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Trent's POV

I woke up to a blinding white light. I tried to close my eyes but it didn't help, the burning sensation just persisted on. I tried getting up to realize I was tied down. I growled in frustration and squirmed trying to get free. I forced my eyes open and saw I was in white room, tied to a bed, and hooked up to wires. I growled again in frustration.

My fangs where fully erected and my body ached. I yelled and struggled for help but the pain only increased. I never knew agony until this moment. I feel like I was run over by a million non stop cars, then thrown off the tallest tower falling into a pile of glass shards, then set on fire. I was also felt the burning desire in the throat, I was extremely thirsty. I turned my head and saw across the room was a few bags of blood just sitting there. If I can manage to get free they'd be all mine and this pain would hopefully stop.

I struggled again but the belt like structures holding me down dint budge. I tried ripping them off but it was impossible. I kept trying using the blood as a motive, but nothing was working.

"Good your awake." Came a familiar, calm, but slightly different voice. I looked around but saw no one.

"SHOW YOURSELF." I screamed with the pain in my voice clearly audible. I heard slight laughter, but I was still trying to break free, so busy I didn't hear the foot steps coming my way.

"You've been out for a week. I was so worried." The voice said again. I turned my head and Gwen was sitting next to me. Her sent drove me insane. I struggled even more trying to break free. If I can just get free, I can have her all to myself. I could rip her throat out and lap up her blood. Or I can rip her heart out and drink her blood like that. Or I can go old fashion way and just sink my fangs into a soft fleshy area and drink her dry, every last drop. Sadly she caught sight of my struggle and backed off.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I shouldn't be so close." She said, with a face that said she felt silly. But I want her to come closer. I'm not getting her blood unless I break free, or she comes to me.

"No it's ok, come here, tell me what's been going on." I said planning it all out in my head.

"I shouldn't. You haven't had a drink a weeks so..." she said.

"COME HERE." I screamed trying to break free. I struggled, and squired and pulled against the bands, but nothing. After a few minutes I stopped and fell back exhausted.

"Done?" Gwen asked crossing her arms across her chest.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"You're in a hospital. The doctors are working on your cure to make you a full hemo…." She explained but I cut her off.

"NO! Not until they find a cure for you first." I said. Gwen's face flushed a light pink and I turned my head. All I care about now is just saving Gwen so she can live with out the fear of dyeing. I lost Sam, and I got no one else.

"I am cured." She said. I snapped my head around and looked at her. She did look a little different but not by much. She looked a little whiter, more like a luminescent dew kissed kind, her eyes fiercer, more alive, and she is different. "I've been a full hemophage for almost a week. They will publish it soon; they just want to run a few tests just to make sure I'm 100% cure." She said.

"That's great. But I don't really care right now." I said. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to gather all my strength to break free, but then I felt a cold hand on my warm hand on my cheek. I opened my eyes and Gwen was standing next to me with her hand on my cheek. Very close to my mouth where I can just bite her. If I can act quickly I can grab her hand and I can drink her dry there.

"I know you're thirsty but you need to control it." She said with watery eyes. I was ready to throw my head and bite her hand. "If you let your thirst win, you'll die." She said as tears fell from her eyes. She removed her hands and I looked at her. "Be strong, the cure is coming, and you're thirst will die, please, fight this." She said.

"I cant, I need a drink." I said threw clenched teeth.

"You came so far. Too far to die now." She said crying slightly. I decided to try to relax so she won't be so upset. I took a deep breath and sat down. I tried, very hard, but Gwen being here made it very difficult.

It seemed like ages for the doctor to come in. Ok so in reality it was only a few minutes, but to me, it was centuries of trying to fight this craving, and this pain.

"Hello Trent. How are you doing?" she said. She was a female doctor with long raven hair tied in a tight bun and wearing glasses. "My name is Juliet, and I'm here to help you." She said.

"Can I die?" I asked breathing shakily.

"No, the cure for you is almost ready. Just a little longer." She said with a smile.

"WHAT THE HELL? I'M DIEING HERE IN PAIN SND YOUR SMIELING AND TELLING ME TO JUST WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed almost breaking the bands.

"You're the first of your kind to make it this far. Your creators blood will cure you and make you a full hemophage but we have a few problems." She explained.

"AND THEY ARE….." I said getting annoyed with her.

"Well we need your blood; it's very useful to us. And we can't find your creator. She's escaped." She explained. "We're looking for an alternative, something to keep you as a half hemophage but minus the blood lust, pain, regurgitation, and short life span." She said.

She took a few tests, read a few of the machines then she walked out with out another word.

