This is the sequel to Ghosts. If you haven't read that, it's important that you read it first or else much of this either won't make sense, won't seem in character or won't have the emotional impact it should.

All things not Allosia or Gabriel belong to JKR. There may be other original characters that I add, not sure yet. Who the hell is Gabriel? Patience, you'll see.

Yes, I talk about the wedding in this, but I tried to avoid being too ridiculous. Please don't shoot me.

Much of this will be very funny and sweet. Some of this (mostly towards the end) will be written in the first person, in the voices of more than one of the characters. Because of this, this may develop more slowly than Ghosts did. Writing in the voices of others is something I'm good at, but is, for what should be obvious reasons, exhausting.

WARNING, there is character death towards the end of this. I won't tell you whom, but you've been warned. No bitching at me when it happens.


Deciding to get married is always easier than getting married, which is always easier than being married. Allosia learned the first part of that lesson with great rapidity.

As the wedding approached her mother drove her insane with suggestions she should wear a muggle dress for the occasion. Meanwhile her father and Snape just stared at each other blankly whenever they had to be in each other's presence and she had had to stomach Snape's various confessions, the worst of which being that he had asked Voldemort himself permission to marry her.

"You what?!" she had exclaimed, more in astonishment than anything else.

"I wear his mark, Allosia. In his world, this body is not my own. It would be bad form, which I needn't tell you would also be very dangerous form, for me not to ask."

"Well what if he said no?"

"Well, he didn't. And that's what matters, and I'm not discussing what if's that have not and will not transpire with you."

Allosia knew better than to argue with that particular tone from him, but the brief discussion had put the reality of the life she was embarking on in very sharp relief.

As if in response to this she and Snape had developed a habit of always leaving partially played games of chess or go in his quarters. If the Dark Lord summoned him, he would have to return, to finish the game. It was an odd superstition, but one that was a comfort to at least one of them.

After the faculty had been informed of the engagement, everyone became very protective of Allosia. Some, because they knew of Snape's double life, others, because they worried about anyone insane enough to marry him. It made Allosia feel like a child at times, but all in all she was grateful for it, especially on nights he was away for the Ministry.

Sometimes, she would fly, other times, she would sit in his rooms with Dumbledore or Hooch for company. McGonnogal would bring her tea and tell her not to worry, but would never bring herself to get particularly personally involved.

The students, eventually, had also been told. Snape had nearly had to grovel on his knees to make sure that Dumbeldore didn't announce it to the whole school at a meal as if it were a festive occasion, which was in some way to include everyone. Eventually Snape did acquiesce to the reality that the students did need to be told if they didn't want to be driven insane by speculation. Allosia, had of course wound up with the odd and monotonous job of announcing it to all of her classes, since the thought of Snape doing it was too absurd for anyone to stomach.

Three classes had contained students who had asked, "why?" with disdain. The only other reaction had been from Hermione Granger, who had applauded, causing the whole room, Allosia included, to turn and look at her like she was insane. In perhaps the most depressing aspect of the entire situation as it related to the students, Snape had insisted the wedding occur in March, during Spring holiday to ensure that they would not be the victim of any pranks.

The event itself was a small affair, guests limited to a few friends and family members and the faculty. A few students who were staying on for the holiday presumably watched from the castle windows; they included Draco Malfoy.

Allosia wore traditional witch's robes for the occasion, bending to her mother's will only slightly, by having them made in a pale, silver velvet. Snape's attire was as formal and stern as it had ever been, and Allosia could not have been more pleased. Dumbledore performed the ceremony in the moon dark lit by hundreds of tiny magical lights, like the ones Snape had described to her under the influence of the Veritaserum just a few months earlier.

Their vows were secret, at Snape's insistence, and it was not until the ceremony itself that Allosia saw the wisdom of this.

"I have made many vows in my life, many oaths. Not all of them well- advised, and not, I must confess, many of them well-kept. For that reason, and because my soon to be wife knows and understands this about me, our pledges today will remain always and merely between ourselves," he had said to the small gathering

He held her face then, with cold hands, and whispered into her ear. She had then done the same to him, and then they had both nodded at Dumbledore who walked them through the exchange of tokens and pronounced them married. Rings, being impractical in both of their lives, were replaced by pendants.

Afterwards, there was a small feast and dancing in the Great Hall. It was surprisingly boisterous and went on until well into the early hours of the morning and quite a bit after she and Snape had retired to the chambers he was refusing to give up. An architecture firm would come in eventually and magically join their small sets of rooms together, cementing literally the fact that neither of them had a home other than Hogwarts now.

It took Allosia some time to realize just how much she had wed herself to the school, as much as she had to him, that night.