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"It's a boy." The doctor said as he handed the young boy to his mother. His father was smiling down at him, not believing that he helped create such a beautiful creature. The young boy had blond hair, gray eyes for now but he knew they would be the deepest blue anyone will ever see. His mother held the boy in her arms in a loving embrace.

"Hello there young one, I'm your mother, and that right there is your father." said the red haired woman. The boy stopped crying and looked up at his mother. He started giggling and grabbed his mother's finger with both hands. He started playing with it as his parents watched on with pride and love.

The father then stared at his lovely wife. She had been a bit of a tomboy the first couple of weeks he had first met her. After she had opened up to him, he knew he had found the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. His wife looked up at him and smiled at him. He smiled back and then saw a flash go off. The father looked across the room to see the doctor with a camera. The doctor smiled at them and handed them the picture. Subsequently, they heard something that they never expected to hear.


Many ninja arrived on the scene to see Kyuubi attacking their village. No one knew exactly why he was attacking Konoha. Konoha has never had a past history with the biju, not one that they knew of. However, they were not about to let it kill them all and destroy their precious village. They fought with everything they had, but it still wasn't enough to stop Kyuubi. It just ignored their futile attempts to stop it and continued to rampage the village.

Far off in the distance, someone with blond hair rode on top of large toad, moving at high speeds to the fight. He held his newborn baby in his arms in hopes to stop Kyuubi.

"Let me be there on time." The mysterious man said. Then he smirked as a sudden thought. "I'm starting to be as bad as Kakashi."

Many were about to give up hope but all of a sudden, the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, appeared on top of Gamabunta, the chief toad. He had his usually jonin vest, navy blue shirt, pants and shoes. He also had his famous white robe with flames embedded at the bottom. He held his new born child in his arms, praying he would forgive him when he grew up. For what? For sealing Kyuubi in him.

Minato was making the biggest sacrifice in his life; risking his own life and the future life of his son, Naruto Namikaze. He knew the only way to stop Kyuubi would be to seal him into a new born child. But he couldn't ask anyone else to give up their child if he wasn't willing to do that himself.

There is a price to be paid with sealing Kyuubi into Naruto, and that is his life, though he couldn't care less. As long as it saved the village, Naruto and Kushina, he didn't care.

Kushina Uzumaki is Minato's wife. She was the one who gave birth to Naruto. He would've announced it long ago but Konoha's advisers, Homaru and Koharu, advised him not to. He was foolish to have listened to them but it couldn't be helped. After giving birth to Naruto, Minato told Kushina to remain there while he went to stop Kyuubi. He hoped she would forgive him, too. Now here he stood, facing Kyuubi, Naruto crying in his arms and a single tear rolling down his cheek.

"I'm sorry Naruto… I just hope they see you as the hero that you truly are." Then, he started the sealing jutsu and sealed Kyuubi into Naruto. It was struggling and Minato almost didn't pull it off, but thankfully, he had an unprecedented amount of chakra. At the last second, he managed to seal Kyuubi into his only son. After that, he used the Eight Trigrams Sealing. "There, there my son. I know you don't understand this, but thanks to this seal, you'll be able to access Kyuubi's chakra to help you whenever you need it." He said, trying to calm down a crying Naruto. He kept rocking Naruto until Naruto fell asleep. Minato had no energy left and he knew he would die soon. Knowing that his village is safe, he would be able to rest a lot more peacefully. Unfortunately, today apparently was not his day as someone appeared in front of him.

"Minato, something's happened to Kushina." A white haired man said. Minato's eyes widened at his words.

"What do you mean Jiraiya?" Minato asked coldly. Jiraiya flinched at the coldness in Minato's voice. He didn't want to be the one to tell him, it would just devastate him.

"She… Well, after you left, she insisted on helping defend the village. I was there and told her she had to rest but she knocked me out and went to protect the village. When I awoke, I went to look for her but… she was no where to be found…"

"No… You don't mean that…" Minato asked fearfully.

"I… I think she's dead Minato." Jiraiya reluctantly said. Minato didn't believe it; he just couldn't.

"But she wasn't found; that doesn't mean she's dead…" Minato said. Jiraiya just shook his head.

"It's highly unlikely that she's alive." Minato just looked down at his son. Even though he looked like him, Minato knew he would be just like his mother. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be alive long enough to see if it is true.

"Take care of my son, Jiraiya. Take him back to the village and make sure he's seen as a hero. The hero who helped stop Kyuubi from completely destroying Konoha. Also, make sure he takes the name Naruto Uzumaki. I don't want my enemies coming after him." Minato told Jiraiya as he handed Naruto to Jiraiya. Jiraiya nodded and disappeared into the night. Minato stood, looking at the night sky.

