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Darkness and silence were absolute in the forest; the pale light of the full moon couldn't penetrate through the black tree's tops. A little rodent made its way through the bushes, looking for food. It was moving with absolute silence, trying to avoid attracting some predator.

It stops, something's wrong. It feels a danger coming closer right, it can't move, it can't escape. Two yellows eyes are watching it, hypnotizing it, and the jaws of the death drag along the ground towards it, hissing. Its heart begins to accelerate, but suddenly, the predator stops, it moves away, hiding in the shadows again.

The rodent wishes to relax, but it can't. Right in front of it a foot touches the ground. It looks up at a person. No…a Youkai. The rodent reacts and walks backwards, in order to cover itself by hiding in the bushes.

Sesshomaru, an Inu youkai, was walking between the trees without paying any attention to the depredation that he interrupted, and just finishing with a matter concerning a group of human soldiers that walked across him.

More than four years have passed since Naraku died, almost one since Kagome's return, and still he could not understand.

Even with Naraku in hell, he kept fighting, confronting the strongest opponents, defeating them all and becoming stronger. But… he didn't succeed in the way he desired. Why did Inuyasha show a greater power than him?

The fact that his half brother could control Tessaiga, even with human blood running through his veins, was proof of superiority that the Hanyou was powerful and in a way, stronger than himself. Not that he will ever admit that.

He got out of the forest and walked closer to the bank of a lake that was in the middle of the valley. He saw the moon reflected on its water and looked up to observe it directly. He remembered what his father has said before his death. 'Chichiue. What did you mean? Something to protect?' He thought. The image of Inuyasha confronting Naraku to save his human mate came into his mind. He had said something about a strength that surpasses basic power. 'Is that it?'

The stars gave no answer, they simply kept shinning. A pathetic moan called for his attention. He turned around to look over his shoulder. Jaken, the little green toad demon that has been by his side long before Naraku's appearance, was sleeping curled on his stole, clutching firmly. He was having a nightmare.

"Leave me alone, girls," murmured Jaken, dreaming, "please return soon, Sesshomaru-sama."

He was dreaming the same thing again. It has started a day when, in middle of one of their travels to the east, they passed through Rin's village. They hadn't seen the girl in a while, so, seeing how happy Rin and her friends (the daughters of the Monk and the demon Slayer) were, he ordered Jaken to wait for his return with them. He had no idea what the little human girls did to his servant, but he was not interested anyway.

He remembered when Rin used to travel with them. He protected her all that time. 'Protect?' Sesshomaru furrowed his eyebrows, 'that makes you stronger?'

"Nonsense, all that is needed is power," the Daiyoukai said to himself. His right hand went to the hilt of Bakusaiga, his sword, his own sword, the proof that he had surpassed his father. The same Totosai said it. "But even so…" He couldn't understand why he was feeling that Inuyasha was stronger than him in some way.

He looked to the moon again before he started to levitate over the water, like he was a spirit moving in complete silence with a ghostly energy surrounding him. He crossed the lake.

"Do you think you can do something?"

"Jejeje. Sure," Exorcist said, smiling evilly, "but why is it so important?"

"He is my son and even though I'm not part of the living world anymore, I think this is the last thing I can do for him," Inu no Taisho said with his brows furrowed, "I want him to understand that humans are not simple insects, and that he will never be the strongest if he keeps doing like until now."

Exorcist laughed, looking to the spirit of his deceased friend with his sparkling eyes.

"Ok, I'll bring him here. Though I'm afraid you'll have to explain him the situation because, sincerely, I don't think Sesshomaru will agree with this."

"Ok," the silver haired spirit answered.

"I'll start with the preparations to bring him to this era and boarding him into Youkai Gakuen. But I'll need a portal to open in your son's side in order to bring him here," Exorcist informed, looking at Sesshomaru through his crystal ball. The dark atmosphere that stained the walls of the director's creepy office began to vanish.

"I'll take care of it. Call me when he is here," Inu no Taisho said, vanishing too, "thank you, my friend."

Sunlight illuminated the room, entering through the windows. The chairman smiled again, "jeje. Things will get interesting." He watched the abilities that the former lord's son used in his battles, "I guess I could use those powers while you're here, Sesshomaru."

