"...Happy Birthday to you!!" Hinata smiled softly as everyone clapped for her. Today was Hinata's 20th birthday, which was a very monumental moment. Now Hinata was a legal adult, which meant she could drink sake (which was actually quite bitter), she was the most powerful leader in the Hyuga clan, and...and...

"Now that our heiress is 20, a marriage will be arranged with a wealthy suitor in one month!" Hiashi announced.

"M-m-marriage?" Hinata stuttered. Hiashi sighed as her face turned red and she passed out. This was going to be a looong month.

--------------How did this happen?--------------------------

-4 weeks later-

Hinata looked mournfully at her reflection in the mirror. She looked beautiful; a white fluffy dress with sparkles decorating the bottom and gossamer wings in the back made her look like an angel. She wore silky white gloves on her delicate arms, and a lightweight veil covered her face.

"Oh Sakura, how am I going to do this? I only met this man yesterday. I don't know if I can fall in love with a man I just met!"

Sakura sighed and tugged at her own pale green dress. "Hinata, I'm sure you'll be fine!! He seems like a nice guy, anyways. Once you guys get to know each other I'm sure you'll be head over heels in love..."

Hinata closed her eyes and tuned Sakura out. Oh why, please God why couldn't she have married someone like, Naruto maybe? Oh, Naruto. That bright spiky hair, those electric blue eyes, and that wide smile...

"See, Hinata, you're smiling!! I knew a little pep talk would cheer you up! Okay, now let's go into that sanctuary and get married!!"

----At the Altar-----

If anyone decided to glance into the church at this moment, they would feel absolutely swept away. Hiashi stood proudly above the pastor, wearing his best traditional Hyuuga robes. A stunning mix of dark and light blues accented his blue iridescent eyes and his long, shining hair. The pastor herself wore traditional robes similar to that of Hiashi's, however it was less flashy and more humble.

All of the women stood to the right of Hinata, wearing dresses that matched the colors of their eyes, and all of the men stood to the left of the groom, wearing their best suits. The groom himself had black hair that was swept back, and kind, baby blue eyes. He was also forced into this marriage by his mother, but he was also willing to make it work.

"And now, if anyone here objects this marriage today, between Hyuuga Hinata and Azuma Hikaru, please speak now or forever---"

"I OBJECT!!" Hinata gasped and whipped her head around, trying to see where the voice came from. It sounded like...but it couldn't be, right?

Naruto suddenly stepped out of the line he was in to face Hinata and Hiashi. "I still don't see why Hinata has to marry this guy! I mean, like, she should at least marry someone she knows, right?"

"That's preposterous!" Hiashi argued. "Hinata must get married, and it must be today. Besides, no one else here seems to oppose this wedding."

Suddenly Hikaru spoke up for the first time all day. "Actually, sir, I do have a girlfriend back home. I love her more than air—please don't make me get married."

Before Hiashi could say anything, the pastor suddenly spoke up. "Well, according to traditional Hyuuga by-laws, if the next-in-line heir finds another suitor on the day of their marriage, and wants to marry him or her instead, it can happen."

Hikaru, along with everyone else in the church sanctuary, could only gape. This wedding was turning out to be really weird! Who knew the princess bride could just run off with another man at the last minute? "But who else will Hinata-san marry?"

"I'LL marry her!" Naruto yelled, jabbing his thumb in his chest. "I mean, I've known her for just about like, ever! And Hinata even told me that she loves me...right, Hinata?". Everyone swiveled their heads toward the shy bride, who only nodded her head. "And...besides...I kinda...like Hinata back."

"Well then", the pastor continued, "Today we will celebrate the marriage of Hyuuga Hinata and Uzumaki Naruto! If anyone objects, speak now or forever hold your peace. ...No? Uzumaki-san, please face the bride. You will now take the place of Azuma Hikaru."

As Naruto swapped places with Hikaru, he felt a small hand on his back and a soft "Thank you". Suddenly Naruto's face split into a painfully wide grin. Just now, he made 3 different people the happiest people in the world.

Hi guys!! Thanks for reading this first chapter!! Okay basically, here's what's going on. Hinata was arranged to get married, but at the last minute Naruto stepped in and she marries him instead.

For the rest of this story, it's actually going to be a series of one-shots, basically explaining the life that Hinata and Naruto now have. Yes, they're going to be in order too, so you don't have to worry about reading about their kids first, then reading a chapter of how the kids came to be XD

PS the 3 different people are Naruto, Hinata, and Hikaru

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