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One step forward and two steps back. That's what's going on; a never-ending circle of averted eyes, and awkward one-word conversations.

Half-hearted smiles, and occasional apologies swept the tight air between them, and Nick thought he would die somehow of not being able to handle the most awkward, simple-minded relationship he had ever shared with Macy. Whatever there was of a relationship anyway.

But ever since that incident, and totally uncalled-for plan, Kevin decided that he'd stay away from Nick for a few days. Just in case.


The detention Ms. Hemmingway gave that day wasn't as bad as Nick thought. She had told the three of them to sit in different corners; Joe was at the front of the room, just opposite of her desk, so talking was out of the question. Fortunately, Macy sat in the back where Nick couldn't see her; he sat quietly, and calmly (but didn't show it) in the corner next to the window.

It lasted for a few, long, two hours of silence, so quiet that even coughing would bring up the biggest noise in the entire world.

All throughout the period Nick contemplated the idea of having to speak with her again. He just told her that it was his fault and that he made Joe dress up as a criminal and steal her bag away. Actually, it was Kevin's idea, but Nick knew deep inside that he hoped Macy would be thankful, and forgiving enough to forget about the whole problem.

Too bad it was reality. And reality meant facing your worst fear, even if you liked them.


After the three were released, Joe quickly mumbled to Nick that he owed him 'big time', then walked off into another hallway, probably wanting to get home to watch that game show.

Nick ignored the thought of being Joe's slave for a month, cleaning his room, doing the dishes, doing his laundry, then quickly shuttered at the utterly absurd thought.

He knew Macy was there somewhere in the hallway, probably trying to avoid him again, or run in the other direction. But he was prepared… maybe he didn't have to face her today.

"Nick?" The same voice that just flew through his thoughts became real.

He turned around abruptly; silently praying that is was just some girl who sounded like Macy.

"Yeeah?" He found himself staring in to the same face he knew all too well to forget.

She folded her arms, her face unusually stoic, something that was very unlikely to encounter, then gave him this stare that he couldn't take too well.

Nick considered the thought of talking to her with his binder in front of her face, but shoved the thought away at how stupid he was already looking.

"What's up?" He tried going the nonchalant way, hoping she would get lost in his brown eyes.

"C'mon, I don't want to have another one of these 'I have no idea what's going on' conversations." She uttered, her jocund voice suddenly appearing, then vanishing just as fast as it came. He found it a little saddening that there was a side of Macy who was grim, and cold.

Nick sighed inaudibly, hoping that she didn't catch the miserable tone he wore.

"Fine…" He put down the binder that was just below his face, his recent plan ready to take place. "Joe didn't really mean to do that…"

She looked at him, a bored looking expression, something that didn't match her eyes. "So you're saying he was just joking around?"

He looked up, trying to find the right way of explaining the reason, without looking like he wanted to make himself look good. Even if that was sort of the case.

"Well, not exactly…" He mumbled, scratching the back of his neck. "It was sort of planned…"

Macy unfolded her arms, a questioning look on her round face. "… What do you mean?"

Just as Nick was about to respond with a 'I don't really know…" kind of look, a familiar group of female voices sounded out in the nearest classroom.

"Oh my god! Did you hear about the new cheerleading captain and Jennifer? I heard that they got into a total catfight!" One of the girls babbled out, in a stingy, in your face voice.

Macy turned her head just as Nick did at the oncoming students.

"I know! I heard about it last period! They were fighting over some guy, and it got totally, insanely bloody and stuff!" Another girl replied with the same enthusiasm. "There was hair weave everywhere!"

Macy looked to Nick, with a distant look in her eyes, and then mumbled quietly, "The girl baseball team from Pedgemont High…"

Before Nick could even think of running the other way, Macy's hand, and a firm grip had wrapped around his arm like iron, pulling him in the opposite direction of the voices.

In the next second, the two had huddled into the nearest door, away from the girls they were afraid might be another group of fans searching for him.

The door clicked closed, and Macy turned to Nick instantly, looking at him as if she was expecting him to do something.

Nick raised a brow at the location: a janitor's closet.

"You know, we could've just—" Nick started.

Macy cut him off. "Keep talking."

Realizing she meant from where they left off, on . He was really beginning to hate that topic…

"…There…" Nick gulped at the closeness he was to her body, the same way they were the first time they met here. Except this time, he was the one sweating like a donkey.

"There… was…" Nick stuttered, gulping. He hoped she couldn't hear that.

"What?" She encouraged, leaning in a bit closer. It surprised Nick because right now, this instant, she didn't seem too panicky and nervous like last time. It was like she didn't even notice it was him she was 3 inches away from.

"… There was a party." Nick smiled. "A costume party. Joe dressed up as a cat burglar." Nick grinned, shrugging anxiously.

Macy moaned in annoyance, and then turned around, her bag hitting Nick hard on the arm.

"No, wait!" Nick shouted, stopping her in her tracks.

"You know I thought you'd be more mature than this." She mumbled.

He pulled her towards him so she was facing him again.

"Macy, I…" He swallowed yet again. Darn my stupid hormones! "The whole thing was just so I could impress you."

Macy narrowed her eyes in confusion. "You dressed up Joe, and made him steal my bag, so you could impress me?"

Nick shook his head, and then looked to the side. "No! It wasn't that."

She readjusted her position so that her back was leaning against the empty garbage bin, instead of the hockey stick that was digging up her back. He couldn't take the intense look she gave him, with the full on attention she gave. It was different.

"I guess I wanted you to like me again, because…" He paused rethinking his words. "I didn't know… jeeze, this is hard to explain." Nick huffed out a huge breath, mentally kicking himself for being so uncool, and uncollected at this moment.

Macy's face lit up, just a bit, and she shook her head. "No, no… Keep going."

Nick turned his head back to her, a faint puzzling expression that was so unreadable; Macy didn't know what to think.

But Nick just leaned in quickly, pressing his body against her, (well what space was left between them), and kissed her. Just like he did the last time. Except now, he really meant to do it.

After a few brief moments of confusion, astonishment, and nostalgia (and happiness), he leaned back, hoping that she got the message.

Macy's eyes were closed, her lips parted just a bit, like she was day dreaming of something wonderful, and so amazing… she could only imagine it with her eyes closed.

"…What…" She mumbled, almost silently, just the breath that she breathed was noticeable.

Nick held his breath, hoping, waiting, expecting to hear her shout for not explaining… but slowly she opened her lids, her bright pupils gleaming like she was just kissed by a Greek goddess, or something that was totally unimaginable; something fantasy-like, something that wasn't Nick.

"I hope that explains it…" Nick replied, unsurely.

Macy's face lit up with her brightened smile, her teeth and eyes gleaming. And Nick knew that was the real Macy.

"Absolutely not." She replied, a little breathlessly.

Macy shook her head, biting the edge of her lip, the smile not escaping her tan face. "But I totally understand it…"

Nick's sudden frown lit up itself, his breath letting it go. "So, what do you say?" He smiled, bringing his arm so his hand could reach hers. "A Fresh start?"

Macy took his hand, her laughter filling the tightly fit closet. "Sure..."

Nick chuckled, shaking her small hand. "C'mon, let's get out of here."

"First," Macy stood up against him again, holding his arms towards herself. "…Kiss me."

Nick smirked, taking a hold of the back of her head, not stopping to hesitate for a response before bringing her into his sweet embrace.

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