Chapter 7 - The Final Battle

Eddy was breathing heavily. He had heard the line "Heartless, Cold-Blooded Jerk" in his dreams, but he had never used it before now. But the line described Eddy's Brother completely.

"A Heartless, Cold-Blooded Jerk, am I?" asked Eddy's Brother. "I never expected such a zinger from you, Pipsqueak."

"Yeah! You're a mean, selfish, power-hungry beast, you monster!" Eddy shouted.

"And proud of it," said Eddy's Brother calmly.

Eddy seethed with anger. He did not want to just defeat his brother. He wanted to destroy his brother, seek revenge for all he has done to him in the past.

"I'm not worried," said Eddy's Brother coolly. "You couldn't stand up to me in a million years, let alone right now."

"SHUT UP, JERK!" shouted Eddy.

Eddy's Brother ignored Eddy, and turned his attention to the others, who were trapped in fear. "I thought I told you curfew was at 4:30!"

"Well, your curfew just expired," said Kevin.

"I don't remember cancelling the curfew," said Eddy's Brother. "But no matter. I'll deal with you later. Now, Eddy," He turned his attention back to Eddy. "Why did you bother coming back? You know that you can't beat me, you know that I'm way more powerful than you or your puny friends combined. Why continue to fight? Why continue to resist?"

Eddy smirked. "I don't fight anymore for money or power."

Eddy's Brother raised an eyebrow. "Against my teachings?"

"I fight now for R-E-S-P-E-E-K, which I don't seem to be getting. Here, I'll fight you for not only respect, but for freedom. Freedom of my friends, this cul-de-sac, and everyone who lives here," Eddy explained. He turned to his friends. "If I don't survive if I defeat my brother, then I just want you to not mourn over my dead body. Also, Kevin, you owe me 25 cents."

Kevin sulked.

"Nazz, your eyes are as blue as the sky used to be. Your hair as golden as macaroni and cheese," said Eddy.

"Aw, thanks," said Nazz.

"Rolf, even though I can't understand your past, you're a cool person. You deserve to live in this world, no matter where you go.

"Jonny!" shouted Eddy. "If you can hear me, then don't worry about Plank being gone! Plank will always be there for you, even if I can't hear him!"

Jonny looked up. He had heard Eddy's voice. It was no use. He looked down, and saw a wooden board that looked similar to Plank, sans the drawing.


He took a crayon and started drawing a face on the wooden board. The outcome was exactly like that of the original Plank.

"..Thank you, Eddy..."

"Jimmy, I'm sorry for wrecking your teeth. I was evil at the time, and corrupt. But now I realize my actions were wrong. I'm sorry if you can never forgive me.

"I have nothing to say for you, Sarah, except that you and Double D make a good couple.

"Ed, no matter who you are, no matter if you're not smart, no matter if you're a lump, you're still have a great personality. You are a good friend, don't you forget that.

"Double D, I hope you get an Oscar for being so smart," said Eddy to Edd.

"Um, Eddy, Oscars are for theatrical productions, not scientific discoveries," explained Edd.

"Oops," said Eddy. "That too." He turned back to his brother. "You're going down, Brother!"

Eddy's Brother laughed. "This will be a busy day. Fun, yet busy." He grabbed Eddy by the leg, and started twisting it in a painful way. Eddy started punching at Eddy's Brother, though it did nothing. Once Eddy's Brother was finished twisting Eddy's leg, he slammed his little brother into the ground twice. He twirled Eddy in the air, and threw him up high. Eddy's Brother grabbed him as he fell, and slammed him into the ground.

"Oh Dear," said Edd. "Eddy!"

"Eddy!" shouted Ed. "Don't let him devour your brain like a Mutant Dog!"

"Dude!" shouted Nazz. "Let him have it!"

"Ed-boy!" shouted Rolf. "Give He-Who-Tyrants-Over-The-Town-Of-Peaches a taste of us, courtesy of the Old Country!"

"Give him the one-two, buckle my shoe, Eddy!" cheered Jimmy.

"What he said," shouted Sarah.

Kevin looked down. He was not willing to accept a compliment from a 5-Star Dork, so he was hesitant to cheer him on. But, he realized that Eddy was fighting to defend him, as well as the rest of the Cul-De-Sac. "Dork! Don't give up! Ever!"

Eddy smiled weakly. "Friends… thank you..."

As Eddy's Brother hurt Eddy left to right, Eddy knew his life was going to be cut short in defending the cul-de-sac. He knew he had to end it, here and now. He was going to have to defeat his brother.

After slamming Eddy around, Eddy's Brother decided to humiliate him, just for fun. He reached into Eddy's underwear, and started to give him a monster of a wedgie. He pulled the underwear up and up until Eddy started screaming pain. He laughed maliciously, but then realized that Eddy wasn't screaming in pain. He was screaming in fury, in heroics, in justice.

