heyy this is a fan fiction that my brother wrote if its not good i blame him

DISCLAIMER:i do not own naruto though i want to

This Is what happened to me at school two years ago, my name is sasuke uchiha and im basicly the school emo I don't care what people think about me because it really doesn't matter. Well one day I got tired of some certain preps just pushed me to far.

It was a Friday when me and the band members which is me, deidara,sasori, and itachi was putting up flyers for my band named my suicidal romance we were playing at the prom when this jock named naruto tore it down and shoved it in my face.

"your such a loser you and your band sucks why don't you cry and cut yourselfs."

I ignored it and finished with the posters. But then later that day we went to my friends garage and practiced the song "if only you where like us" which we were singing for the prom we where really good.

-next day-

Tomarro is promand we're just hanging out like always. And we didn't so much at school but sleep,so I will skip to prom day.

Its prom day and everyoneis excited to play our first gig and of course the jock comes up and shoves my face in my lunch. He laughs and walks away. Now I have no choice but to seek revenge.

We go on stage and the crowd was looking at us like they cant believe we are playing, we play our song and won the crowd over but the jocks didn't like it. After we performed I went down and looked at the group of jocks

"hey little emo kid"

"im tired of you pushing me around and always beating me up so heres a prom present" sasuke said shoving the cake into the jocks face

"I cant believe you just did that you little piece of crap"

"you know what??? Go to hell" sasuke said then walked off

I won my girl again and the night went well except that I got kicked out of prom but I don't care cuz I got my new girlfriend and I got revenge on the one I hate I doudt that those jocks will ever pick on me again

Even today I laugh about it and I will never forget that prom day and neither will the jocks.

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