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Chapter Twenty-Three: Three Years Later…

It was a typical day in Forks: rainy, around sixty degrees, and clouded. But on Mainstreet a popular new place had opened up just a couple months ago. The brilliant PawPrint Bookshop was the place to get together in Forks, now. With comfortably dim lighting, a fireplace that worked, rows of books where people could often be found sitting and reading, and the big comfy chairs and couches and the cafe, PawPrint was a dream come true.

"Bells, how are you doing?" The runner of the cafe part of it all, Em came out from behind the counter during a slow time to go to the main register.

"I'm fine! Much better than earlier!" Bella looked radiant today—though she'd never notice it herself. But others did. They saw the beautiful dark hair and depthless eyes, kind eyes that saw everything and said it was okay. They saw a happiness that lit her face and gave her a bounce in her step.

And little did she know that there was much to be happy about!

"Em, can I leave you with the shop for a while? Just until I get done with this doctor's appointment?"

Em smiled knowingly. "Sure, sure," she said nonchalantly, making Bella laugh. It was such a... a pack thing to say now!

"And save me one of those monster cookies!" Bella grinned as she walked out the door to her car.

Emily turned to the adorable baby girl resting over her chest in a brightly mutlicolored, bohemian sling. Smiling, she stroked the downy hair of her second daughter, Olivia, and whispered to the sleeping girl, "You're going to have a cousin soon, sweetie. I know that look—oh, do I know that look! But we'll just let her discover that for herself, now, won't we?"

The baby stirred at the soft words and smiled in her sleep. Em beamed and wished her friend all the happiness she felt herself from being a mother.

"Jake! Jake, where are you?"

At first Jake thought something was wrong-a vampire attack? Or something horrible happening to the pack?- and he bolted out from beneath the lovely old thunderbird he was tinkering with.

"Bella? What is it? What's wrong?" He ran towards her, careless of the grease on his hands as he cupped her elbows and studied her face for any signs of fear of distress. But... there was just Bella, looking astonishingly beautiful—as usual, but she never seemed to see herself like he did. But there was something different, something that really made her glow.

"Bells, what is it?" He smiled now, relaxed.

"Close your eyes." She practically blinded him with her smile, so he did what she asked automatically.

He felt a towel over his hands now, taking away the gross slime on them, and then... cloth. Knitted cloth, like sweater material.

"Okay, open them."

He did, and saw his hands over her stomach.

She watched as he went curiously blank for a moment. "You're... hungry?"

Bell giggled, making him grin. "Try again, silly!" She placed her delicate hands over his huge ones and watched as it sunk in.

Jake felt the answer penetrate his brain slowly, and he looked up into her eyes, then down at his hands-their hands-and back up again. "You're pregnant. We're having a baby. We're pregnant!" She nodded vigorously, and he let out a giant whoop as he picked her up, holding her as close as he could. "When?" he whispered against her hair.


He tried to figure that out. "That would mean..."

"It was a very happy Christmas." She kissed him, all bundles of happiness and joy.

"Yes, it was. A very, very happy Christmas, Bella Black. And there are, I believe, many, many more to come."

The End.