"This is hell." I complained.

"It'll be over soon." Gwen said trying to comfort me.

"Not if Sam is missing." I said. If she's gone I'll never be cured. A nurse walked in and looked at Gwen.

"I'm sorry miss but visiting house are over." She said. Gwen sighed and walked to me.

"I'll be back tomorrow, just hang in there." She said smiling at me.

"No promises, but I'll try." I said. She smiled and walked out. I laid back, and tried to sleep.


I woke up, back in the same room, but it was different now. Now there was balloons and flowers and get well soon cards. I even see a teddy bear, all resting on tables, and nightstands, even the empty bed next to me was occupied with flowers. I sat and looked around. Then I realized something, I was no longer tied down.

Not just that, I was in no more pain, and the burning desire, gone. I looked around the room again, and grabbed the bed remote. I pressed the call button and waited for a nurse.

Instead, who walked threw the door, was a swarm of press people, camera people and reports shouting questions at me. I was lost in the flashing cameras and shouting. I am completely lost.

"Alright everyone out." Yelled a voice. The room quickly cleaned as the doctor Juliet pushed the remaining people out. She closed the door and sighed. "Thank god your finally awake." She said with another sigh.

"Finally?" I echoed

"You were out for almost a month." She said with a smiled. "We cured you a month ago, and you never woke up." She said

"Cured?" I repeated.

"Well sort of." She said. "You're a new species all alone. Your not a half hemophage, since your pain and blood lust has seized. But you're not a full vampire since you have retractable fangs, and don't crave blood as much." She said. "You still maintain human qualities, but you're a hemophage. So we call you dimidium lamia which is Latin for half vampire." She explained. I was taken back from the use of the slang name. It is improper for hemophaged to be called vampires even if they are. Why would she call me one?

"Vampire?" I asked again.

"I know it's a fifthly word. That word, everyone think Dracula or Twilight, when we are nothing like them. But we feel the humans embrace that word better, and if we can show them we do to, and we can co exist then, the battle will be over." She said smiling.

She has a point, Gwen and I are the future for the hemophages, we are the hope, and the light. ……. GWEN!

"Gwen? Where is she?" I asked.

"Out in the waiting room being interviewed waiting for visiting hours so she can see you." She said. "What a sweet girl, she's here all the time, never left. She's the first visitor, and the last. She just sits there watching you, waiting for you to wake up." Juliet said with a smile. "I'll get her now." She said walking away. As she opened the door more camera's flashed, and people yelled, but the smell, I can tell some where human. …… smell huh. I guess I am half vampire now.


I spent the next 3 weeks in the hospital. Mostly just to make sure I was 100% capable of living on my own. I got visitors everyday. Everyone came to visit me, people I knew, even humans, cameras and reporters, and even my family. But not Duncan. Gwen said he's busy still trying to get Courtney, his girlfriend, out. Gwen was there all the time. Not only because she had check up, like me, but she wanted to.

"So they said they want me to live with someone to be safe. But I don't want to. I know they'll but me with a nurse." Gwen said throwing away the wilted roses and replacing them with new ones.

"Yeah I've been looking at houses to. But they are going fast." I said putting the news paper on the nightstand. Thou there is not much room. Since I didn't have a house they had to all stay here, and the pile only gets bigger everyday.

"I want to stay in my house." She said then yawned. I looked at her and she looked really tired. But it's the afternoon.

"Sleepy? I told u not to come at 7pm then leave 12am. Its not good for you." I said.

"No not that. It's just." She said yawning again. "Sorry. I'm starting to become a night sleeper." She said. In the hemophage stages you become a full fledged hemophage once you start sleeping at night and being awake during the day.

"That's great." I said. That means not only has Gwen become a full hemophage but she must be completely cured to.

"No, you're still a day sleeper. That means I wont be able to visit." She said.

"Don't force yourself to be nocturnal. I'll be out of here soon." I said.

"Too bad." She said sitting on the hospital bed turning the TV on. I smiled and wrapped my arm around her. Gwen and I have been getting much closer since everything stopped, but we're not dating or anything. I think back on everything and think how horrible I was to her under Sam spell.

"I'm really sorry." I said not looking at her. "For putting you threw all this and being rude to you. I wasn't seeing clear I was under her spell." I said.

"It's ok." Gwen said leaning her head on my shoulder. "I know, it's cool." She said looking at the TV and not me.


Time passed and Gwen's visits where shorter. She came at 2 and left at 10. She told me everything I was missing and I really enjoyed her company.