The images from the past erased from the magical object. Another pair of sparkling eyes met the Exorcist's, with a smile formed on its owner's face.

"It seems you're planning something fun," the bus driver said, biting his smoky cigar.

"Maybe we will be able to have fun, but…" Exorcist laughed as he thought about the possible consequences of the matter. Having a Daiyoukai like Sesshomaru living among the students could be very complicated, but well, he owed one to Inu no Taisho. He wasn't sure if Youkai Gakuen could be any help for the young youkai though, even when the school was created to teach Youkai to live along humans peacefully.

An evil smile appeared on Exorcist face, more evil than the ones he had showed before. "Ruby-san," he called.

The office's door opened, letting in a young woman with long, dark brown hair and magenta colored eyes. "Yes, chairman?" She asked.

"Tell Nekonome that I want to talk to her," Exorcist asked. Ruby nodded and walked off.

"I see. Jejeje," Bus Driver said, exhaling a puff of smoke, "it truly is an interesting idea. It seems that this will really get fun, just like every time they are involved."

The two beings of shiny eyes laughed evilly within the office of Exorcist.

The sun was illuminating the meadow. Sesshomaru was looking to the sky as he laid against a tree, enjoying the shadow and freshness that it's leaves. Little clouds moved across the sky, the calm was absolute and the silence was only interrupted by the chirp of the birds that were flying on his territory.

A metallic rattling made him to look down.

"Tenseiga?" His sense of smell warned him about the presence of another Youkai, one that he knew. He looked to the sky again as he was getting up.

Jaken watched him with a curious expression. "Sesshomaru-sama?"

The Lord of the West made his way to the center of the valley, with Jaken right behind him. "What's wrong, Sesshomaru-sama?" the little toad youkai asked.

"Something is coming," Sesshomaru commented, looking to the horizon.

Jaken followed his Lord's eyes and waited, focused on finding what his master was talking about. The toad's eyes widened when he noted that a youkai of the same race that his lord was coming closer to them.

The giant canine figure disappeared within a fog of Youki that descended until it touched the ground in front of Sesshomaru, who didn't move. A silhouette could be seen through the demonic energy. It looked like a woman. When the cloud of Youki vanished there stood in front of them a woman.

"What are you doing here mother?" Sesshomaru asked without any sign of emotion in his face.

The woman who stood in front of him had long and silver hair, tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a white kimono with violet butterflies and a fur cape on her shoulders, just like the stole on his shoulder.

"Not even a hello. You really don't have any manners." She said, shaking her head slowly. She looked to her son again. "We haven't seen each other since you went to the palace with Rin and that other human boy, you could really show yourself a little happy to see me. I'm your mother after all."

Sesshomaru remained quite, with a neutral expression on his face. His mother sighed.

"If you have no business here then I'm leaving." Sesshomaru said, starting to walk and passing right by his mother. "Come, Jaken."

The little toad started to run behind his lord. "Your father asked me a favor." The woman said, turning around to look at his son. Sesshomaru stopped suddenly causing Jaken to collide against his leg and fell to the ground.

"Please forgive me, Sesshomaru-sama!" The little youkai pleaded, kneeling. "I didn't realize that you have stopped and…!" Jaken let out a cry of pain when Sesshomaru put a foot on his back, walking over him.

"Chichiue?" Sesshomaru asked with his brows furrowed. His mother nodded.

"He wants to see you," the female youkai answered. Sesshomaru arched his brows in surprise. "He said it is your choice, but that you have to choose to go now."

"Go?" The Taiyoukai asked, narrowing his eyes.

"You must decide. Do you want to see your father?" The woman asked. Sesshomaru didn't say anything. "Don't make me waste my time, Sesshomaru. Decide now."

Sesshomaru looked to his mother. "Fine," He replied.

"Good," the woman looked to Jaken, "little green Youkai, you will come with me to the palace. I have a beautiful kimono for Rin and I need you to deliver it."

"What!?" Jaken yelled, "that's impossible! I'll follow Sesshomaru-sama to the end of…"

"Go with her, Jaken," Sesshomaru ordered, making his servant go silent.

