Title: Midnight Fantasies

Rating: NC-17

Author: darkalbino

Written For: Starlightdevil

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This is a PWP fic for Starlightdevil from forever ago, for drawing me a pic that stupid DA homophobes deleted.

Warnings: THIS IS NOTHING BUT UTTER PORN. DIRTY, ROUGH, PORN. There's no plot, just sex. I hear people who fear commitment like this sort of thing 8D This chapter will be NaruSasu, and second chapter is SasuNaru...although the second chapter will make more sense if you read the first one, so even if you're a SasuNaru pusher, I suggest you read this chapter too.

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Midnight Fantasies

Part One

The room was dark, save for the moonlight that flooded in through Sasuke's bedroom window; a soft, white glow that fell across the floorboards, over the blue, unwrinkled sheets of the bed, and upon Sasuke himself.

Sasuke stared at his reflection in the vanity mirror, unsure whether to be immensely pleased or utterly disgusted at what he saw. His gut, his pride, his nose, which all scrunched in displeasure, obviously agreed with the latter decision. But his dick told a different story, bulging obscenely against its silky, black confines.

Coal eyes narrowed at the lacey patterns that climbed and swirled their way up from his navel until they curled over his shoulders and slid down to meet at the dip of his back, forming a perfect "V" out of both Sasuke's chest and back.

He would never admit it out loud, not for a kunai to his throat or all the jutsu in the world. But to himself, he acknowledged that the pale tone of his skin went…fuck, it went pretty damn good with the black of the teddy. And the silky fabric felt so fucking good against it too, and against his…against…

Sasuke sighed heavily and closed his eyes, a deep scowl etched into his features as his fingers twitched beside his hips. He grit his teeth and clenched his hands into fists, fighting the urge to grab himself through the cloth.

He did not open his eyes as he listened to footsteps pad quietly into the room, and he did not flinch when he heard the heavy slam of a chair against the floor behind him. However, he did stiffen when warm fingertips reached around him and trailed up the exposed portion of his chest.

Naruto chuckled as he pressed his entire front to Sasuke's back, his need cradled between muscled cheeks and the silk fabric that wedged between them. He sniggered and nipped at Sasuke's earlobe. "Mmm, I knew you would look good in this, baby." His hand moved lazily up and down over Sasuke's abs, feeling the hard flesh flex and twitch slightly beneath his touch.

Sasuke made an awkward sound, something caught between a sigh and an annoyed groan. "I'm killing you for this, dobe." He opened his eyes, catching Naruto's blue gaze in the mirror. "You do realize I'm killing you for this?"

Naruto's fingers paused in their movement. He grinned slowly, splaying his hand over Sasuke's stomach and shifting slightly behind him while his boyfriend growled under his breath. "It was a deal, Sasuke, one night for each of us."

"Dressing me up in fucking lingerie, Naruto?" Sasuke snapped.

Naruto scoffed at him. "Like you haven't done worse to me," he pointed out. His grin spread out further, causing one of Sasuke's brows to rise. "Besides, you haven't even seen the best part yet," he whispered.

Sasuke's head began to tilt upward, uncertainty in his expression, when the feel of leather sliding up his stomach caught his attention, his gaze shooting downward and widening. He'd been focused on Naruto's eyes in the mirror and hadn't noticed it before, but now he could plainly see the black leash and collar cradled in the other's hand. Sasuke started slightly, "The hell I'm wearing that shit!" He tried to move away from it, only to be stopped by Naruto's body pushing him forward and pressing him into the edge of the vanity.

"Anything we want, anything we say, the other has to do. No exceptions. A deal's a deal, bastard." Naruto breathed. His free hand came up to tangle in Sasuke's hair, lips hovering over Sasuke's ear. "So keep your snarky bitching in that ego-inflated head of yours for tonight."

Sasuke's hands, which had come up to help keep his balance, clenched around the vanity edge. He glared at Naruto through the mirror, growling as Naruto clasped the collar around his pale throat. "Killing you," he muttered.