Eddy grabbed his brother, and started to tap into strength he never knew he had. He started to pull his brother up, and hold him high in the air. Helpless, Eddy's brother struggled to break free, but couldn't. With his last remaining strength, Eddy threw him to the ground with such a force that you couldn't tell if Eddy's Brother could survive the blow.

Weakly, Eddy looked at the group. He smiled weakly, then fell onto the ground, his heart stopping. He groaned, "Go on without me… good-bye…"

He stopped breathing.

Everyone looked on.

"Eddy…" Edd gasped. "He sacrificed himself to save us…"

"Choice…" Kevin said, tearful. "He saved us…"

"Eddy!" shouted Sarah. She ran over to Eddy. "Please don't die… please don't leave us…"

Eddy's Brother slowly got up."I didn't know he had it in him," he muttered to himself. "But no matter. He's done. Finished. Gonzo." He looked at the kids. "So, with your "hero" dead, there's no one left to save you."

"Except ourselves," said Kevin. "CHAAARGE!"

On cue, everyone except Sarah and Edd started whaling on Eddy's Brother, forcing him into submission. They wanted revenge against Eddy's Brother for supposedly killing Eddy. They wanted to make him pay. They wanted to do what Eddy started to do. Soon, Eddy's Brother fell to the ground, unconscious from the beating. Everyone smiled. The biggest threat to Peach Creek was finished for good.

They looked over to Eddy.

"He's… not dead, is he?" asked Nazz.

"He is," said Kevin solemnly. "He sacrificed his own life to save lots of our lives. Someone call 911. We need to let the police know ASAP."

"Eddy! No! Eddy! Please don't go up to that life up there!" said Ed, crying like a baby.

The person who was the most hurt by Eddy's death was Sarah, who was crying over Eddy's body.

"May he rest in peace," said Edd, going over to Eddy to bring his body to the graveyard for a proper funeral. "Huh? His body… it's still warm…"

Eddy opened his eyes. Everyone screamed at this surprise. "Gotcha!" he teased.

Edd was stunned. He did not know what to say. He smiled.

"I know everyone thought I was dead, but I was just uncoo… just uncee…" He looked over to Edd as if to ask a question.

"I think the term Eddy's looking for is.." He cleared his throat. "Dead from the neck up."

Everyone chuckled.

Eddy looked at Sarah, who had cried over Eddy's…

"Aw man, not again!" He shouted.

Just minutes after this, the Kankers arrived. They sulked.

"Aw, did we miss the action?" asked May.

"So, Eddy's Brother's defeated?" asked Marie.

"Now, we can kiss the hero who saved us," said Lee.

"Hey!" shouted Kevin. "They've been through enough, already! Lay off!"

Lee bit her lip. "Fine. But come tomorrow, you'll be seeing us again."They walked off, leaving Eddy to smile that Kevin actually defended him from another Kanker attack. Everyone was on their side. Everyone trusted them.

All was well.


Over the days after the defeat of Eddy's Brother, recovery had started.

First of all, Eddy revealed the cause of his scamming - his brother had forced him to do so. After a while, Eddy had become corrupted, and scammed for fun while giving some of the money he earned to his brother. But after his dream, which he forgot to give all the details about, he started to scam less and less. Perhaps he should have explained - Sarah still bossed Ed around.

And speaking of Sarah, Eddy soon found out the reason she cried over his not-dead body. Turns out she had feelings for him. He blamed God for pairing them up, but not entirely. Soon, Eddy grew feelings for Sarah as well.

In the end, Eddy scammed less and less, much to the delight of the kids. Soon, he made the decision to stop scamming entirely, and started helping others out for cash. Also, Jonny got a new board and drew a face on it. He named it Plank, too, because Plank's spirit was inside the wooden board as well.

Eddy's Brother was arrested and put in jail by the court for his actions. Attempted murder and tyranny over a town would get him nowhere but.

The Kids befriended Ed, Edd and Eddy in the end, and the Eds were well known and popular. Everyone was at peace.

The End.

Thus ends the Sequel to Ed Abuse II - The Brother of Eddy's Brother. Sure, I may have made the ending cliché-ish. I apologize for that. Anyway, did any of you expect that I would pair Eddy up with Sarah? No? Well, then, surprise! :D I like the pairing, and I may use it again in another fan fiction based on Peter Pan. Plotline: A School Play based on Peter Pan is coming up, and Eddy gets the lead as Peter Pan. Unfortunately, Wendy, Peter Pan's love interest, is played by Sarah, meaning that by laws of Peter Pan plays, the characters love each other, yet in reality, Eddy and Sarah hate each other. But after practice together, they might have feelings for each other.

Also, when you thought that Eddy was dead, did you think that I would honestly kill off one of the Eds? Not!

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