"I talked to the doctors today, and guess what they said." she said in a happy tone. "They said it's best if we shared a house since out conditions are related.' She said blushing slightly. "IF YOU WANT TO. You know if you want to live alone that's fine." She said turning around so I couldn't see her blush more.

"I thought you wanted to live alone." I said turning the tables.

"Well, I don't know, it dose get kind of lonely, and boring. But I don't care." She said. I laughed smugly.

"Ok, but you need to cook and clean." I said joking with her. She playfully threw a pillow at me and laughed.

"So……." She asked waiting for me to finish.

"Why do you want to live with me so bad?" I asked pulling her down to the bed to sit near me.

"Because, well, I think the doctors are right, we should live together and we have fun together." She said stuttering now and a then.

I nuzzled her shoulder making her blush more. "Any other reasons?" I asked. She just stayed quiet. "You know, ever since the imprintment broke, I've been able to really see other girls clearly." I breathed down her neck. "Why is it you come everyday? Why is it you tried so hard to break the imprintment? Why do you want to live with me?" I asked holding her closer to me.

"I think you know the answer." She said in a shaky tone.

"Maybe I do. Maybe I want you to say it so I can be sure." I replied.

"If your going play that game then." She said breaking free from me. She turned around to face me and was still blushing. "I'll make it clear, you have 3 days to choose if you want to live with me. If you do, say something." She said walking away.

"How bout you?" I asked.

"I already agreed to living with you." She said not looking at me. "So yeah." She said I can scene the smile in her voice.

She already said yes, meaning she dose like me and just wanted to hear me say it.


It the day I leave the hospital. I told the doctors I wanted to leave before Gwen came. I told her to come at 5pm, but I'm leaving at 2AM. I looked out the car window as we drove to my new house.

It's pretty descent, not far from the hospital either. A park a block down, and mall 10 minutes away. I walked in my new house. I didn't have bags, since they will be brought to me latter by m family. I was now left alone, in my new home.

I walked up the steps and to the bedroom. I opened the door to an empty room. Nothing there but a bed and a closet. I sighed at the depressing sight and kept moving. I opened the next door and smiled.

In there was a large bed, silk sheets, TV, closet, dresser, window, paint, decorations, and some flowers from the hospital. I walked over to the bed and smirked. Gwen was sleeping soundly.

Yeah I agreed to live with her, but she doesn't know, she thinks I'm moving in across the street, which is why the other room was unprepared. Its nigh time, meaning I'm wide awake and Gwen's fast asleep. I walked to the computer and decided to just surf the web until she wakes up.

Time went by fast and not it's was almost sunrise and I needed a bed. I walked to hers and snuck in. Hey mine wasn't prepared. I yawned and dozed off to sleep.


I woke up, around 7PM and I saw Gwen wasn't in bed. I got up and searched the house. I checked everywhere but couldn't find her. She must have seen me and left, I hope I didn't scare her away. I went to the kitchen and searched for something to eat. There wasn't much food, considering this is Gwen's house and she doesn't eat much.

I heard the door open and turned to look down the hall. Gwen was walking in with her arms full of bags. Some had food marts written on then, others stores I did not recognize. She put them down and looked in my direction. She gave me a big smile and I could see the small blush on her. She picked up some of the food bags and walked into the kitchen.

"I wasn't sure what to buy so I just bought some things that seemed popular." She said putting some of the food away. I noticed she had one bag full of blood pouches.

"What's these for?" I asked

"Drinking duh." She said with a slight laugh. "You cant drink from me and vice versa, and there was a sale on A positive." She said putting them in the firgerator.

After all the groceries were away, and my room was made we decided to visit Connor and Laushawna. No one's heard from Duncan yet, we're kind of worried, but there's a rumor that vampires and now allowed to live with humans and we think he might be with his girlfriend there.

The sun began to rise and I had to go home. Gwen wasn't tired, but she walked with me back to our house.

"I never thought being like this would be so amazing. It's all better now. All fixed." I said entering our house.

"It'll never be over." Gwen said. "The testing ended, but the hate wont. They will always hate us, and try to destroy us. It'll never be over." She said. "We just have to be happy with what we got." She smiled.

I guess she's right. There will always be those few people who hate us, and want us gone. We just have to be happy with what we have. I watched as Gwen walked ahead of me and stopped before the stair case. "Coming?" she asked.

I walked to her and wrapped my arm around her waist. She blushed a little and seemed a little surprised. I chuckled to myself and kissed her on her check. "Of curse." I said walking ahead of her.

AN: Yeah sucky ending. But as of now part 2 is still shaky. Like you can see I left it in a way where I CAN end it, but it isn't very satisfying right? So part 2 might happen but we'll see how everything gose.