Naruto smiled, feeding the leash through his hand until he reached the end and wound it twice around his fingers. He gave a hard yank, burying his face into Sasuke's neck as it craned back. "Guess I better make this worthwhile then, shouldn't I, Sasuke? And certain parts of you seem to be in…" His hand fell from Sasuke's hair, sliding down the silk, smooth as sliver against his palm, until he cupped Sasuke's protruding erection in his fingers.

Sasuke couldn't help the strangled gasp that tore from his throat, or the push of his hips against Naruto's palm.

Naruto laughed quietly and kissed a spot right beneath Sasuke's ear. "Disagreement," he finished, the word teasing and cocky as it fell from his lips.

Sasuke bit the inside of his cheek to hold back a moan as Naruto's forefinger poked its way inside of the teddy, then teased along the underside of Sasuke's cock. He kept his body rigid as the digit stroked and curled around the hard organ, nearly sweating with the effort not to the thrust forward.

"I'm not even sure what you're complaining about here, really, Sasuke," Naruto said, and then pressed the pad of his finger against the side of Sasuke's reddened tip, smearing the pre-cum that had dripped there, making Sasuke shudder violently in his arms. "When you're already so fucking wet at the thought of having my dick inside you."

Sasuke took in a stuttered breath and then tried to release it in a derisive snort, not coming out quite as convincing as he'd hoped.

It wasn't that Sasuke disliked it when Naruto fucked him – although he did prefer it vice versa – what he disliked was the thought of letting Naruto take him without Sasuke putting up any semblance of a fight. Their sex, like everything else in their relationship, was not only the ultimate expression of their love, it was a competition. Who could get the other to submit first, who could earn it, who could win?

But Sasuke supposed he could let it slide for now. After all, he'd be getting his turn tomorrow.

Sasuke grunted as the leash was tugged again. "Over," Naruto ordered.

With a sigh and a heavy scowl, Sasuke slowly bent over the vanity, resting his forearms on its surface as his backside pushed Naruto back slightly, making the younger shinobi groan. Sasuke chewed his lip when he felt the hard, velvety flesh of Naruto's cock slide away from him when the other man sat down in the chair behind them. His head tilted back further from the pull of the leash, though his eyes remained on the mirror, watching Naruto intently.

He licked his lips and shivered as Naruto slid two fingers into his own mouth. Sasuke's fingernails curled in and bit into his palms as Naruto opened his mouth in a lewd display of his tongue rolling around his fingers, drenching them in saliva as a plethora of vulgar noises left the wet cavern in drawn out breaths and moans. His arousal pulsed at the thought of those lips wrapped around him, that sinful tongue probing his head and circling his balls in wet, warm trails. His gaze remained fixed and dark on Naruto, despite the vain attempts to push the thoughts of that mouth on him to the back of his mind. His fingers itched to grab himself, and Naruto must have noticed this, as the next words out of the idiot's mouth made Sasuke's eyes flare with anger.

Naruto's fingers finally slipped out, and he pinned Sasuke with a hard glare. "You are not allowed to touch yourself, teme. Not tonight."

Sasuke tried to lower his head, to bang his forehead against the vanity with a heavy sigh, but the leash stopped him, keeping him up and immensely irritated.

There was little chance of Sasuke getting what he wanted tonight.

Naruto gave an amused snort and used his leashed hand to reach for the cloth between Sasuke's ass-cheeks, pulling it to the side to expose Sasuke's hole. Naruto pressed that same hand against both Sasuke's cheek and the silk to hold it in place while his other hand worked his slickened middle finger in between the pale globes.

Sasuke's back bowed as he was tugged back further, and his breath hitched when Naruto's finger sank in knuckle deep. His hands were flat on the vanity, the joints of his fingers bunching as he gasped when Naruto wriggled his finger all the way in.

