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"I hate you. I bloody hate you, bastard" Arthur growled as he tripped over yet another root and had to grab onto the tree trunk to keep himself from falling on his face. Alfred, however, wasn't so lucky. The larger of the too managed to loose his footing on a moss covered rock and fell foreword with a sickening snap that signaled a broken bone.

"Fuck!" Alfred let out a small yelp as he fell, catching himself with his palms but unable to help himself as the pain shot up his leg. Before he could even realize it, Arthur was on his knees beside him, rolling the larger man onto his back and checking over the injury. Alfred clenched his eyes shut tight and balled his hands into fists to try and keep in a yell, his fingernails drawing blood as Arthur tenderly examined the wounded ankle. When he managed to open one of his eyes, Alfred took the chance to make a joke trying to lighten the situation if at all possible.

"Look how pale you are. Its like you're worried about me or something" Alfred said with a small laugh, using his arms to lift himself to a sitting position and trying not to notice how limp his ankle was and how he couldn't move it. Arthur took a seat at Alfred's feet, hands securing the foot so that it wouldn't get hurt any further.

"At least you didn't break your leg running for ice cream this time" Arthur said back with none of the usual snap in his voice. That fact alone let America know just how much the elder nation cared about him.

"That was one time!"


Matthew quickly worked up the courage to agree to work with Francis in an attempt to find his brother along with his once father figure. After all, even if he would never admit it, he was the best nation at navigating through dense forests. By the time the two of them had found a pair of flashlight and had made their way down to the forest, the tension between the two nations was so thick you could almost see it.

The two had a quick argument about involving some of the other nations in their search. This ended however when they figured the only person who would even know the woods would be Spain and if they even knocked on the door they would have tomatoes thrown at their heads by an angry naked Italian.

The two of them walked down the pathway in silence, only breaking said silence every once in a while with a call of the two nations names. Matthew and Alfred had a small bond that most brothers shared and could sense that the nation was alright, well…not dead at least. Their bond wasn't as strong as the Italy brothers was though. Those two could tell if the other one had even pricked their finger. Matthew did feel a small shoot of pain in his ankle and knew that Alfred had done something stupid. Possibly involving broken bones. Matthew let out a groan of annoyance and turned to Francis.

"America just hurt himself" Matthew frowned, raising a hand when Francis opened his mouth to ask how he knew, "Just trust me" He said before turning away and back to the path. They had made it to the end and were heading back to the entrance, still on the nicely carved out path.

"At least they've stopped moving, Oui?" Francis grumbled, the flashlight cutting through the black in wide arcs. "That will make it easier to find them" Francis stated with a raised eyebrow. He wasn't cut out for searching through thick forests with the one person he refused to molest at every chance he was offered.

Yes, it was true. He did not and would not molest Matthew. Something that the younger nation had yet to realize. If he had than maybe he wouldn't have been as hurt.

The thing about France was that even though people noticed him in a way they didn't Matthew, and I mean how could they ignore him when he advanced on them at every chance he got, was that he could hide his true intentions very well. This being the main reason that Arthur took him serious enough to have been rivals for so long. The reason that he groped the other nations (other than the fact that he believed in l'amour libre) was because he didn't love them. It was a form of disrespect that he would never show towards someone he was actually infatuated with.

"Alfred! Arthur! Come on guys, answer me!" Matthew let out a sigh of frustration. The younger male let his hands slip from around his mouth and fall to his waist. Canada let out another sigh and walked off the beaten path. France had no hesitation or fear in fallowing the Canadian deep into the woods, knowing that he would be the safer with him than anyone else he knew.

The two continued on for around an hour before they found a sign of people coming through here before them. Matthew knew it wasn't his trail from earlier in the morning and smiled widely. He almost laughed in relief as he crouched down and ran a hand over the soft imprint in the mud and finding the signature Nike swish of Alfred's boot. Before he could speak however he felt Francis step closely behind him.

"Matthew, listen. I want to talk to you about something" France said slowly. He could see Canada stiffen before him. Francis made sure that he was close enough to Matthew that he wouldn't loose him since that would probably leave him just as bad off as Alfred and Arthur if not worse. At least they had each other.

"If it doesn't have to do with looking for America and England I honestly…don't want to hear it," Matthew said and let his hands fall to the ground before him, one on either side of the print. He had mentally decided way back in the hotel that if it came down to this he would be brave and make sure to let France know just how hurt he had been. However, now that he was actually in the other man's presence he couldn't find a way to express his feelings.

"Je suis désolé" Matthew could hear the sincerity in France's voice and for a second he almost forgave him. Then he realized that this meant nothing to him. Just because France had apologized didn't mean anything. He had ruthlessly broken Canada's heart and all he could say was 'I'm sorry'? Now Matthew was angry. He rose to a standing position, his hands clenched in fists beside him.

"For what? Getting involved with someone as stupid as me? Someone who doesn't even realize that he doesn't have a chance?" Matthew demanded, turning around and narrowing his eyes up at the French man. "You broke my heart and all you can say is you're sorry?" Matthew fought with his voice in an effort to keep from yelling and managed instead to let it falter and break multiple times.

Only to have his angry rant cut off by the other man's lips on his own. Unwillingly, Canada let out a light whimper as his anger was pushed to the back of his mind, the reasoning behind his anger pushed away almost to the point of being forgotten. When France pulled back however, Matthew's eyes snapped open and his memory returned. The young man felt hot tears run down his cheek and quickly lifted a hand to wipe away the tears before scowling at Francis once more.

"Please" His voice broke, making the word almost incomprehensible. "Don't do this if you're just going to hurt me" Canada whispered, his hand clenched over his heart and body automatically taking a step back. Matthew's eyebrows furrowed and he brilliant blue gaze narrowed.

