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"You know…Being murdered is still being murdered and all, but it couldn't have possibly happened to a nicer guy than that jerk Yorinoko Akai."

This was followed by a soft harrumph and a nasty glare shooting out from under a well-worn porkpie hat that was currently pulled low on Megure-keibu's head, the ire contained in the glare aimed directly at the oily businessman he had just referred to. That businessman Yorinoko Akai, of course, was currently very dead, his crumpled and lifeless body carefully hidden under a huge blue tarp that was part of a homicide scene a few feet away in front of an office building, the investigation currently shut down due to the driving rainstorm the greater Tokyo prefecture was currently experiencing.

The arms, legs and neck of Yorinoko Akai were all contorted into positions that they would never be able to assume if he'd been alive as well as being broken in several places, and his expiration upon the medical examiner's initial rough on-scene investigation before the rain delay had been deemed due to the spread-eagled three-story fall from his incredibly plush downtown office that Akai had taken through his private office's large window at about seven P.M. that evening. Megure shifted his umbrella somewhat so the cold, windy rain wouldn't hit his face as much before continuing. "I almost kinda wish that we didn't have the killer completely dead to rights on this one." This dark-humored pun eventually earned the keibu a few chuckles of appreciation and shakes of heads after caffeine began firing up the team's collective neurons and the intended humor fully registered.

There was then a general, soft murmur of agreement with their keibu's statement from the Tokyo police departments' First Division Homicide Unit members as they continued their meeting regarding witnesses and initial findings, Megure-keibu having pretty much summed up what they were all feeling regarding the man who was sometimes called the Robber Baron of Beika- behind his back where the name would never actually reach his ears, of course. Akai had gained an overall reputation as a slippery, unsavory character who had built his fortune through deceit, treachery and having the right connections of a similarly seedy nature.

Unfortunately as their keibu had said, being murdered was being murdered, and so they were stuck processing the rain-drenched homicide scene of a highly disliked individual, a killing for which they'd already arrested their perpetrator thankfully in what seemed to be one of the most open-and-shut cases they'd ever had to work. Suziboshi Takeo was still sitting in the backseat of the nearby patrol car they'd thrown him in a half an hour earlier after arresting him at the scene, handcuffs rattling against the safety cage as he kept protesting his innocence loudly even though they had a myriad of physical and other evidence that tied him very thoroughly and undeniably to the scene.

The evidence included not one but several different very reliable-seeming eyewitnesses who were still currently busy giving their statements and the suspect's fingerprints all over the front of the corpse's Armani suit jacket- a nearly full set of both the right and left hands to be precise. There were also at least three different security cameras that had filmed the act of the suspect somehow shoving the deceased straight through the shatter-resistant glass of his third floor windows and a myriad of other ends and pieces that added up to the currently handcuffed gentleman in the back of the car being the culprit. There was, however, still some wild speculating going on amongst the detectives as to how Suziboshi had actually managed to shove the victim through the heavily fortified window.

"The worst part of this whole mess is that we have a big group of American tourists as witnesses," sighed Megure through the insistent patter of rain as he pointed to a group of seven to eight teenagers and a pair of chaperones that were huddled under umbrellas and a makeshift tarp tent that had been roughly constructed when the hotel lobby had proven to be too crowded with curious onlookers and press members trying to sneak interviews in using translators or their own English skills. "They're all here on an extended school trip I guess- their school is on a vacation, and eight of them plus the two adult chaperones flew into Tokyo for a cultural exchange trip. It's their spring break or something like that." Megure shrugged with one hand while readjusting the umbrella with the other. "Apparently at least five of them actually saw the victim falling out of the window from their own windows- or rather, him being pushed out of it- because they're staying at the hotel across the street over there." He pointed with his thumb at a new high-rise hotel that had recently been built. "The adult chaperones accompanying saw the whole thing as well."

"Megure-keibu, one of the witnesses is asking if there's a fluent English speaker anywhere around." Takagi adjusted his umbrella and flipped his rain-spattered notepad until he located the slightly smeared page that was looking for. "Danny Fenton is his name; he's one of the teenaged witnesses from the exchange trip. He seems to be absolutely insistent that the guy we've arrested didn't kill our victim, but I don't quite understand all of what he's saying and my English dictionary isn't any help with a few of the words that he's using."

"Do you need some assistance with translation? I'm bilingual in Japanese and English," came a cultured voice that carried just a hint of a strange accent within its Japanese. The three officers turned around to see a tall umbrella-bearing blonde teen dressed in a perfectly pressed three-piece grey suit that had an open Inverness coat partially covering it. There was also a hawk sitting on his shoulder, both human and avian giving the trio of investigators an expectant look. "Kaitou Kid carried out a heist down the street earlier and I happened to overhear your conversation as I was heading back to my car. I'd decided to see what was going on here after the flashing lights started up on my way back." There was no way that Hakuba Saguru would risk parking closer than five blocks to a Kid heist, not after the rotten eggs and dove feathers that the car had been bombarded with by the thief a few months ago.