Naruto moaned softly as he stroked Sasuke's insides, relaxing him. He leaned down and brushed his lips over Sasuke's right cheek, then gently caught the skin between his teeth and nibbled slightly before letting go, smiling at the reddened flesh.

Sasuke inhaled sharply as the second finger squeezed past the ring of muscle. "Ahh," he folded his lips in between his teeth, hands flying up from the vanity to grip at his hair when Naruto finally teased against his prostate, since he wasn't allowed to touch his dick. The touch sent jolts of pleasure that numbed the pain, and he bit back a pleading whimper for Naruto continue.

But Sasuke never spoke much anyway, so even without his sounds or his words, Naruto understood him with the clarity of a bell. He chuckled and carefully began stretching Sasuke, receiving a delicious tremor in return. "You like the way this feels, don't you, baby? My fingers in you. The lingerie, the leash, you fucking love it."

Sasuke very rarely experienced this side of Naruto, so tastelessly vigorous and demanding. Next to Naruto writhing under him and moaning his name, it was the most erotic thing Sasuke had ever seen. He narrowed his eyes at the ceiling, plainly seeing the swaggering smile on Naruto's face, and remained defiantly silent.

That behavior earned him a harsh yank on the leash, coupled with a seething, "Answer me."

Sasuke coughed due to the strain on his throat, sending a glare to Naruto through the corner of his eyes as he lowered his hands down to the arms of Naruto's chair, gripping them firmly. "If you'd fucking touch my dick, you'd know whether or not I like it, dumbass."

"Oh, is that you want, Sasuke?" Naruto slid forward on the chair and pulled his fingers out of Sasuke, ignoring the displeased grunt he got for it. He reached around with his free hand and grazed the very tips of his nails over the damp bulge. "You want me to touch your prick?"

Sasuke could not look down, but the moment Naruto touched him there, he released a guttural moan toward the ceiling. His back arched more than was forced by the leash and Naruto chuckled and suddenly palmed Sasuke's erection, hearing Sasuke gasp sharply before he quickly slid his hand back across the creamy skin of Sasuke's thigh and sank his fingers into the soft flesh of his ass. "Get on me," Naruto ordered, his voice surprisingly hoarse and needy.

Sasuke caught this, and smirked to himself. It felt good to know that even dressed up in stupid, fucking women's clothes, collared and leashed, Sasuke still held some amount of control over his dobe.

In a somewhat lighter mood now, Sasuke lowered himself but used the leverage from the armrests to simply hover over Naruto's arousal. He heard Naruto growl and chuckled under his breath. "What's that, baby? You want me to touch your prick?"

The roughest tug yet forced a startled yelp from Sasuke, as his curved body and Naruto's own body behind him formed a nearly perfect "D." "Shit!" Sasuke coughed, jerking his head to the side to glare at the other male. "The fuck Naruto-"

"Get. On me." Naruto breathed. He tightened his hold on the leash and slid down so the tip of his erection, pearling with pre-cum and engorged with need, poked at Sasuke's entrance.

Upset as he was at the treatment, Sasuke actually found himself harder than he'd been before. There was just something so fucking hot about Naruto forcing and ordering him around. It pissed Sasuke off, and Sasuke loved it.

Panting heavily through his nose and with his neck still arched, Sasuke let go of one of the armrests, using that hand to pull at one of his butt cheeks and gradually slid down onto Naruto. He let out a pleasurably pained groan, carefully taking Naruto in. The deeper Naruto's cock sank inside of him, the looser the leash became, as Naruto's eyes rolled in bliss and his hold went slack.

Sasuke couldn't hold in a small cry when he was finally cradled in Naruto's pelvis, his boyfriend's sex pulsing, throbbing, filling him. His body convulsed at the feeling, so good, even as his teeth nearly tore his lip from the pain. He circled his hips over Naruto with an audible groan.

