The leaves on the maple shuddered with the gentle wind. There was an unnatural breeze. I quivered and crossed my arms and the cold breezed cooled against my skin. I walked and walked. The frosty gentle wind continue as I gradually walked toward the Duel Academy.

The light wind bothered me a little. It was cold to me. "Aki-san." The voice was full of reorganization. I stared down, Rua and Ruca and I smiled back. I looked down, their green eyes instantly cheerful.

They grabbed my arm and pulled me to the hall. "Where are we going?" I insisted. They looked completely confused and stop at the main entrance. "You don't know, Aki-san?" Ruca asked. "Know what?" The twins took a step back and gasped.

"Izayoi Aki, please report to the Chancellor Office." The announcer proclaimed on the speakers.

I slowly twisted the main entrance door. I stalked through the hallway. My fist gently thudded on the chancellor's door.

"Come in." I twisted the knob and entered. "Ah. Izayoi," My eyes brows narrowed.

"You wanted to see me?"

"On my own authorization, I have written a tribute letter to the Duel College in North America. They said they would gladly accept you for their senior program next week." I hesitated. "I thought I would still remain in this school." I reply in a weak voice.

"This is a suitable career for a top women duelist such as yourself. But I understand if you want to deny it, Aki." I thought for a moment.

"Of course it's up to you in whether you choose this route or not. There's a bit of time left. This is an opportunity many students to don't have."

The Chancellor added. I couldn't answer and bit my lip.

"Aki?" I stopped in front of Rua and Ruca. I pulled a folded paper of her pocket and smoothed it out, my plane ticket. I intently stared at the ticket and shuddered at the thought of leaving my friends.

"Are going to the Duel College in North America?" Rua wondered. "I don't know." I mumbled, turning away. It was slow afternoon at the Tops. I leaned against the wall, curled up in a ball. Her head faced on her knees.

Ruca was to the door in one step, opening it quietly. Ruca wobbled my arm. "Aki-san?" I repeated, bothered.

I lifted my head up, looking up.

"Ruca, right now isn't a good time." I harshly retort. "Aki-san, please we're very worried." "I'm touch that your worried about me… but right now I really need to think things through." "Okay, Aki. Please come down for dinner. We've been so worried about you." Ruca whispered. "Sure." I smiled.

Ruca watched my face while I went to the dining room. "Yusei, Jack, and Crow?" I flinched. What were they doing here? They were in the Satellite weren't they?

"Aki?" Yusei asked. I gasped, my entire body went blank. I didn't want any more distractions. I nodded.

"Did you heard what Aki got accepted to, Yusei?" Rua said, breaking the loud silence. "No." Yusei answered.

"I'll be getting some fresh air for a while." I interrupted. I stepped back out. Yusei stared with curious, guarded eyes as I walked to the door.

Yusei POV"Aki-san, Got accepted at the Duel College in North America Senior Program." I nodded.

Aki was leaving. The thought of Aki leaving made me trembled. We've always been really good friends but there was something special that we had.

"No. It's up to her to whether she chooses the route or not, Rua." Ruca continued. "Is that why she left?" I asked.

"I think so. She's been really down lately." Rua replied, concerned. Aki was upset, but why?

Aki stepped back in, and shut the door quietly.

"I'll go talk to her." I thudded gently on her bedroom door. "Aki?" I repeated.

I threw the door open, it slammed against the wall with a light bang. "Yusei?" Her face was peaceful and her amber eyes reflected sadness, confusion, and distressing. I sat next to her on her bed. "Aki…" She looked up. She hesitated and pursed her lips. Her eyes were full of distress. "Listen to your heart, Aki." I muttered. She closed her eyes.

I tried to read her expression. Her features was full of worry or pain. I leaned forward to read her expression.

"Aki-san?" Rua smiled and snickered. She opened back up and blinked and we pulled away staying silent.

"Thank you, Yusei." She mumbled and I smiled back. "Aki, Do you think we could duel?" Rua asked. She didn't answer.


"Aki, please can we duel?" Rua complained. "I don't know. I don't want to hurt you." I repeated. "Aki, You won't hurt me." I turned away. "I hurt so many people, my father, mother, classmates, and Yusei." Rua stared at me with desperate eyes. I goaded him further. "Is that why, Aki-san?" I nodded.

"Don't worry about me, Aki. I'll be fine and maybe… Dexter (Tenpei in Japanese Version) could duel you, too?" I smiled. "Please please, please, please, please, please…" Rua pleaded.

Rua wouldn't understand.

I didn't want to duel and reform that memory that haunted my brain.

"Rua, at the Duel Academy I knocked out one of my classmates with one of my cards. She was taken to the hospital for 2 weeks. I was a broken down for 2 weeks, Rua. Please understand" I flashed back and shuddered. "She forgave you remember." "But I didn't forgive myself. I need to control my powers and until then I can't duel anymore, Rua. Sorry."


Rua's annoyance was getting to me. I needed to show him that I couldn't bare to duel after the incident, I needed to duel him to show my pain.

After the Duel

I fought the urge to scream. I clutched my head in my hands, crying. I hurtled Rua from across the room using my wretched powers. I couldn't bare it anymore. Ruka's face dropped lower and gawking me with those eyes---the eyes of fearing a monster.

I could see her face was full of betrayal and heartbreaking. I trembled at the very thought of hurting Rua.

I didn't want to hurt him.

He laid on the corner of the sidewalk, out cold. I couldn't believe my powers did this. My eyes flashed open. I ran and ran., tears drowning my face. "Aki!" Yusei yelled.

I kept running and running. My powers made no sense anymore, I smoothed out the creases on my plane ticket. I was going to the Duel College in North America, no one was going to get hurt anymore…

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