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Kuroba Kaito was definitely acting strangely this morning- there was no doubt about it in Hakuba Saguru's mind.

As Saguru prepared to settle in for the school day at his desk, he couldn't help but notice how Kaito kept frowning and staring at his hands, flexing them on occasion as if to be sure he was in control of their movements. The other boy also looked around the room on occasion, Kaito focusing his attention up on the ceiling as if looking for something in midair. Saguru was just beginning to ponder whether or not to broach the subject of his strange behavior with his classmate when Koizumi Akako entered the room. She was about halfway to her desk when Kaito practically leapt out of his seat and jogged up to the witch after he'd seen her.

"Hey Koizumi-san! Can I talk to you?"

After she finished putting her backpack down, Akako turned and gave Kaito a cool look, though an eyebrow was also cocked in curiosity. "About what?"

Kaito then pointed to an unoccupied corner of the room. "Uh, it'd be better if we could talk over there. Please?"

Akako studied him for a moment or two, a mix of puzzlement and concern on her features. "Alright, but class starts in a few minutes." Her wonder only increased as she noticed the almost relieved look on the magician's face.

After the two of them headed to the corner Kaito had pointed to, Saguru found himself wondering quite a bit what was going on as well. Part of him just wanted to approach the thief and ask 'So what happened last night at the gallery, Kuroba?' but he knew Kaito would just give him a blank stare and a 'Last night? I was sleeping, why?' or some variant of that reply.

"Good morning Saguru-kun!" Aoko offered Saguru a bright smile as she entered the room and settled into her own desk. She then noticed Akako and Kaito's conversation in the corner. "What are those two talking about?"

Saguru gave a polite nod at Aoko's greeting before offering a mild shrug. "I don't know, but Kuroba definitely wanted to speak to Koizumi-san pretty badly."

After a few minutes, the conversation in the corner ended with a somewhat relieved-looking Kaito going back to the seat at his desk.

I wonder what that was about? Without being too obvious, Saguru glanced over at Kaito and noticed he was sketching something on a piece of paper before Aoko walked up to Kaito and tapped him on the shoulder.

"What were you talking to Akako-san about, Kaito?"

"Uh, nothing really." Kaito shrugged before turning his attention back to his drawing.

"It was something, Bakaito," retorted Aoko before reaching down and quickly snatching up the paper Kaito was sketching on. She studied it and blinked before handing it back to Kaito. "Who's that guy?"

"I dunno, actually." Kaito shrugged before he tucked the drawing into his desk just before the bell rang. "I'd like to figure it out, though." And if what Koizumi said is true, why he helped me...

I know this'll sound weird, Koizumi, but are ghosts real?

That's a silly question to ask, Kuroba. Her no-nonsense tone and facial expression had convinced him more than anything. Of course they're real. Why do you ask?

He'd danced around replying, but Kaito felt better because now he knew he hadn't been crazy. It had definitely been a white-haired, green-eyed ghost that had bailed him out last night. He sure hadn't recognized the ghost, but Kaito hadn't gotten the feeling the ghost hadn't wanted to hurt him, and one thing Kaito prided himself on was the ability to quickly get a feeling for people. He just hoped that talent extended to ghosts.

Yes, it's very possible for a ghost to be good. Ghosts are still sentient unless despair and pain have driven them to madness- there can be bad and good ghosts just as there are bad and good people in this world.

Kaito studied the sketch he made once more before tucking it into his backpack. It was a weird feeling, owing someone that you didn't know a favor- heck, someone that wasn't even living. Kaito shuddered as he recalled last night; the thief had little to no doubt that that white-haired ghost had definitely saved him from a nasty death.

Sorry about this, but I've got no choice right now if you want to get out of here safely- that other ghost may have a little better aim with the next thing they throw at you.

The only real pieces of information Kaito had to go on were the ghost's face and that single English sentence he'd heard in his mind before he'd fully blacked out. Kaito just hoped it would be enough.

Ugh...not good.

Danny slowly regained consciousness, his vision swimming a little as he looked up at an unfamiliar ceiling. OK...this isn't the hotel...so where am I? He could feel a pillow under his head and that he was laying on a couch before he slowly shifted his gaze to the right, the somewhat messy brightly colored office he'd fought in last night swimming slightly in front of him. I must still be at the lawyer's office...

"Oh, you're finally awake! Are you OK?" The soft voice hurt Danny's ears a little as the halfa felt the beginnings of a huge headache creeping its way from the back of his head forward. He winced before very slowly turning his head toward the voice. A Japanese woman with loose, shoulder-length brown hair and wearing a 3-piece pants suit gave him an amused smile.

