Summary: Sana had a horrible dream about Akito Hayama, her best friend. He loves her and Sana, his one and only true, love is too dense to realize that he felt so very strongly for her. That one dream (or nightmare) that she had connected to the real world and read ahead to find out what the hell I'm talking about.

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Chapter 1 recap: "How do you think we would look like if we were a mess in front of Takaishi, Tsuyoshi, Gomi, Kyosuke and Akito??!" they exploded. Hearing the sound of his name had triggered Sana to freak out once again but unfortunately ten times louder. But this time, it had partly woken up Akito-kun and his friends: Takaishi, Gomi, Tsuyoshi and Kyo, all at once.

Chapter 2: (A/n: If your wondering why Sana woke up the guys, they actually had their own little sleepover like Sana and the girls. ('(.)')] "What was that?" asked Gomi rubbing his eyes.

"Hey, Tsuyoshi" asked Akito still half-asleep. "Do you think that it was Sana?"

"Probably. Hey buzz her up with your barrucha and see if she responds." ordered Tsuyoshi.

"Sure, whatever." He did what Tsuyoshi ordered him to do but no answers came even after buzzing her 15 times. "That's it, I'm going over to see what that idiot's doing." mumbled Akito. Akito had stopped in his tracks when he heard his name from behind him.

"Akito, we're all concerned something happened to our girlfriends too since they're all at Sana's buddy. Well check it out later after breakfast. Besides, for all we know, they could still be in their pajamas since it's only about 8:00." suggested Tsuyoshi.

Sana's House

"Okay! What's wrong then?" asked Fuka almost yelling.

"I had the worst dream ever!! That's what." replied Sana rudely.

"Was it about Aki?" Sana half nodded.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Lucky guess." (So she says) Sana started sharing about what had happened in the dream and one by one, shock fell on their faces.

"Wow..." they all said simultaneously. They didn't feel like sharing on what they thought about her dream so they dropped the subject and went down to get breakfast.

It was about 9:00 and the boys just finished eating breakfast and headed over to Sana's mansion. Akito was thinking about what he'd say to Sana that wasn't rude. He let it go when they finally reached the Kurata Household. He waited a minute before ringing the doorbell but Tsuyoshi beat him to it. "Hey Akito, what's wrong?" asked Tsuyoshi.

"Nothing," Akito mumbled and he karate chopped Tsuyoshi on the head.

The boys were greeted by the housekeeper, Shimura. "Hello, there, Sana and the girls are in the dining room eating breakfast. Please come in." she said.

The girls were happily munching on their pancakes when the doorbell rang. Ding. Dong. "Sana-chan, you have more guests." said Shimura politely. Sana looked around at her friends and thought who could it be.

"Um Shimura, who was it that you said came?" asked Sana cluelessly.

"It's that Hayama boy from your class." answered Shimura. Sana's face turned pale and white as a sheet and she turned to Fuka.

"Crap, crap, crap! Why did he, THEY come early?" whispered Sana to Fuka.

"Who knows. But better hide Sana-chan." said Fuka teasing as she sipped her hot tea. Sana sprinted up to her room and Akito noticed it right away and quickly went after her. Everyone decided to let it go so they would finally figure it out but after a few minutes, they went in to see if they made up yet. (Like they ever started fighting.) When they had entered the room, Sana was held on the wall with Akito's lips on hers. The girls pulled Akito off and took a look at trembling Sana. She held a hand to her mouth and shreiked "YOU!" and pointed at Akito. Akito thought what had happened before they walked in and tried to explain before he was strangled by the girls.


When Hayama entered the room, Sana already had a foot out the window and was about to jump. She tried but Akito quickly grabbed her arm so she couldn't fly out the window like she planned. "What's wrong with you?" growled Akito.

"Nothing! Now let me go!"

"No, tell me what happened, first"

"Okay! I had a very weird dream but i guess i should call it a nightmare!"


"You, i guess"

"What exactly was I, in your 'nightmare'?"

"You were a demon but we were the only ones in my sub-conscience, so i was the only being freaked out."

Akito turned around and headed for the door. "Have a nice life, Sana"

"Wait, what about our da-" was all she had time to say. Akito turned around and slipped on the blankets from thir sleepover since they forgot to clean up and landed on her lips with Sana shoved forcibly on the wall.

End of Flashback

"Oh! So it was an accident?" asked Fuka.

"Yeah" said Akito. "Um, you guys? Can i talk to Sana, alone?" They all looked at each other then left the room without Sana and Akito.

"So what's up?" stated Sana trying for small talk.

"Nothing much," Akito said flatly. "What was your dream about? I need to know!"

"Huh, a funny story about that. Um, actually hehe," Sana laughed trailing off. Akito raised an eyebrow.

"Come on Sana, I'll stay here all day, even if it means missing our date."