"H… hai, Sesshomaru-sama," Jaken said, lowering his head.

"Where is Chichiue?" Sesshomaru asked.

The Daiyoukai's mother moved her hands toward her chest, taking the Meidou-seki that Inu no Taisho had given her long ago. She passed the chain over her head, letting the amulet rest on her hands, which were extended toward her son. Sesshomaru eyebrows furrowed.

"It's not where, it's when," she said. A white light started to emanate from the amulet's jewel. "There's no turning back now. Good luck, Sesshomaru."

The amulet's light involved him and vanished along with the Daiyoukai.

"Sesshomaru-sama!?" Jaken screamed; scared to hell after realizing that his master had disappeared.

The youkai lady looked up to the sky with her eyebrows furrowed lightly, "what are you planning now, Inu no Taisho?"

The school for monsters, Youkai Gakuen, was happier than ever. The students were returning to classes after enjoying their vacations. They were getting together with their friends and classmates.

All of them, without exception, were in human form. That was one of the most important rules of the place. Another one was that no human could enter the academy. That rule had been broken long time ago though, when a normal human teenager started to be a student in Youkai Gakuen, and not only that, he even succeeded in surviving his first year there. He became friends with some youkai that studied in the academy.

His first friend inside the academy was a cute vampire, Akashiya Moka. After that he knew a very huge chested Succubus, Kurumu Kurono, a stalker Yuki ona, Shirayuki Mizore, two powerful witches, Sendo Yukari and Dojo Ruby, and a pervert werewolf named Morioka Ginei. They all were members of the Newspaper club.

Together they fought against powerful and evil enemies. Their biggest battles were against the Academy's Public Security Committee's leader, and after that, they defeated Kaneshiro Hokuto, the head of a group that tried to destroy the barrier that separated the human world from the demon world.

Even after he survived all those dangers Tsukune decided to return and study his second year in Youkai Gakuen, with his friends. The first semester was pretty disturbing, even from the first day, the day he met Kokoa, a very energetic girl that turned out to be Moka's younger sister, another vampire.

After some time, they found new enemies and very dangerous things began to happen in Youkai Gakuen. But what else could you wait in a place full of monsters?

Aono Tsukune, the human student of the academy, was walking through the scary path from the dormitories to the school. It really was a scary image, but he was already used to it. The path of dark and lifeless dirt was surrounded by dead trees, just like the outer limits of the academy. Nevertheless, it was full of students, who were reunited with their friends, talking and laughing happily.

The brown haired boy was eager to see his friends again. He couldn't avoid the smile that adorned his face when he thought about it, and a light red tainted his cheeks when he remembered a certain pink haired girl.


The boy turned around so he could see who was calling him, but his vision went black as he felt something warm and soft pressed against his face, blocking his breathing. 'Kurumu.' He thought.

"I'm so happy to see you again! I missed you so much!" Kurumu said, tangling her fingers to the human's hair, bringing him closer to her chest. Tsukune began to go dizzy for the lack of oxygen; if he didn't pull apart he was going to pass out. The blue haired Succubus' hold lost its force, after a metallic bang was heard.

Tsukune filled his lunges forcefully, trying not to fall. He looked to Kurumu. "That bad habit never leaves you," he murmured.

He noted the presence of Yukari, the young witch that saved him by knocking Kurumu unconscious. "Ohayo, Yukari-chan," he greeted. The witch looked at him smiling before running and locking her arms behind his back, hugging him.

"Ohayo, Tsukune. I've missed you, desu," the girl said, looking up at him. The boy smiled, but an ice chill went down through his spine, erasing his smile.

Tsukune turned, founding Mizore, who was watching him from behind a tree. "Ohayo, Mizore-chan," the human greeted, making the Yuki ona to blush and nod timidly.

A killer Youki surrounded them. Kurumu was back in the realm of consciousness and wanted revenge against the witch. "You…!" Kurumu grabbed Yukari by the neck, shaking her violently, "how dare you to do that to me, flat chested girl!?"

"I had to, desu. You were suffocating Tsukune with your udders, milky cow!" Yelled Yukari, pinching the Succubus' cheeks.