"Be tough my son, I doubt the village will respect you but I hope they do respect my last wish. And as for you Kushina…" Minato smiled as he stared into the moon for the last time before closing his eyes. "I know you're alive, Kushina. You're just too stubborn to die." Minato said as he fell to the floor dead. Minutes later, several ANBU picked him up and headed for the village.

[*.*.Time Skip – 5 years.*.*]

"Get back here demon and pay for that apple!"

The day started out as usual, someone accusing the five year old, blond haired kid of stealing something from them and the blond kid running for his life as a mob formed to beat him. Naruto was running down the busier streets of Konoha, hoping to lose them in the crowd.

"I already paid for it!" Naruto yelled before disappearing into the crowd. The mob stopped and started swearing, as they knew they wouldn't be able to find him now. They separated and left to continue their day. Naruto smiled as he saw the mob leave. He laughed at them as he walked home, eating his apple in peace. He wasn't really paying attention to where he was going and soon ended up in the park. He looked around confused, wondering why he was at the park but just shrugged and went to the swings.

He was swinging for a couple of minutes before some orange blur ran straight at him and tackled him. This caused Naruto to fall back, off the swing and onto the ground. He let out a groan before looking up and seeing a small orange fox looking eagerly at him. Naruto got up and picked up the fox.

"Uhm… Hey…" The fox immediately jumped out of Naruto's arms and licked his face. Naruto laughed as the fox continued licked his face. "S-Stop… Come on… I-I-It tickles." It would be another couple of minutes before the fox stopped, but it was still hyperactive. Naruto took some time to calm down before he stood up. He walked over to the fox and patted it on the head. He then started to walk away. The fox looked back at him and started following him. Naruto looked back and saw that the fox was following him.

"Are you following me?" He asked. The fox seemed to have understood because the fox's head did a motion the looked to be a nod. This surprised Naruto, he didn't think animals were that smart. Now it was time for the harder questions. "Why?" He asked, wondering if the fox would talk. But all the fox did was stand on its hind legs and repeatedly tap Naruto's stomach with its front paw. Naruto sweat dropped, he was kind of hoping the fox would have said something. He sighed and continued walking, the little fox walking right behind him.

Naruto kept walking and found himself at Ichiraku's ramen bar. He smiled widely and ran inside. He noticed that the fox wasn't following him and felt somewhat disappointed. He sat down on the chair and was about to order when Teuchi, the owner, stopped him.

"Sorry Naruto, you know the rules, No pets." Naruto tilted his head.

"What do you mean? I don't have a pet." Naruto explained. Teuchi just pointed to his head. Naruto reached up and felt the little fox, it sleeping silently on his head. Ayame came out of the kitchen to see what was going on. It was in that exact moment that the little fox decided to stretch and scratch its ear with its leg. Ayame squealed at how cute the fox was. Both Naruto and Teuchi sweat dropped as Ayame grabbed the fox. The fox just stared confusedly at Ayame then looked back at Naruto.

"Fine; I'll take the ramen to go then." He said as he took out his Gama-wallet. The fox stared at Naruto's wallet, then jumped from Ayame's hands and snatched it from Naruto's hands. "Hey!" He then sped after the little fox. He was right behind the fox and jumped so he could grab the fox. Regrettably, the fox saw this coming and jumped to the left, making Naruto make a face planted on the sidewalk. When he got up he saw the fox but not the wallet.

"Hey, where'd you put my wallet?" Naruto asked. The little fox looked to his left, then his right before looking back at Naruto and tilting his head. Naruto sweat dropped and stared at the fox that was surprisingly calm. He sighed and decided to go home since he didn't have the money for Ichiraku's ramen. He started walking home and again the fox was following him. When they reached his house, Naruto turned to the fox.

"Sorry little guy, but I'm not allowed to have any pets." The fox's ears went down and it looked sad. This got Naruto sad; he didn't want to see the little fox sad. The fox walked away into a dark alley and disappeared. Naruto walked into his home, thinking about the fox. He made some instant ramen since it was the only the only thing he could afford and sat down on the couch to watch TV. He then got tired of watching TV and went to bed.

It was midnight and Naruto was still thinking about the little fox. He was thinking how lonely the fox must be, how afraid it must be being alone. Naruto got off his bed and went outside. He looked into the dark alley he saw the fox entered and started looking for it. He spent five minutes in the alley but he still didn't find the fox. He was about to give up when he heard something move in the trashcan next to him. He opened it up, hoping to see the fox but instead saw a rat inside eating something out of a can. Naruto quickly closed the lid and headed home. When he got in, he went out his window and sat on his roof. He looked up into the sky.