"Oh, I know you. You're Hakuba Saguru, the commissioner's son. If you can help us that out would be great," replied Satou as she indicated a dark-haired, blue-eyed teen several feet away that was tilting his head back slightly under his hood and looking skyward with a determined, intent expression on his face as if searching for something or someone in the thick clouds that were drenching everyone with rain at the moment. "That's Daniel- Danny Fenton over there; the rest of the group is being questioned by other officers at the moment. I'll follow you over and take notes, if Megure-keibu approves that is."

"Go ahead and do it," replied Megure with a nod to Satou. "The more information we get and the quicker we can get it, the better. These guys are due to head back to America in just over nine days so we need everything we can possibly get from them before then." He then turned back to another officer to receive an update on the rain-drenched crime scene before Satou gave Saguru a brief rundown of the facts as they approached the witness. It seemed like one of the most open-and-shut cases that Saguru had ever heard, but you never knew.

"A bad business deal, eh? I know that Father mentioned he was having some people keep tabs on Yorinoko Akai, although he was having a devil of a time actually catching that man's hands in any cookie jars, so to speak."

"That's what it seems to be, at least from what we've found out so far," replied Satou with a nod as she tried to read from her notes, still hold her umbrella and also shield the paper sheets contained within the spiral-bound notebook. "It seems that Suziboshi Takeo was defrauded in some sort of pyramid scene a few months ago by Yorinoko Akai and he had made an appointment to confront him about it. That meeting quickly escalated into little more than a yelling match according to some employees of Yorinoko's that were working late, and it ended with Suziboshi apparently shoving Yorinoko through the window, causing him to fall to his death." The pair had drawn close to Danny now, so Satou flipped to a blank page in the notebook and nodded to Saguru.

"I understand that you need some help with translation. My name's Saguru Hakuba," began the meitantei as he approached Danny and extended a hand, which was taken and shaken with what Saguru realized was a surprising firmness by the younger boy. "So what exactly is going on here, Mr. Fenton?"

"That guy they've arrested? He didn't kill the guy that got tossed out the window." This was said with such a serious air of absolute finality and certainty that Saguru found himself wondering if Danny had heard all of the other eyewitness accounts and the security footage that seemed to add up to fairly undeniable proof that the arrested had, indeed, committed the crime.

"I take it I don't need to translate that," began Saguru with a glance to Satou who gave an affirmative nod of her head. "Well Mr. Fenton, there seems to be quite a lot of hard evidence that points to the gentlemen they arrested being the culprit from what Satou-keiji has told me. What makes you so certain that it wasn't him?"

The other boy sighed dejectedly before running a hand through his hair while looking down at the ground, flipping his hood back temporarily in the process; Saguru guessed that he was trying to figure out the best way to phrase the response. "Well…OK, he did it but he didn't really do it. I know it sounds weird, but it's the truth." Danny looked up and met Saguru's eyes with that same intense expression while he put his hood back in place over his head.

Satou cocked an eyebrow and turned her head to Saguru before she focused on Danny. "Did it…but didn't really do it? I understand what you're trying to say but it makes no sense."

"He probably means that the suspect was forced to commit the crime somehow," replied Saguru before switching back to English to confirm that theory. "So are you saying there was someone else in the room that held a gun to the other man's head or something like that, Mr. Fenton? Although not even that would explain how the culprit managed to shove the victim clear through the sort of reinforced glass they use on the upper levels of those sort of buildings."

"No, I'm not trying to say that at all." Danny shook his head emphatically. "That guy didn't commit the murder. At least, not while he was himself, that is."

After glancing over to make sure that Satou didn't need a translation of that last sentence, Saguru was quickly realizing why they'd needed a translator in the first place; even with having English as a second tongue he found himself puzzling over what this Danny Fenton was saying and it had probably been just as if not more confusing to the police who had heard it initially. "So he did it, but he was mentally unstable or something along those lines?"

"No." Danny sighed with frustration and broke eye contact with Saguru while Satou finished her notes, the teen looking over to his left where the rest of the American tourists were standing before his mouth suddenly set in a stubborn, determined line. "I guess it doesn't make sense with the way that I'm putting it, does it?" He shook his head sadly and shook some of the rain off of his coat with a few shakes of his arms.

"Well, quite honestly if you're listening to what you're saying it really doesn't make a lot of sense, Mr. Fenton," replied Saguru evenly with a light shrug that caused Watson to shift restlessly on his shoulder before settling back down. "You're saying that he did it, but also saying that he wasn't himself when he did it. That generally implies mental illness or something along those lines; that's not what you seem to be trying to infer with that statement, however." He repeated the last sentence in Japanese for Satou's benefit when she asked, Satou nodding in agreement with the blonde before jotting her notes down.

Danny's mouth twitched slightly before he finally turned his gaze back to Saguru and Satou in turn, shifting his weight slightly in the process and clearly uncomfortable with what he was about to ask. "I guess you guys have a lot of evidence against the guy, huh?"

"That would be putting it mildly, based on what Satou-keiji has told me," replied Saguru with a slight nod. "There's quite a fair bit of physical evidence and witness testimony both."

Danny looked like he was trying to come to some sort of a decision about something, if Hakuba's interpretation of his body language was correct; his movements were full of tension and furtiveness. Danny finally raised his head resolutely and looked Saguru and Satou in the eye in turn. "I'm telling you, that guy didn't do it."