"That depends on what you mean by OK." Danny grimaced lightly. He was realized now that not just his head, but his entire body was protesting any kind of movement. That ghost sure did a number on me...

"I'll go get Kisaki-sensei," the woman said with a smile before she left the room, closing the door behind her After a few seconds, the woman's slightly muffled voice came through the door. "He's awake Kisaki-sensei!"

Danny managed to get himself propped up on the couch using a decorative pillow before the door opened again. A well-dressed dark brown hared women wearing glasses entered the room, a glass of water in one hand as she adjusted the loose bun in her hair with the other. "Hello there, burglar" she laughed in slightly accented English as she offered Danny the glass of water. "Feeling any worse for the wear?" Danny noticed the other women reenter the room and settle into a wooden chair.

"I've been better," Danny offered before he gratefully downed most of the water in a single long drink. "Um, where am I?"

The woman tilted her head and offered a guarded smile. "This is my office. I'm Eri Kisaki." She gestured to the other woman. "This is my secretary, Midori Kuriyama. She's the one that found the mess you made this morning." Eri's intelligent blue eyes studied Danny closely as she handed him his wallet. "This was next to you in my office."

After he took his wallet back, Danny figured she'd already looked through it. "Thanks." He then looked at the carpet, then back up at Eri. "I'm Danny. Danny Fenton. I, uh, suppose you'd like to know what I was doing in here last night?"

Eri nodded before relaxing into a chair she went to sit in slightly. "I'll get right to what I'd really like to know- the reason I haven't called the police yet because I'm so curious." Eri tilted her head slightly, fixing a stern gaze on Danny. "Mind telling me how you managed to get into my office last night? All of my doors and windows were still locked, none of them were damaged or forced open and the security alarm never even went off." She sat up slightly. "Why you broke in too, of course, but I'm much more puzzled bout your method of entry." Her gaze became more puzzled than stern. "Neither Midori-san or I could find how you did it. It seems like your break-in was physically impossible."

Danny flinched slightly and nodded. I had a feeling she'd get right down to the uncomfortable questions. He glanced over at Midori before looking back at Eri. He drummed his fingers against the empty water cup, Danny's mind flailing for a reasonable explanation and failing to find one. There's no way I can come up with something that would explain it...except the truth. Danny studied the ceiling, then floor before looking at Eri again, deciding to lead into it the only way he could think of. There's no reasonable way I can explain her finding me in her office... "If I tell you everything, do you promise to not call the police?"

"That entirely depends on what you tell me." Eri crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow, waiting for Danny's reply.

Time for the truth. "Do you believe in ghosts?"

Eri's reaction to the question was about what Danny had expected, a confused look crossing her pretty features momentarily. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Actually, pretty much everything." Danny sat up a little more on the couch with a light groan of pain, his tone and face serious. "It's also why I tried to get some information from your office last night."

"I hope you'll explain some more." Eri was deeply confused, though she was trying to hide it as much as she could.

"Uhh, you know the guy that died a couple days ago, Akai Yorinoko?" At the nods from Midori and Eri, he continued with his nervousness betrayed in his tone. "Well, um." He cleared his throat nervously before looking at both of them again, his face and tone calm and serious. "I know this is going to sound crazy, but a ghost killed him."

I'd think he was joking...but he certainly seems very genuine about it. Eri studied Danny for several moments before tapping her lip lightly with a finger. "You're not kidding, are you?" Her mind was screaming that ghosts didn't exist, but Eri also prided herself on being able to read someone, and she really didn't get the feeling at all that the kid was trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

"Are...are you saying that ghosts actually exist?" Midori's eyes were a little wide. "B-but how did a ghost kill him?"

May as well go all in now. He'd already come this far, no turning back now, right? "Yeah, they exist all right. I fought a ghost in here, that's what made this mess." Danny gingerly ran a hand through his hair before slowly getting up and turning so he was sitting on the couch normally. "A ghost did what's called overshadowing or possession to they guy they're saying killed Akai Yorinoko." He paused for a few seconds to let the information sink in, giving both women a very serious look. "Basically, a ghost can take over a person's body and make the person do whatever they want - and the person won't remember any of it after the ghost releases them."

Eri put a hand to her mouth, any doubt that she had about Danny's bizarre story completely removed from her mind after watching his body language and hearing his tone of voice. "How do you know so much about ghosts, if you don't mind me asking?"

Danny seemed to think it over for a moment before replying. "Because I am one."