"I know what it feels like… To be alone, wandering the streets in the middle of the night hoping to find something to eat…" Naruto said to himself. He knew even though it was just an animal, it didn't mean that it didn't have any feelings. Naruto kept looking at the sky while he hoped that the fox would be alright. Then he felt something small get on his lap. He looked down and saw that it was the little fox from earlier. He smiled at it as the fox looked back at him. His smile grew as he saw the fox with a wallet. Naruto then noticed it wasn't his wallet. In fact, it actually had more money than what he had in his old wallet. The only similarity was that fact that it was still a Gama-wallet.

"Wait, if this isn't my wallet, then whose is it?" Naruto asked. Across the village in Tanzaku town, a white haired man was looking for his wallet. He knew he had it, he saw it before he entered the village. Then he remembered he saw a small orange blur running around him. The orange blur must have been the thing who stole his wallet. He got angry but then remembered that the security guard was waiting for the white haired man to pay him.

"I swear I had it in here somewhere." He said to security guard. The security guard just grabbed him and threw him out of the "gentlemen's club". The white haired man's face connected with the hard concrete with a sickening crack.

"And don't comeback until you got enough money." The security guard said before closing the door and leaving Jiraiya outside, unconscious.

Naruto picked up the fox and then it yawned. Naruto took the fox and walked back into his house. He got one of his pillows and put it on the floor next to his bed. Then he put the fox on it.

"Good night… Hmm, you need a name don't you? Ok then, how about Shouta?" The fox shook its head, which still surprised Naruto to no end. "Daisuki? Takeo? Suzaku?" The fox shook its head at those names as well. "Wait… are you even a boy?" The fox shook its head.

"Ok then… Mai" The fox shook her head again. Naruto spent half an hour trying to give the fox a name but she didn't like any he had suggested. "Ok, last one before I give up… How about Miyu?" the fox made no motion, making Naruto think she liked it. "So Miyu?" The fox looked up at Naruto and made no indication of hating it. Naruto smiled and laid down on his bed. "Miyu it is." He said before falling asleep.


The signs of a new day made themselves known as the sun's light shown through the window into Naruto's room. It was too bright to ignore, which made Naruto wake up. Naruto slowly opened one eye and yawned. Soon, Naruto felt a small amount of pressure on his chest. He looked down and saw Miyu sleeping on his chest. He was about to get up and kick the fox out until he remembered yesterday night. He smiled at the memory and lay there, waiting for Miyu to get up. It didn't take that long, Miyu started moving and stretched. Then she yawned and scratched her left ear with her leg. Naruto laughed and picked up Miyu and set her back on his bed. He went to the bathroom and got ready for the day.

When he came out, he was wearing a white shirt with a spiral like shape in the middle, navy blue pants and blue ninja shoes.

"Come on Miyu; let's head out and see what happens today." Miyu yelped and followed Naruto out of the house. After he locked up, Naruto headed out and went to the park. While they were walking, Miyu was sitting on top of Naruto's head. People were talking about them as they passed by, saying thing like "Ironic…" or "So he finally figured it out…" and things similar to that. Naruto heard them all, and yet he didn't understand what they meant. After a moment's pondering over the matter he shrugged it off, and they reached the park. Naruto and Miyu spent hours on the swing before Naruto decided to walk around the village.

During his walk, he saw a boy with a black hair sitting near the edge of the dock. The boy looked up at Naruto and Naruto smiled at him. The kid ignored Naruto and kept looking at the water. Naruto pouted at him and kept walking. He just kept walking and walking until something hit him on the side of his head. He fell down and held his head in pain. He looked back and saw a drunken man looking extremely mad. The man said something but he slurred when he spoke. Naruto didn't understand why he attacked him or what the man just said. The man then picked up a rock and threw it at Naruto with amazing accuracy. Naruto kept holding his head, trying to avoid taking too much damage. The man soon got help from two other drunken men and the three started throwing whatever they could find at Naruto. Naruto shielded Miyu while the attack continued.

As soon as it has started, it ended, confusing Naruto. He heard punches being thrown and three bodies hitting the ground. Then suddenly, someone picked Naruto by his collar and brought him to eye level. The man was about thirty to thirty-five years old. He wore a black masked that covered everything under his eyes; eyes that held hatred, pain and bloodlust. He wore an plain headband that went across his forehead, but he wasn't a ninja. He was also bald, about six feet tall, and had a red robe on. Underneath the robe, Naruto could tell he had two swords. The man was scary looking, some would say sinister, demonic even. And yet, Naruto didn't feel as scared as he thought he should be.

"What do you want?" Naruto asked, making the man snarl.

"Why didn't you fight back?" The man asked. Naruto didn't get why the man asked him that.


"Why didn't you fight back? Why were you just cowering down and letting them pelt you?" Naruto didn't answer the man's question. He didn't exactly know why either but he didn't want to tell the man that. He was brought out of his thought by the only word the man said. "Pathetic."

