel like signing autographs right now.

He looked behind the wall and into the next hallway; it was empty.

Breathing a sigh of relief he leaned against the wall and slid down to a sitting position. Macy came out of her thoughts then looked at the exhausted band member.

"Um…. Nick of JONAS…. Not to be rude but why do you look like that?"

Nick looked at her curiously then looked across the hallway to see the reflection of a very tired and messy haired Nick. "Whoa..." He breathed. He did look like a mess. His shirt was coming out from his pants, his hair was all over the place, and his back pack was opened revealing papers and pencils out of place.

Nick had not time to even stand up, when another voice rang through the halls. Macy and Nick both turned towards the voice.

"Okay, I heard that Joe and Kevin went home, BUT!" The tall girl, who was unfortunately wearing a green and yellow baseball uniform said, "BUT, someone said they saw Nick sitting around doing some homework…"

Nick widened his eyes and quickly backed away from the voices and saw Macy listening in to the conversation.

"Hey! I know those girls! They're from the other team." Macy told Nick smiling.

Nick looked at her with an unpleasant expression, knowing that she had just gave away his presence.

"WAIT! Did you just hear that?" The tall girl had spoke again.

"Yeah! I think someone's there…" Another girl said.

He felt like he was playing hide and seek with the abominable snowman because right now, his heart felt like it would burst out of his chest.

Nick looked around for some sign of an escape and to his happiness; there was either the hallway where they would definitely notice him, or a Janitor's closet, where there was a slight chance of being hid.

Taking the broom closet idea, he opened the door quickly then looked back at the girl who had forgotten, again, was with him.

"Nick? What are you do—"She asked when she suddenly felt his arms tug her into the closet with him. He knew if he had left her out there she would sell him out. Not because she was one of them, but because she had no idea those girls were looking for him.

The door clicked shut and Nick put his ear against the door hoping to hear the voices drain out.

"I thought I heard someone… guess I was wrong. C'mon girls." The voice said. The footsteps then feel faint. Nick let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Misa was currently shaking with nervousness; Nick was still holding onto her arm.

He looked at the heavily breathing girl then to his hand, then back to her. He quickly let go then rubbed his forehead. "Sorry."

She shook her head and forced a smile. Misa felt like she couldn't breathe, well then again they were standing two inches from each other in a tiny broom closet.

"Are you claustrophobic?" Nick whispered, his breath blowing in to her face.

Macy gulped. "N-No, I-I just…"

Nick ignored her and turned around putting his hand onto the door handle. Slowly he pressed down and peeked his head out of the small closet hoping to see them gone.

"NICK! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to say anything, I don't know—"Macy bursted out, causing Nick to jump. The door had slammed shut causing a loud noise.

Nick turned around, took her by the waist with one arm and her mouth with the other, her back to him. Quietly, they both stood still as more footsteps were heard outside the door.

Macy closed her eyes ready to faint but was so in shock that she didn't. Nick muttered an apology in her ear, not noticing how he just might give the girl a heart attack from their closeness.

"What was that?" It was a teacher. "Who's there?"

After getting no response the man decided to ignore the loud boom that had alarmed the school.

Nick was relieved it wasn't one of the girls he was hiding from. But then again, he didn't want to get caught in a closet with a girl in an inappropriate situation by a teacher. What would that say about him? Nothing good, obviously.

Macy muttered something into Nick's hands. How could she still be talking? Nick thought.

After the man left, Nick let go of the breathless girl and turned her around so she was facing him. She had a very shocked expression on.

"Macy!" Nick mumbled sternly taking her by the arms, ready to shake her. "Be quiet!"

Macy looked up at him. "Nick! I am so sorry, I didn't mean to--"

"Macy! Shut up!" Nick told her quietly. But she could still sense the seriousness in his voice. "Just shut up!"

Macy finally settled herself down. She stared at him longer than she normally would, for she would've already fainted.

Nick sighed. A little scared that he was a little harsh on her he kept his eyes on her face.

She kept quiet.

Their gaze felt longer than most do. They both stood there looking at each other with looks of fright and alarm yet they both felt comfortable. A weird feeling that they would never have, let alone, with each other.

So Nick did the best thing he could think of in these types of situations. He bent down and kissed her. He didn't know why he did it, he didn't know if it was just getting awkward, or because he saw it in a movie, or because Macy finally shut up or because he liked her. He didn't know why he did it, but he knew he just did it.

Macy just saw Nick move toward her, and before she knew it, she was closing her eyes. Normally, she would've fainted when he touched her arm. Heck, she would've fainted when she saw him. But finally after years of dreaming she just couldn't bring herself to fall unconscious at a moment like this.

She felt him squeeze her arms in a pleasant way, and then the pressure of his lips on hers was gone.

Opening her eyes, Macy saw the usual stoic face of Nick staring back at her. Except this time he too looked a bit in shock.

"Umm… You have a game to get to…" Nick mumbled then scratched the back of his head. Quickly he moved to the front of the closet and opened the door. He didn't even bother to check if someone was out there, he opened the door and brought his bag up to his shoulder.

Macy stared at him from behind when he turned around to look at her again. "Wait 5 minutes, and then come out."

Macy looked at him then nodded. He turned again then left without looking back at her. The closet door slowly closed and she was left again in the darkness by herself.

Never in her right mind would she ever think that kissing Nick would come true. But this time, it was real, and it was he who kissed her.