"I've realized something Matthew" Francis started, his gaze averting and his arms crossing over his chest lightly. Thankfully, France didn't have the sense of pride that some of the other nations did and could admit when he had been wrong. That and he was not stupid enough to keep pushing forward when he knew it wasn't the right thing to do.

"You were right," He said gently as his matching blue-eyed gaze rose from the ground and turned to look at Matthew with a new softness. Canada stayed silent for a while his hand tugged at the cloth on his chest, feeling the heartbeat quicken as he tried to comprehend just what France was trying to say. Finally, the younger male found his voice.

"What do y-y-you mean?" He asked, the anger slowly fading away and being replaced by a hollow hope that he didn't dare encourage in case it was put out as ruthlessly as it had been before. France let out a sigh and tried to think of just how to say what he wanted to say in a way that he wouldn't hurt Canada any more than he already had.

Yes, he had been lectured at by both America and England about how cruel he had been and how he should have considered Matthews feelings before blatantly crushing them. Of course, Alfred's lecture had been filled with more than his fair share of threats but that was to be expected from a brother.

"Comment puis-je faire cela?" Francis sighed lightly, a hand going to his chin and a thoughtful expression taking over. The silence descended on the two once more and though it was still tense, it wasn't as bad as before.

"I understand where you were coming from when you confronted me before and I want to apologize" He said slowly, his hand falling from his chin and his thumbs hooking through the loops on his pants. "I…shouldn't have been as harsh as I was but can't you see where I was coming from?" Francis asked with a gentle sigh. He held up a hand when Matthew opened his mouth to answer and let a small smile play across his lips. Leave it to Canada to take a hypothetical question literally.

"I have been disrespecting her by not letting her rest in peace" Francis said, the smile dropping from his lips as quick as it had come and his gaze rising to the thick tree branches above him. "And I think I was scared. Scared of letting go, of moving on. Afraid that if I moved on it would be disrespecting her memory and I couldn't bare to let that happen" Canada's eyes widened when he heard the sadness in Francis' voice and the way his voice broke over the words.

"Matthew. I…I'm afraid that I've forgotten what it feels like to be in love" Francis made a small snort at how ironic it was that these words were coming from his own mouth. "I guess what I'm saying is that the way that I act when I'm in love and the way other people act when they're in love is so different that I didn't even realize what I felt, or should I say how strongly I felt, until now" He said, his gaze falling back to the earth and his eyes meeting Matthews with a small nod.

"S-So what are you saying?" Matthew managed to stutter, his gaze locked with France's and finding himself unable to look away. France took a step closer, closing the distance between them and putting a hand to Matthew's face. Canada instantly blushed, the very touch of the other man making him feel like he was on fire. France leaned in, taking the chance to put his forehead to the other males.

"I love you Matthew," He whispered gently before tilting his head lightly and pushing their lips together again. This time Canada managed to keep from letting out any noise and instead let his eyes slide closed and kissed back.


"They better not have bloody forgotten about us," Arthur grumbled angrily as his brows furrowed and a small constant blush stained his face. He was leaning up against the tree with his legs crossed lightly and the reason for said blush was the fact that Alfred was laying in front of him, head in his lap. Alfred, of course, was milking the broken ankle as much as he could in an attempt to get to snuggle up to Arthur as much as possible.

"No one can forget about us. For one, I'm too awesome" That one earned Alfred a light smack upside the head but he continued anyway. "And its freaking Matthew. I'm sure he went back to the room and realized we weren't there somehow and now he and Francis are out here looking for us" America smiled widely, leaning his head back to look up at England happily. England looked down at the man before him and couldn't help by smile. Alfred's grin was bloody contagious.

"How can you be so happy? You have a broken an ankle, we're lost in the woods of Spain's home and it's probably around two a.m. by now" Arthur said with a small shake of his head. He reached up a hand to brush a stray strand of hair out of Alfred's eyes, causing the younger nation to blush lightly. Then it hit him.

"You planned this didn't you!" Arthur demanded suddenly, his eyes widening and his body stiffening as he drew his arm back. America raised his eyebrows but couldn't help but smile wider.

"Yes Arthur, I planned on breaking my ankle. I planned on Matthew not being in the room when I came back. Yes, this is all part of my elaborate plan" Alfred smirked, forcing Arthur to see the logic behind his words. Arthur let the words sink in and relaxed again, a blush on his face at how silly he had been.

"Your right. Forgive me" Arthur said gently leaned back on his palms, looking up at the sky.

"Can't I just be happy to be around you?" Alfred asked. For some reason, the American man had been in tune with his brother's emotions and so was now feeling just as much happiness as Matthew, even if he hadn't figured that out just yet. Arthur spluttered incoherently, unable to think of anything to say.

"Well there's one thing you can make it up to me" Alfred said, a mischievous smile coming to his face and Arthur's stomach doing flips at that look.

"Oh? And what's that?" Arthur asked slowly.

"You can kiss me"

"Oh b-bugger off!"


The next morning, Spain talked about the newest international issue. However, three of the twenty-four nations were asleep. Canada was being the most polite about it, leaning back in his chair with his eyes close. His face, however, was bright red as France was leaning over, his head resting on his arms on Canada's lap.

Arthur wasn't even there to complain seeing as he had his head resting in the crook of his arm on the table, his other arm was below the table, fingers laced with the only awake one of the group. That was of course with the help of the amount of caffeine he had inhaled when they had returned to the hotel. That and the three pain pills he had taken seeing as they wouldn't be able to get to the hospital to have a cast for a while longer.

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