Sana sighed. "Okay first of all, do you love me?" questioned Sana confidently.

"Wha-what does that have to do with everything? Akito's sweatdrop hung over his head and kind of blushed. Like in her dream, she, like Akito, detected it but didn't say anything.

"It has to do with everything and it is a very long story..." uttered Sana. "Wait, before I tell you, do you love me? Akito gazed off into his own little world. 'Why whould she ask it so suddenly ask it out of the blue like that?' thought Akito. "Can't answer you just yet but i will. Okay lets hear it." ordered Akito.

"Oh, right." responded Sana. She told him the story and like the rest of her friends, he also went into deep shock and left his mouth open ajar. "That's my story." Akito's mouth was still open and some drool fell out. "Snap out of it" squealed Sana. At that moment, Sana hit him with her red and yellow mallet.

"Oh, right..." he said trailing off. "So you really thought I would do that?"

"Well, in the past, you would do perverted things to me for no freaking reason, then you kiss me when i least expect it and... In a word yes, yes I would think that you'd do all that."

"So you'd would believe what you saw in a dream other than the real person?" Sana opened her mouth but she couldn't find a good comeback to his comment. "Sana you're and idiot, do you know that?"

"Hey! I am not an idiot! You may say that but you, of all people know that I'm not as normal as the next person" snapped Sana.

"Well, then don't believe what you saw in a stupid dream that might not even come true!"

"Okay, sure." She looked into his eyes and walked over to Akito and wrapped her arms around his neck while did the same but around her waist.

"Okay, i have my answer but..." Akito started rubbing his eyes. "I think that something went into my eye." finished Akito.

"Oh, hold on." Sana reached over to grab a tissue from her desk but Akito wouldn't let go of her, then Sana frowned. "Hey, can you let go please? You'll need to if you want whatever you have in your eye out." Akito let go and Sana went to her bathroom to get a wet hankerchief. In the room, Akito stood, still rubbing his eye. "'Kay Akito, let me see that eye of yours." A if by magic, Akito had 'quickly' recovered and held Sana's hand that held the hankie and forced his lips on hers, but it was far from gentle. Sana stood there and took it like she has wanted this forever. They explored each other's mouth. Sana even felt him nibble on her lower lip, she felt pretty exhausted and tried to let go but Akito's grip on her tightened each time she tried. 'When will he let go? Wait, what's wrong with me? I'm usually more objective to this kind of thing! Hmmm, Maybe I do love him.' Again, Sana tried to let go and he did.

Akito turned to face the door and smirked. "You know, you honestly can't say that you didn't enjoy it because you did kiss back." he sassed. Sana blushed and cringed when he answered. She tried throwing a book but i barely missed hos arm.

"Drop. Dead. Creep." hissed Sana.

"Hmpf. Sure. by the way, my answer is yes, yes i do love you." And with that, Akito left the room. Sana lost the face and turned red and dropped her head. "BAKA" Sana had thought Akito had left the room and replied softly, "Well, then I guess I love you too." little did she know he didn;t entirely leave. He sat outside her door and listened. But he too blushed (A/n: kind of) at her soft answer. But liitle did they know everyone in the house heard the conversation.

"Wow..." said Fuka. "I can't belive that it took them that long to tell each other that!"

"I know" commented Yuta.

"Well it is them." said Aya.

"Sana is pretty dense and Akito would never say anything so embarassing" replied Tsuyoshi.

Aya looked at him with innocent eyes. "You think that saying 'I love you' is so embarassing?"

Tsuyoshi looked at her with the same face and said, "Not at all Aya! I'll even say it to now in front everyone else! I love you, Aya!"

"Aww, You didn't have to do that."

"But I wanted to!" (After this, they just started staring at each other and making goo goo faces.)

"Anyway, this is really good! But they just need to get together." said Hisae.

"That is a good idea but I think we should let nature work its magic and let them work it out!" suggested Fuka.

"Yeah, besides, it's hilarious when they get into fights like this." giggled Gomi.

"So we'll just let them go?" asked Yuta.

"Yes, this time we'll let them go but next time let's help them go even further." said Fuka grinning.

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Sana snapped out of her trance and walked up to her clodet to get dressed. she picked out a white t-shirt and a blue striped baby-doll shirt to go over, dark blue skinny jeans and her checkered vans.

Hisae, Fuka, and Aya were already dressed and sitting on the couch waiting for Sana. The guys, minus Akito, were watching on the flatscreen while Aki was sitting behind the couch sulking.

"Hey girl! We've been waiting for you! We're all ready so lets head out." chirpped Fuka. Everybody went out except for Akito. "Sana, can you take care of Akito? He's still sulking back there."

"No prob-"

"Shut up Matsui!" yelled Akito out of nowhere.

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