Tsukune sighed as he looked the scene. "They really never change," he commented. He felt someone behind him and turned, founding the emerald gaze of Moka.

"Ohayo, Tsukune," the pink haired vampire greeted, smiling timidly.

"Ohayo, Moka-chan," the human said, stepping closer to her, "how were your holidays?"

"Very well, thank you. I had some complications with Kokoa, though, when she…" The look in Moka's eyes became hungry and a blush covered her cheeks, "that… scent…"

Tsukune was lost in Moka's emerald orbs, his own blood flowing towards his face. "Moka-chan…"



"Tsukune…" The vampire attached herself against him, holding the human's shoulders.

"Moka-chan…" Tsukune lowered his head lightly, filling his nose with the scent of her hair. His eyes widened when he felt something pinch into his neck.


The scream of Tsukune made Kurumu and Yukari to stop fighting and turn towards the scene. They both sighed; Moka was sucking Tsukune's blood… again.

"You Perv!"

Moka retracted her fangs from the boy's neck and licked the wound to heal it. Kokoa was standing in front of them, with her killer intent eyes pointing towards Tsukune. "O… ohayo, K-Kokoa-chan," the boy stammered.

The younger vampire's eyes looked away as she took Kou, the little bat that was perched on her shoulder. Kou transformed into a huge combat mallet.

"I'll kill you…" Kokoa yelled, her fury made her body shake.

Tsukune swallowed difficulty. "Kokoa-chan… I…" He fell silent when he saw Kokoa running towards him.

"I'll kill you and then I'll bring back my Onee-sama!" She brought the mallet down. Tsukune was barely able to avoid the attack; the mallet to smash against the dirt, raising a big cloud of dust.

"Kokoa wait!" Pleaded Moka, but Kokoa wouldn't listen, raising the mallet again ready to kill the human who was stealing her sister from her. A loud clang was heard and Kokoa stopped. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she fell to the ground, unconscious. "Kokoa!"

The pink haired vampire rushed towards her sister as Kurumu and Yukari were running to Tsukune's side.

"Are you alright, Tsukune?" Kurumu asked.

The young man nodded with a smile on his face, scratching the back of his head. He looked to Yukari. "Thanks again, Yukari-chan."

"You're welcome, desu," the witch said, smiling.

In that moment, Moka came to them with Kokoa in her arms, still unconscious. "How's Kokoa?" Tsukune asked.

"She's fine, just unconscious," Moka replied, and then looked to Yukari. "Did you really have to hit her so hard?" She asked.

Yukari lowered her head, ashamed. "She wanted to harm Tsukune, desu," she said, in an apologizing tone.

"Don't be so hard, Moka," Kurumu supported, "that wouldn't have been necessary if you wouldn't have been sucking Tsukune's blood again."

Both Tsukune and Moka blushed, making the rest of them laugh. The human and the pink haired vampire smiled timidly, looking into each other's eyes, before joining the laughing.

Moka's Rosario glowed red. 'Watch out.' Inner Moka warned, making Outer Moka look into the Rosario's eye.

"Moka-chan?" A worried Tsukune asked. A general silence fell upon them, all the students were quite. "What's wrong?" Tsukune looked to the other girls.

The sound of footsteps was the only thing that could be heard. All of them turned in the direction of the origin of the footsteps.

He was walking towards them, a tall man with long and silver hair that reached bellows his waist. He had aristocratic features and deep and cold golden eyes.

"Look. Who's he?" Asked a girl when the stranger passed by her side. She looked to her friends. "He's hot," she whispered, her friends nodded, blushing.

Tsukune, Moka and the others followed him with their eyes, just like the rest of the students, but that didn't bothered the stranger at all. There were marks on his face, two magenta stripes on each cheek and a blue crescent moon on his forehead.

"Those marks…" Yukari said, following the youkai with her eyes, "who is he?"

He was wearing the school's uniform, the brown shoes and pants, the white shirt with its collar and cuffs unbuttoned, and the green jacket.

The stranger entered the yard of the academy, turning to his right he disappeared behind a wall.

The silence reigned a few more minutes. 'Keep an eye on that guy, and do not underestimate him' Inner Moka said. Outer Moka's brows furrowed.

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