Ch1. Prologue

TV is on. A man with a black suite is talking. "It is time my people can walk the streets with out being afraid. We don't want to live in fear; we want to be like anyone else. My brethren stand up and say I am a hemophage and I want equal rights." He yelled. The crowd around him cheered and yelled.

A woman in a suite is being interviewed. "I believe this hemophange is simply a disorder going around. What we need to do to keep safe is to separate the phages from the humans." She said coldly.

A march with people holding posters for hemophages right. Chanting, "We are equal, we deserve to be treated as such." Over and over.

A teen on the street being interviewed. "Nothing wrong with being a phage." She says.

A priest being interview. "I believe the phanges are the devils work. To allow them into our society is like embracing the devil himself."

The president at the UN. "We have decided for all hemophanes to live amongst themselves. They are not to disturb human life. Anyone turning into a phage must repot to their designated area eminently." TV goes Fuzzy.

That happen 12 years ago and it still rages on today. Debates marches, interviews. Its everywhere. Its even in our schools. It will never end either. I am a fang supporter. I feel have vampires oh sorry I mean hemophages living amongst us would be great. Most humans beg to differ.

It's Saturday and I am driving down the street when I see some random guy corning a girl. I stop my car and run down the alley. She's on the floor cornered and he bent down to her. She was begging and crying I came to her but he backed off. He looked at me and walked away. I ran to the crying girl and she seemed unharmed.

"You ok?" I asked the girl. She looked to be 16; she had black hair with teal in it, black and teal clothes to. She looked gothic as well.

"Alright?" she echoed. "No I'm not alright." She screamed threw her tears. "He was a messenger hemophage." She said. That all I needed to know. He told her, she was turning. She needs to go to a hemophag center before she dies. "My parents hate phages. They said they'd rather have me die than be a phage." She said threw angry tears.

"I'll drive you." I said offering my hand. "We can stop at your place, and then go..." but she cut me off.

"No. I don't want to see my parents. I am thrilled to me a phage. Just take me please." She said. I nodded and helped her to my car.

"I'm Trent." I said as we drove.

"Gwen." She said.

We make it to the gate and she just sat in the car. "Thanks for driving me." She said.

"No problem. What's your last name? I want to come and visit some time." I said. She's pretty cool and seems like she could use a friend.

"Fang supporter?" se asked. I nodded. "Mathews." She said as she opened the door. "Thanks again Trent." She said as she closed it. Then she walked to the gate where she was let in and rushed to the medical center for her change. I will visit her, one day. She's pretty cool.

It's been 3 nights since I've seen her and I am sneaking in. I have worked hard and long to find the perfect way in and out. I finally make it over the chain link fence and now I need to find where she lives. The houses are alphabetized by last name so I need to look for M. I turned around to find a vampire standing behind me. She had long black hair, a flowing black dress and deadly purple eye. She was so beautiful I could stop staring at her. "What are you doing here human?" she asked with a smile.

"Looking for a friend." I said.

"Who?" she asked.

"Who what?" I asked hypnotized by her eyes.

"Your friend." She laughed.

"What friend? I came for you." I said in aww.

"Wonderful." She said bringing her lips into a smile.

That's where it all began. I thought I loved Gwen, but I now know what love is. It's this vampire here.

"I'm Sam." She said.

"I'm Trent." I said. Her smile increased showing the peeks of her fangs.