I wrote this near the beginning of the year when I was practically daydreaming, so here you go. Nothing too exciting-pretty fluffy and cliche, but I figured I may as well post it and see how it goes. And remember-I don't own anything Final Fantasy, Square-Enix/Squaresoft does :)


I don't think I've ever missed anyone this much before.

And...I don't think I ever will. From the moment you fell from the heavens, I knew I had found true love. I just wish...That I'd got around to telling you that.

I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?

Aerith smiled, a soft, sad smile. She had layed her emerald green eyes on that wooden cart again. She had never been fond of it, but after Zack died, she felt strangely attatched to the small, almost insignificant cart, as if it were the only thing she had left to remind her of the raven haired man that had turned her life around.

Suddenly, the memory flashed back as she remembered what Zack had told her, about selling flowers and getting money in her wallet. Now, she felt like she had a responsibility to do so.

Her voice barely a whisper, as it had been for two days now, she made an almost silent promise. "I'll do it...For you."

The planet began to whisper to her, the voices running silently through her mind. He would want you...To do it for you...Your own wellbeing...

Aerith glanced up at the blue summers sky through the hole in the church roof and sighed. Not even the Planet can fill in the space you left, Zack.

She felt an unexpected tear slither down her pale cheek. It was icy cold, and made her shiver, despite the warm sunlight streaming in through the roof and softly cascading down her hair.

"I'd better get started then, Zack!" Aerith's whisper was full of an artificial cheerfulness. But she had to keep the act on, or she wouldn't manage to hold herself up.

Aerith took a few paces towards her flower bed and knelt over, careful not to tread on them. She began to gather a bundle of the softly glowing plants, admiring their beauty in silence. They were as gold and as radiant as the sun, which surprisingly didn't cheer her up at all. Instead, it made her feel as if her tiny fragment of life on the Planet were worthless, insignificant, and altogether unnoticed.

But she didn't want to think negative things like that. To preoccupy her mind, she began humming a sweet melody that her mother had sung to her as a child. It didn't help. Her untamed thoughts ventured to her mother, and how she missed seeing her friendly, loving face.

Why...Why is my life full of loss? Can't I keep anything these days without it, too, fading away?


And there you have it-short, simple, and incomplete. Well, it's complete, it just doesn't feel complete. Meh. Please review! ^^