Total Drama Torture

Chapter 15

How To Forever Change Your Live


I looked up from the book in my hand

I had heard a gunshot

I quickly grabbed a jacket and ran outside

I looked around and shuddered looking at the woods

I knew exactly what was happening

but I wouldn't believe it

I ran deep into the woods hoping I wouldn't be to late


We all looked up at the loud gunshot

"Damn!" Duncan screamed

I looked around confused

Cody grabbed my arm and pulled me behind him when Duncan ran off

I ran along not knowing what was going on

"It can't be..." Cody said with pure fear in his voice

His tone caused me to stumble slightly but I kept running

I then for some reason felt fear pulse through me with every step

A name was coming back to me

I tried to remember when Duncan abruptly pulled me down in to a bush

I looked around

I could barely see a medium sized guy with jet black hair and-

I put my hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream

2 dead people at his feet

I looked up to see the name I remembered

No No NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Gwen LEAVE!!!


I saw Trent in a small field like clearing and a small river a few feet away with something in his hand

was that...

Bridgette? and- Izzy?

I pulled away in shock


I had to deal with this

There could have been a logical explanation for all of this

I shut my eyes and walked to Trent


Gwen slowly walked into the clearing

I was about to jump up when Cody put his hand and my shoulder and held me down slightly

I felt rage consume me

I wanted to scream

"Gwen?" Trent asked confused

She had a look of pure terror on her face





"What are you doing here?"

"I want to know what this is,"

"Oh, this is j-"

"DON'T DOWNPLAY IT! TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" She screeched her voice going into hysteria

I felt myself start to tremble

I shook off Cody and looked at them

Heather had a almost dead look in her eyes

'We attack him the second he steps forward' I mouthed to them both


I stared him down and yet he smirked

"This is you present," He said

I froze




"...Yet you were too eager to wait, hm?" He smirked

I had to hold myself together

He dropped the gun he held in his left hand

My eyes shot to the left then right and back at him

"What's the matter Gwen?" He asked

He took 2 steps forward and then I heard it loud and clear


We both turned to see Heather with her eyes wide staring at me

"DAMMIT! I thought I already killed you!" Trent screamed

Heather ran to me soon followed by Duncan and Cody

I was so confused about every thing so I did the only thing I knew to do

I ran.


Gwen ran

She ran away from it all

I was shocked

I turned to see Trent full of rage in his eyes

He muttered something then locked eyes with me

I shuttered slightly and he charged

I ducked him and Duncan wrapped him arms around him to hold him still

Cody grabbed the knife off the grass and pointed it right at his chest

He laughed

"Like you could hurt me! You can't live with the guilt." He hissed

Cody did seem a little unsure

Trent swung himself around and pinned Duncan to the ground

Cody lunged himself at Trent

Trent swung him around too and grabbed the knife

He stood up and stared at me

I stood there then I knew what to do

I threw myself at where the gun was at the same time he did

I grabbed it but he pulled on my wrist in a way that I could barely feel it

I yelped and pulled back but his hand wrapped around my throat

I struggled to get free but he then knocked me on my stomach and grabbed onto my arms and pulled back



They were about to come out of their sockets

I screamed

Suddenly the pressure was lifted and I looked to see Duncan and Cody wrestling Trent to the ground

"FIND GWEN!" Cody screamed

I ran the opposite direction of the river to find Gwen

I had run about a couple yards when I heard a gunshot

I turned terrified then I heard a second gunshot

I ran towards the shots against what Cody told me



I screamed and tried to turn when both his hands wrapped around my neck and he pulled backwards

He then wrapped an arm around my waist and dragged me in the other direction

I froze when I saw the scene

Duncan and Cody both had a gunshot in their chests

Cody didn't look like he was breathing

I screamed louder than I ever had screamed before

I kicked and tears started to blind my vision

He threw the gun next to Cody and pulled me to the river

He muttered something then laughed to him self and pushed me against the riverbank

"Now you'll stay DEAD!" He screamed and dunked my head under water

I squirmed trying to get free no matter what

The water was every where and starting to freeze me

I kicked felling hopeless for still being under


How long had it been?

It must have been at least 5 minutes

No human had been able to stay under water for more than 10 minutes without air

Adrenaline pulsed through me giving me a moment of strength

I pushed as hard as I could feeling him trying to push me back down

I gasped as I reached to surface

Trent glared and tried to push me back down

My moment of strength was starting to fail

I was being pushed back down

It was back and forth for a good ten minutes when my strength had disappeared

I knew I would die if I went back down

I looked around when I saw something that shocked me enough to let go

Duncan had his eyes wide open and was reaching for the gun

I lay still not wanting to get his aim off

I waited

and waited

and waited

I started to move a little bit around

What was going on?

I started to panic which is probably the worst think I could do but fear over whelmed me

3 minutes

4 minutes




I began to feel light headed


I struggled to get free but nothing happened

My miracle moment had ended

I stopped

I lay there

I thought that, Maybe he'll think I've already died...

Stupid plan but better than nothing

my heartbeat began to slow

I lay unmoving for a moment of unmeasurable time

His hands began loosen and pull away

I was prepping to jump up the second he let go

I suddenly began to fade back and forth

I was passing out

My heart rate would give me away

I tried to calm down

I suddenly smelt something that wouldn't have freaked me out but I was under water

It was... Mom.

Mom's lavender shampoo

I no longer felt pressure

The pressure of the water or his hands

I felt like I was floating on air almost

I'm dead aren't I?


I must've died already...

From the other side of my still closed eye lids I saw a light


My eyelids fluttered beneath my eyes

"Heather," A heavenly song-like voice whispered

Mom, I knew it was her

A hand touched my shoulder

"Don't do this Heather,"


"Trust me."

I knew what I had to do


I held the large wood and steel weapon in my hands as I slowly walked towards the river

I was at the opening of the clearing

I looked over to see Duncan tryingto get somethingoff of Cody or something

I didn't have the time

None of us did

I saw him leaning over the river and-


I held the weapon tighter

I looked around and made my move

I ran forward and let out a loud scream

He almost turned around when I stabbed the axe into his back

He screamed a blood curtailing scream and fell on his back

I ran to get Heather out of the water

I grabbed her arm and pulled her up

As I pulled her up I noticed she had no pulse as far as I could tell

I looked over at Cody

Duncan had managed to get up and was helping him

I looked back at Heather and laid her on the ground

I then turned to Trent

He was bleeding everywhere

I felt a wave of nausea as he coughed and looked up at me

His last words wre horifing

"Well Gwen, now we both have murder on our hands don't we? Well then. I'll see you in Hell." He stopped bleeding, moving, breathing, living...

At that moment everything crashed on my

"It's over!" I cried out, "It's all over!"

No it's not Gwen..

Why? EPILOGUE!!!!!!!!!




It's just sorta a short what happens after this all story



It can't be a huge revaluation with out you questions answered!