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The flock sat in a patch of grass outside the mall with Ella and Dr. M, waiting eagerly for a fireworks show that should have started an hour ago. Everyone was getting excited. Gazzy and Angel were running in circles around their blanket, Total was suspiciously eying a Great Dane while chewing a glowstick, Dr. M was nibbling on a granola bar and asking the family next to them if they knew when the show was supposed to start, and Ella and Nudge were discussing which fireworks were their favorites.

The only people not expressing great joy, or anything at all for that matter, were Max, Fang, and Iggy. Fang was understandable, he never expressed his feelings, but Max and Iggy were a different story. Max wasn't particularly excited about being in a large crowd, and Iggy was feeling inner anguish about not being able to see the fireworks.

Mostly, fireworks had never bothered him, and this was only because the flock never expressed interest in them. But he knew that once the fireworks started, every squeal of excitement or gasp of aw at the wonderful show above them would sting him.

Suddenly, a cacophonous exploding noise sounded above them. Iggy and Max both immediately went into battle mode, neither knowing what was going on. Fang smirked. "Chill. The show started."

The kids were now all involved in the "favorite fireworks" conversation. Max said, "I like the ones that explode and then the sparks fly around like fireflies." The younger ones agreed. Then, Gazzy turned to Iggy, a smile plastered on his face.

"What's your favorite, Ig?"

After he said it, the Gasman stopped smiling. He opened his mouth to apologize, but Iggy interrupted him, not wanting to bring the flock down.

"I like the really loud ones that rumble deep in my chest." Gazzy grinned again, as did the rest of the flock. "Me too," said Fang, who hadn't stated his favorite yet. Iggy smiled. The rest of the group went back to watching the fireworks.

"Want me to describe them to you?" offered Fang.

"Sure," said Iggy. He didn't show it, but the fact that Fang wanted to include him made him feel like somebody cared (a/n REMEMBER, THIS IS NOT SLASH. IT'S BROTHERLY LOVE.)

"WHOA!" cried Max and Angel at the same time, Angel from pure excitement, and Max adding extra excitement to her voice to humor Angel. "That one was this big!" cried Max, holding her arms out in measurement. Angel nodded eagerly in agreement.

When the show ended, everyone was smiling, even Iggy. Gazzy abruptly threw his arms in the air and screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!"