Peter: 15

Isabelle: 14

Susan: 13

Edmund: 11

Lucy: 8

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Isabelle woke and sat up, yawning. Her hair fell into her eyes, since she took it out of the painful bun and laid her crown on her trunk that held all of her dresses. The sun was bright outside, like it just risen. Getting out of bed, she shivered at the coldness of the air. She walked over to her trunk and placed her crown on the bed that she had just gotten out of. Quickly, she picked a dark red dress that fell to the floor and was shoulder-less. Once she placed it on her body, she let her hair flow down in curls. She placed black slippers on her feet and walked outside of her tent.

She found the blonde Pevensie, Peter, down in the practice field by himself. Walking down toward him, she was very quiet, hoping to scare him. His back was facing her as she walked forward. The wind around them blew quietly so her hair was flying up a bit. Tapping his shoulder, he turned around in a fright making the young princess smile and laugh silently.

"I'm sorry." Isabelle said to him. "I'm Isabelle." She told him, not knowing that he already knew her name.

"Peter. Ed told us your name last night while you were resting." Peter said. "Thank you for saving my brother."

"It's alright. I just want Jadis to be defeated. And that wouldn't have happened if he died, now would it?" Isabelle asked him.

"Probably not." Peter said. "So, you're not a dryad or nymph are you? I thought my family and I were the only humans in Narnia."

"I am human. And yes other than me and your family, we're the only humans in Narnia. There are humans in Archenland and Calormen." When she saw Peter's confused expression, she told him what those two names were. "Archenland and Calormen are countries near Narnia."

"Pete!" The two looked to see Edmund walking over to him with two horses and Oreius. "Can you help Oreius to train me to use a sword?"

"Sure," He then turned to Isabelle. "I guess I'll talk to you later."

"Of course. Play nice Oreius." She teased the centaur that just rolled his eyes. "I'll just leave now." This caused him to shake his head. Isabelle waved, "Bye." Then started to walk to the archery field.

"Oi!" Edmund said when he saw his older brother staring at Isabelle. "You said that you'd help me not stare at the princess."

"I know Ed- Wait? She's a princess?" Peter asked confused. I never knew she was a princess. Peter thought. She didn't have a crown in her hair…didn't she have one in her hair yesterday? Oh, I can't remember.

"Yea, I figured she told you." Ed told him. "Come on; teach me so I can beat you." He said with a smirk.

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Isabelle walked to the archery field and found Susan and Lucy, the young girl was just watching her older sister shoot targets.

"Isabelle." Lucy said. "Do you know how to shoot a bow?!" She asked the princess. Isabelle smiled. It was hard not to around her. She was bright and happy.

"Yes, I learned but I'm not very good." She informed the little girl.

"Wanna try?" Susan asked, offering her bow and arrows to Isabelle who shook her head.

"I can shoot a bow but it would end up hitting something or someone other than the desired target. I fight with swords." That was half-true. But, she didn't need the Pevensies against her just because who her mother was, Edmund wasn't but maybe that was because she saved him…

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