"What? Are you calling me pathetic?" Naruto asked angrily. The man sneered and let him go.

"Yes I am. You don't even fight back when people attack you for no reason. You're truly pathetic, a waste of my time." The man said before walking away.

"Hold on old man." Naruto yelled, making the man stop. He turned around and looked at Naruto.

"What is it that you want?" Naruto looked down at the floor and hesitated.

"I was wondering… How did you beat those men?" He asked, pointing at the drunken men. The man raised an eyebrow, curiosity evident in his face.

"Why do you want to know?" The man asked. Naruto looked up and the man saw determination in his eyes. He saw the eyes only great fighters and warriors have, something he didn't see every day.

"I want to know how to defend myself. I don't want to be pathetic, I know I'm not but I need to show everyone that I'm not. So will you help me?" Naruto inquired. The man thought about it, not knowing if he should agree or not. "Well?"

"I'm not sure. Meet me in the forest behind the park and we'll see if you have any fight in you." The man said before disappearing into a crowd. Naruto remained where he stood before he felt Miyu tugging on his foot. Naruto snapped out of it and head for the park again. He ran as fast as he could and when he finally reached the forest behind the park, he saw a log cabin in the middle of a clearing. Naruto went up to the cabin and knocked on the door. But before he could hit the door, he heard someone yell,

"Back here!" Naruto wasn't sure if the voice was talking to him or not, but he went to the back of the cabin and saw the man from earlier sitting crossed legged and in front of him, six swords were stuck in the ground. The first sword had a magnificently white blade, engraved and styled to resemble a flame. The guard had been modelled to look like a pair of angel wings, inlaid with the kanji for passion.

The second sword's guard resembled a butterfly; the engravings on the sharp blade so intricate in their design that it made Naruto's mouth hang open slightly. Its grip was made of a dark wood that looked warm and comforting – a feature that had the exact opposite feeling of the brutally sharp blade. The pommel boar a single topaz that glinted softly back at Naruto in the sunlight.

The third sword had a jagged blade of a blue color, with a pattern made of triangles and zigzags engraved into it. It looked brutal; the serrated edge giving it the impression that if it was dragged across your skin, there wouldn't be a lot left. The guard was wave-shaped, and its grip was formed like a tower.

The fourth sword had a beautiful blade; almost as if made from pure amethyst. It was etched with a pattern made of waves and rectangles, and its grip was of a black metal set with moonstones and aquamarines - the pommel shaped like a skull.

The fifth sword's guard was rectangle-shaped; its grip was of a black metal with a pattern composed of mesmerising spirals inlaid into it. The pommel however, was shaped like a globe, it's smoothness a complete parallel of its mostly sharp edged design.

The last sword however, caught Naruto's attention and heart as soon as he laid eyes on it. The weapon had a mysterious black blade; as dark as obsidian and yet as reflective as the most magnificent of metals. Dragons were engraved into the black surface in a deep, blood red – and Naruto wouldn't have been surprised if the crimson veins were ruby. The guard resembled its wings, made of a black metal, and the grip was wrapped with bandages. The pommel was shaped like a vicious flame.

Naruto didn't understand what he was supposed to do – but one thing was certain; the first and sixth sword caught his eye the most. The man gave Naruto a calculating stare before speaking.

"Sit down in front of the blades." The man said. Naruto went in front of the swords and sat down, still wondering why he was there. "Now choose." Naruto eyes widened and he looked at the man incredulous.


"You want me to train you right? Well if you want me to train you, choose a sword!" The man yelled. Naruto just sat there; not believing this man would let a child use something as dangerous as a sword. Naruto took Miyu out of his head and told her to go to a safe place. He didn't know where the man was going with this but he felt like Miyu would be in danger if she'd stay on his head. Naruto then stood and picked up the first and sixth sword. Naruto thought they'd be heavy but they were as light as the wooden handle of a broom. The man raised an eye brow at this.

"Two? How very unusual. Very well then, two it is." The man said as he stood up and picked up the third and fifth sword. He got into a battle stance Naruto's never seen before. The man had his right hand over his head with the sword pointing at Naruto. The man's left hand was in front of him, his sword diagonal to his body. And his feet were spread out and kept him steady. Naruto just looked at his swords and then back at the man. He had his eyes closed, looked like he was concentrating on something. Then, his eyes suddenly opened and he charged at Naruto. Naruto panicked; never having used a sword before in his life.

"W-Wait a minute! I don't know how to use a sword, let alone two!" Naruto yelled, hoping to stop the man, but to no avail; the man just kept running at him.

"No one told you to pick up two blades!" The man yelled back. He swung the sword on his right. