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Midnight Fantasies

Part Two

"Here, Sasuke?" Naruto tried to sound apprehensive as he said this, but failed miserably, his voice coming out breathless and laced with excitement as he looked around the north training grounds.

"Yes, here." Sasuke replied sternly, then shoved Naruto with one hand against a tree, smirking as the other sent him a glare for the push. "Right here."

"You sure?" Naruto asked. His hands glided over Sasuke's bare arms. "Anyone could just…" His lips quivered in an effort to suppress his grin, the mere thought of being intimate with Sasuke in any open area thrilled him to no end. "Anyone could see, you know."

Sasuke chuckled as his hands fell to the waistband of Naruto's pants. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" He accused, fingers dipping into both Naruto's pants and the green boxers he wore underneath. "You're always pestering me about touching you in public, after all. I'm actually hoping someone will come and witness what I'm about to do to you."

The most Naruto could ever coax out of Sasuke in public was a quick kiss or a brush of hands as they walked together. It wasn't that they were hiding their relationship, but Sasuke felt no need to go flaunting it in the streets of the village.

Naruto moaned softly as Sasuke went down on him, leaving kisses and sharp bites along the column of his throat and the expanse of his chest. He threaded his fingers through Sasuke's hair and looked down at him, snorting in surprise when Sasuke's tongue plunged into his navel. "And what exactly are you going to do to me, teme?" Naruto questioned tauntingly.

Sasuke paused. He looked up at Naruto, a lazy and unnerving smirk gradually stretching his lips. "Although being this late in the night, I have my doubts that anyone will." With one swift movement, Sasuke yanked Naruto's bottoms to his feet, earning a quiet gasp as Naruto's half-hard erection was exposed to the cool, open air.

Naruto's brow crumpled at Sasuke's words, slightly irritated that he had ignored his question. He watched Sasuke's fingers undo his pants as he kicked off his own, shaking his foot twice to toss them off to the side.

Sasuke hooked one of his thumbs into his boxers and sent Naruto a pointed glare. "On the floor, Uzumaki, and set your headband down, too." Sasuke ordered as he removed his own headband and placed it beside him.

Naruto blinked as Sasuke pulled off the rest of his clothes. He untied his headband and tossed it on top of Sasuke's, then he slowly got to his knees, only to find Sasuke's hands quickly grasp the back of them and tug forward so Naruto fell on his bum. "Hey! Watch it, asshole!"

Sasuke ignored him, instead choosing to shove Naruto back against the tree and give him an up-close view of his smirk. "Anything we want, anything we say. A deal's a deal, Naruto." He reached back for his pants, sticking his hand into one of the pockets and coming out with a clenched fist. He threw the garment out of the way and brought his fist between them. "You like dominant games, dobe? Well, then you're going to have a real fucking good time tonight."

Naruto's stomach flipped, but whether from uneasiness or anticipation he wasn't entirely sure. He was starting to question whether insisting that he get his turn first had really been such a good idea; Sasuke had always been a sucker for revenge.

Naruto stiffened when Sasuke opened his hand, the leather collar Naruto had used on him last night unfurling before him.

Sasuke grabbed both ends and pulled it taught. "You recognize this?"

Naruto raised a brow, answering slowly, "Yeah."

"Good," Sasuke clipped, looping the collar around Naruto's throat and snapping it into place.

Naruto snorted and tilted his head up with a grin. "Way to be original, Sasuke." He gasped when Sasuke's fingers suddenly gripped his chin firmly, forcing him to look into black eyes.

Sasuke glanced up at the star-littered sky before looking back at Naruto. "I guess you couldn't see it in the dark."

Naruto frowned, gaze narrowing. "See what?"

Sasuke stared at him for a few moments before chuckling and reaching for the collar. He curled his finger into it and tugged Naruto's head forward. "The stains. I took it this morning into the bathroom and masturbated onto it, dobe. So now you have my cum lined around your throat." His finger tightened on the leather, his smirk lifting higher. "Just the way it should be."

Naruto's eyes widened. His dick hardened at the utter possessiveness of Sasuke's actions, and his face burned at the imagery of Sasuke masturbating over the collar, defying Naruto's dominance in order to assert his own. And for tonight, Naruto had no choice but to accept Sasuke's authority.

Sasuke chuckled while looking down at Naruto's rising manhood, seated in a nest of golden curls. "Tonight you will refer to me as 'Uchiha-sama', nothing else. Understood?"

Naruto snorted derisively, rolling his eyes before giving a curt nod.

Sasuke leered and stood up, using each hand to form a cross. With an audible 'poof', Sasuke had a shadow clone beside him, just as nude and aroused as himself.

Naruto laughed and leaned back against the tree. "Sex with yourself, why does that not surprise me?"

Sasuke kneeled down with his clone and moved forward. Without warning, he caught Naruto's bottom lip harshly between his teeth, eliciting a strangled cry. Sasuke bit down, forcing another whimper out of Naruto before he let go of the sensitive flesh.

"A bitch should mind his manners," the clone commented under his breath.

Naruto's cheeks flushed, his breathing heavy as he reached up and tentatively poked at his abused lip.

It definitely hadn't been a good idea to go first. Yet, Naruto found his blood rushing with exhilaration, his ears pounding with it. And quietly, he eagerly waited to see what Sasuke would do next.

Both Sasuke and the clone stood back up before Sasuke pointed between them and looked expectantly at Naruto.

It took Naruto a moment to understand Sasuke's order and he moved to stand up.

"No," Sasuke said, his smirk maddening. "Crawl."

Naruto's jaw dropped, his face flaring. He licked his lips and looked off to the side, lowering his head before getting on hands and knees. Feeling stupid, slightly humiliated, and worst of all, absolutely turned on, Naruto slowly crawled forward, swearing he could feel every single blade of grass tickle against his skin.

Sasuke stopped him by tangling his fingers with Naruto's hair and pushing his head up, forcing Naruto to look up at both him and the clone. He grinned at Naruto, lopsided and pleased. "Well done."

Naruto's heart skipped at the praise. One thing that he had always, always craved for, was Sasuke's approval, ever since they were children. No matter the context, the conditions, the circumstances, it was something Naruto hungered after, especially since Sasuke rarely gave it to him out loud.

Naruto found himself ready and willing for another order, another chance to hear his lover commend him for his efforts. He quivered as Sasuke's fingers glided down his neck, his back, pausing at the swell of his hip. He stared up with wide eyes as the clone grabbed his hair and moved closer to him, placing the tip of his erection against Naruto's lips.

From behind him, Naruto heard Sasuke's order: "Suck him off, Naruto."

Without hesitation, Naruto's mouth opened and the clone sank in halfway, tossing his head back with a loud moan. Naruto folded his lips over his teeth and stroked beneath the head of the penis with his tongue, groaning quietly when the clone shuddered above him, burying his other hand into Naruto's hair as well.

Behind Naruto, Sasuke had gotten to his knees, and was now pushing two saliva coated fingers into Naruto's anus. He smiled when Naruto flinched before giving an appreciative moan. One thing he had to admit about Naruto, he had a much higher tolerance for pain than Sasuke ever had.

Sasuke worked quickly but carefully, turning his fingers and spreading them inside Naruto.

Naruto hummed around the phallus as Sasuke's fingers moved within him. He pushed his hips back slightly, encouraging Sasuke to continue as he took more of the clone into his mouth, massaging the underside with his tongue. He reached down to touch himself, but a sharp command from Sasuke stopped him cold.

"You are not allowed to touch yourself, dobe. Not unless I tell you to."

Naruto exhaled heavily through his nose and withdrew his hand; mentally cursing as he remembered those nearly exact same words had come out of his mouth the night before. He closed his eyes and rolled his tongue over the clone's penis, then slipped his finger between its legs, sliding it back and forth between his balls and anus, caressing the hyper-sensitive skin.

Sasuke watched his clone tremble and gasp, his fingers tightening in Naruto's hair as he began thrusting shallowly in and out of the other's mouth. He pulled his fingers out of Naruto and received a soft whine of protest from him.

The clone finally lowered his head and locked eyes with Sasuke, watching intently as Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hip with one hand and his own erection with the other, and then guided the head of the stiff organ into Naruto's hole.

Sasuke looked away from his clone and focused on his task. He placed both hands on Naruto's ass, pushing the cheeks up and out as he pressed inside slowly and smoothly.

Naruto, thrown off by the intrusion, let the clone slip from his mouth as his hands met the ground with a heavy thump, the movement coupled with a sharp intake of air.

Sasuke groaned deeply as he sank in halfway, pulling out slightly before sliding in further. His fingernails bit into Naruto's flesh when he was completely sheathed within him.

Naruto was panting heavily, his arms shaking as they begged to give out. "F-fuck," he whispered.

Sasuke chuckled, a drip of sweat trickling down his throat. He stretched over Naruto, barely thrusting in and out of him as he tugged at Naruto's collar. "Did I tell you to stop sucking?"

Naruto opened his eyes, face flushed and sweaty. He had no chance to respond as the clone suddenly filled his mouth again, those fingers in his hair forcing Naruto further onto his cock.

Naruto tried to gather his bearings and began sucking vigorously but sloppily. He couldn't concentrate, not when Sasuke was fucking him in both ends. Sasuke and his clone were alternating with their thrusts. So when the clone slid inside his mouth, he was too busy waiting for Sasuke to fill him from behind to do anything about it. And when Sasuke plunged into him and the clone withdrew to his tip, Naruto couldn't do much but pant and moan at the feel of Sasuke's dick inside of him.

The clone looked down and tugged at Naruto's hair, breath ragged and needy as it spoke, "Oi, you're getting sloppy." He grinned and looked up at Sasuke. "I think you may be distracting him a little too much."

Sasuke grinned back and glanced down at Naruto, speeding up his thrusts and causing Naruto to moan loudly around the cock in his mouth. "I bet you're just waiting for someone to see you like this, aren't you, Naruto. You just want the whole fucking world to know that you belong to me." Sasuke breathed, his voice nearly dripping with pleasure. He yanked the collar. "Well, do you?"

Naruto gave another hard suck, earning a groan from the clone. He pushed back against Sasuke repeatedly, silently pleading for him to go faster, harder, deeper.

Abruptly, the clone jerked him off his dick and forced his head back so they could look at each other. "Do you?" He demanded.

Naruto licked his lips, eyes foggy and glassy. "Yes, don't stop."

Sasuke smirked and gave Naruto a light smack on his ass, driving faster into him. "Yes, I know you do, baby. And what better way to show them than like this? With my cum all over you, my cock inside you. On your throat, in your mouth, in your ass. You're like my own personal little cockslut, aren't you?"

The clone laughed quietly and grabbed his erection, smearing its tip and the pre-cum that had collected there over Naruto's lips, making them glisten under the moonlight. "Is that what you want, Naruto? You want to be Uchiha Sasuke's cockslut?"

The clone released him and Naruto hung his head and nodded hastily.

Sasuke growled and gripped both of Naruto's hips, plunging violently into him. "I can't hear you."

Naruto cried out and dropped the top half of his body to the ground, panting heavily as his body was pleasurably penetrated over and over again. "Yes, yes!"

The clone snorted and got on his knees, picking Naruto's head up by his chin and looking into his eyes. "Yes what, Naruto?"

The sound of Sasuke's body smacking repeatedly against Naruto's filled the air as Naruto gave his answer through needy breaths. "I want it, I want to be Sasuke's cockslut, I – fuck, don't fucking stop!" His head fell against the ground with a piercing moan, the promise of orgasm pulsing dangerously in the pit of his stomach.

"Who's slut?" the clone whispered.

Naruto's eyes rolled back, his pants and his cries uncontrollable now. "U-Uchiha-sama," he forced out, fingers curling into the dirt as Sasuke grunted behind him.

Two more thrusts and the sight of clone-Sasuke jerking himself off had Naruto cumming with a short yell, his seed spurting from his cock and onto the ground.

Sasuke pulled out quickly, pumping himself until he came and spilled himself all over Naruto's hole with a drawn out moan.

The clone caught Naruto before he slumped completely to the earth, hoisting him up and cradling him as he smirked against his ear. "And who says we're done here?"

Naruto was out of breath against him, eyes drooping as the clone half dragged, half carried him back to the tree before setting him down against it.

Both Sasukes kneeled in front of him, the clone still aroused and Sasuke's skin a rosy red from the afterglow of orgasm as he breathed softly.

Sasuke made a thoughtful noise and leaned in to kiss Naruto softly, his hands coming up and grasping Naruto's sides as he tasted himself on his boyfriend's mouth.

Naruto's breath hitched at the kiss, but he returned the gesture, wondering at the mellow shift in behavior and arching into Sasuke's touch.

When Sasuke pulled back, Naruto kept narrowed eyes on the clone as Sasuke shifted behind him so he could settle between Naruto and the tree, seating Naruto comfortably between his legs. He felt Sasuke's chest on his back, long, pale legs spread out on either side of him, and Sasuke's sex already growing hard and hot against him, mere minutes after he came.

Naruto bucked slightly as the clone got on hands and knees in front of him, his dark eyes squinted and glazed as he stared back at him.

Naruto let out a loud groan as Sasuke's fingers feathered up his sides, climbing higher and higher until he was guiding Naruto's arms up into the air. Sasuke's breath was warm and demanding on his ear, "Put your arms around my neck."

He obeyed, lacing his hands behind Sasuke's head and pulling him down so they pressed tighter against one another. Naruto watched with a half-lidded gaze as the clone reached for Sasuke's headband, picking it up and handing it to Sasuke over Naruto's shoulder.

Sasuke took it, and the next thing Naruto knew, the band was being used to tie his wrists together, locking them around Sasuke.

The fog that clouded Naruto's mind was clearing now and he gave Sasuke a questioning glare over his shoulder. "Sa…" He swallowed and hissed as the restraints were tightened and knotted, biting his skin. "I mean…Uchiha-sama, what-"

"This is my night." Sasuke snipped, "No questions."

Naruto huffed and closed his mouth, biting back a whine when Sasuke's hands traced back down his body, slithering over and under muscled thighs before lifting them up and spreading Naruto wide.

Naruto wound strands of Sasuke's hair around his fingers, resting the binds on his wrist against the back of Sasuke's neck. He began leaning up for another kiss, when the feel of nips around his ass jerked Naruto's attention back to Sasuke's clone, whose head was now between Naruto's legs.

He was on his knees with his ass in the air, much like Naruto had been not too long ago, his hands aided in holding Naruto's legs apart, warm and calloused against the insides of his thighs.

The clone pushed Naruto up slightly, nuzzling Naruto's gradually re-awakening manhood and sighing against his balls before suddenly flattening his tongue over Naruto's anus, still wet with Sasuke's cum.

"Ah," Naruto cried quietly, squirming as the clone's tongue began swirling around his hole, swiping up the seed his original had left behind. He turned his head and began panting softly against Sasuke's throat.

Sasuke chuckled and pressed a kiss to Naruto's forehead, damp with sweat. He looked down at the clone and let go of one of Naruto's legs so he could tangle his fingers in its hair. "That's right," he whispered. "Get him nice and slick."

The clone released a wanton moan and wriggled his tongue inside Naruto, quickly pulling it back out and circling the hole before shoving it inside again. He brought one hand down and carefully maneuvered two fingers inside as well, not having much difficulty as Naruto had already had Sasuke inside of him. He scissored his fingers while his tongue writhed within and stroked Naruto's orifice, moaning all the while.

Naruto's toes curled, his hips pivoting upward as his body rubbed up and down against Sasuke, his dick hard as a rock between his legs.

Sasuke was also fully erect now and removed his fingers from the clone's hair to take its place back under Naruto's knee.

The clone took this as a signal to stop and pulled out of Naruto before slowly sliding up his body. He took Naruto's chin in his fingers and turned his head to stare at him.

Naruto stared back open-mouthed, his chest rising and falling evenly but heavily. His eyes flickered over the cum droplets on the other's nose and cheek, the smear of the substance on his lips.

The clone smirked and suddenly moved in, slanting his mouth over Naruto's.

Not a second later did Sasuke tug Naruto back roughly so the kiss broke. He glared at the clone and pulled Naruto possessively against his chest. "You know full and well that I am the only one allowed to kiss him. Clone or no clone, that right is mine alone."

The clone snorted, holding Sasuke's glare with one of his own. After a few tense moments of silence, the clone affectionately rubbed his nose against Naruto's just to be smug before reaching beside him and picking up Naruto's black headband.

In his mind, Naruto commented on how stupid he thought it was for Sasuke to be scolding…well, himself, but he was far too drugged up on pleasure to say anything on it out loud. And another part of him found Sasuke's possessiveness reassuring, comforting, and he lovingly toyed with the strands of Sasuke's hair in an effort to convey this feeling.

But he forgot all about that when the clone placed Naruto's headband over his eyes, tying it securely behind his head. Naruto began sputtering incoherently, but fell silent when Sasuke's teeth bit sharply at random spots on his throat, shifting the collar around, and the clone latched onto one of his nipples.

Naruto moaned, his body bowing. He felt Sasuke's hands glide down his legs and grip at his ass, spreading his cheeks far apart, opening him obscenely, while the clone's hands took Sasuke's place under Naruto's knees, holding them up and out.

Naruto's heart was hammering erratically in his chest, both thrilled and anxious at the fact that he could only feel what was being done to him. He felt Sasuke scoot down behind him and he gripped ruthlessly at his dark hair.

Sasuke hissed at the treatment and kissed the back of Naruto's shoulder, then without a word, Sasuke aligned his hips and eased inside of the younger male.

Naruto gasped shakily as Sasuke filled him for the second time. "Shit, ahn…!" He was already moving, rocking his hips back against Sasuke, striving for another orgasm, when the clone pushed his legs up further to stop him, and Naruto felt a second cock at his entrance as Sasuke slid almost all the way out.

His mind processed what was happening before his body could register, much less react to it. Naruto clenched his teeth with a pained groan, his breathing increasing drastically through his nose as the clone gradually sank in right alongside Sasuke.

Naruto bit down a keen cry, the chords of his throat bulging due to the grind of his teeth as both Sasuke and the clone began moving inside of him.

Despite the blindfold, Naruto screwed his eyes shut, vaguely feeling Sasuke's kisses fluttering along his shoulder blade through the hazy mixture of hurt and bliss. The pain was significantly lessened from earlier preparation and the semen already dripping out of Sasuke's clone, but fuck, it still hurt.

Naruto grunted as the clone moved forward, pressing his chest flush against Naruto's as he drove slowly in and out of him, eliciting some primal, pleasured sound at the feel of both Naruto and Sasuke rubbing against him.

Sasuke moaned, his hips working cautiously and steadily. He dug his chin into Naruto's shoulder, frowning slightly. "Does it hurt?"

Naruto shuddered and gasped. "The fuck do you think?" he rasped.

A slow smirk spread on Sasuke's face before he suddenly opened his mouth and bit down viciously on the meat of flesh he'd been resting on.

"Fuck!" Naruto hollered, and in that brief moment of distraction, both Sasuke and the clone picked up their pace, all three men moaning in unison.

Sasuke sank his teeth in deeper, until Naruto was actually howling in pain and trying to shake Sasuke off.

When Sasuke finally let go, he quickly laved the hurt with his tongue, then pulled away, a thin string of saliva connecting them.

Naruto expected to feel anger when Sasuke let go, but was instead assaulted with an onslaught of indescribable pleasure. He opened his eyes to the darkness of the blindfold, moaning wildly at the feel of Sasuke's chest on his back, the clone's sculpted stomach pressing down on his cock, every sensation heightened to dramatic levels.

The pain was there, but faint now, hardly enough to matter after that bite. The feeling of both Sasuke and the clone moving in and out of him had Naruto writhing in absolute rapture. He'd never felt anything like it, something that filled him so fucking good. "Hah – uhn, fuck!"

Sasuke panted heavily against Naruto's shoulder, his fingers reaching up and stroking the skin just beneath Naruto's balls. "Cum for me, baby," he growled between clenched teeth.

Naruto's mouth hung open as he tossed his head back, a trail of drool leaking past his lip and down his chin. His knuckles were white in Sasuke's hair from his grip on it, and the blindfold just made everything so much better, so much more enjoyable. He rolled his hips and trembled, grinding himself against the clone. "Shit! I can't – hah – I'm gonna…ah!"

Sasuke's fingertips pressed into his skin as he held his hips up against Naruto. "Do it, Naruto." He gave an open-mouthed kiss over the collar and Naruto's throat. "I'll cum right along with you."

Naruto swore his heart was going to burst right out of his chest. Every nerve was on fire as his eyes rolled behind the blindfold. With a small cry, Naruto's entire body convulsed and he tightened himself around both sexes inside him, white streams shooting in short spurts onto his chest and stomach.

Then suddenly, the clone whimpered quietly and vanished in a puff of smoke. All its memories of the night, every ounce of pleasure struck Sasuke with the devastating intensity of a bolt of lightning, making him cum on the spot, mere seconds after Naruto. The feeling was so intense that he jerked from shocks of ecstasy even after his orgasm, inhaling like a man out of water when it finally began to subside. He dropped Naruto's legs and quickly pushed his bangs out of his face, breathing raggedly. "Fuck," he whispered.

Naruto's hands now hung limply behind Sasuke's neck, and he turned his head slightly, still blindfolded. "What," he inhaled and exhaled slowly, swallowing before he continued. "What happened to the clone?"

Sasuke was nearly wheezing, and it took him a moment to calm down enough to actually speak clearly. "It was, hah, it was too much for him." He rested his head against the tree, hoping the explanation would be enough.

Naruto gave a breathless chuckle. "Oh," he said, still smiling.

Sasuke gave one last sigh before reaching up and undoing Naruto's blindfold, pulling the headband off and dropping it beside them. He smirked and closed his hands over Naruto's eyes, pulling him back. "Well," he kissed Naruto's temple. "That should teach you to make me dress up in stupid women's clothes, eh, dobe?"

Naruto snorted and brought his arms in, tugging Sasuke closer and turning to glare at him. "Bastard, that was way over the top. I hope that tree fucked up your pretty back."

Sasuke quirked a brow and rolled his shoulders, refusing to admit that the tree actually had rubbed his back raw. "Hn, so what, you saying you didn't like it?"

Naruto laughed and lifted his arms over Sasuke's head, hissing slightly at the protest his sore muscles gave. He turned his whole body in Sasuke's lap, but not too quickly, as more than just his arms was sore at the moment. He gave the other man a lopsided grin. "Now I didn't say that."

Sasuke gave a little half-laugh and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Naruto. "Tch, good." He smirked and pressed their foreheads together, "Because I didn't either."

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