"Nghn, fuck." Naruto whispered harshly, overwhelmed with the feel of Sasuke so indescribably tight and hot around him. His hands slid up Sasuke's arms, hooking over his shoulders and pushing the man down as he bucked upward. He moaned. "You alright te-"

"You scared?" Sasuke bit back, cutting him off. He smirked and leaned forward, resting his arms on the vanity and his chin on top of them as he looked at Naruto in the mirror, just barely feeling the tug of the leash on his throat as Naruto's hands smoothed down the silk on his back due to his movement. Sasuke's smirk widened as he watched Naruto's eyes slowly bleed away to red.

Naruto was breathing heavily, his stare wild. "Of hurting you?" He growled, the peek of fangs poking his bottom lip. "No," he said, then abruptly stood from the chair, causing Sasuke to slide forward over the vanity and nearly bump into the mirror. "I guess I'm not." His hips jerked forward, forcing a startled cry out of Sasuke.

"Shut the fuck up," Naruto ordered, gripping Sasuke's hair in one hand and yanking the leash with the other, thrusting violently in and out of the pale nin.

Sasuke moaned this time, loudly, deeply, the line between pleasure and pain blurring beautifully within him. He began pushing back, glaring at Naruto in the mirror, which was beginning to fog up. His hand came up and slammed against the glass as he continued to grunt and moan under Naruto, the vanity creaking in protest beneath them.

Both men were panting harshly, the sound of skin smacking against skin filling the room. A bead of sweat trailed down Naruto's forehead and off the bridge of his nose as he tossed his head back with a primal yell, fully aware of Sasuke's eyes on his reflection.

Sasuke's body quivered, the beginnings of orgasm shredding through him at an alarming pace. Sasuke loved it when they fucked like this. Hard, rough, hurting and so, so fucking good. He needed more, fuck, he was so goddamn close. "C'mon Uzumaki," Sasuke rasped. "If you're going to fuck me then do it right!"

In a flash, Naruto was over him. His chest on Sasuke's back, his lips at Sasuke's cheek and warm breath over Sasuke's flushed face. "I thought I told you to shut the fuck up." He accentuated his words with a brutal plunge inside of Sasuke, earning a sharp curse drenched in pleasure.

Naruto chuckled throatily and reached down between Sasuke's legs, stroking and fondling his arousal.

Sasuke's hand fell away from the mirror, leaving a handprint on the foggy glass as it balled into a fist and slammed against the vanity. "Fuck, fuck!" Suddenly, Naruto's mouth was on his, his fangs teasing dangerously along Sasuke's lips as he shoved his tongue into Sasuke's mouth in a heady kiss. Sasuke moaned into it, their tongues tangling, saliva dripping off their chins, and he tightened himself around Naruto.

With a stifled cry, swallowed greedily by Sasuke's mouth, Naruto came. His hips jerked unevenly against Sasuke as he spilled into him, fingers tightening in dark hair.

Four more thrusts and Sasuke's body was thrown into spasms, Naruto's fingers massaging his cock through the fabric as Sasuke came against his hand.

Sasuke pulled away from Naruto and collapsed onto the vanity, spent and exhausted as Naruto continued to leave multiple kisses over his throat and shoulder. Naruto's chest trapping him against the vanity was the only thing that kept Sasuke from slumping onto the ground in sated fatigue, though the pressure was keeping him from drawing in the gulp of air his lungs burned for.

He felt Naruto's seed drip out of him and trickle down his legs, then Naruto lower to his knees to clean the residue, allowing Sasuke to breathe. Naruto's drop caused the leash to tug at Sasuke gently, reminding him that he was wearing the damn thing at all.

Sasuke's hands curled into fists. Without the blindfold of sex, Sasuke was reminded of how stupid he'd felt initially for wearing lingerie and a leash, like he was some kind of bitch.

An involuntary moan slipped out of him when Naruto's tongue slid up the inside of his thigh and began circling his hole.

But now, Sasuke could not deny that he had liked it. Fuck, he did.

He reached behind him and threaded his fingers through Naruto's hair, groaning as Naruto eagerly licked up his own cum.

Naruto had made him like it. And God, Naruto was going to pay.

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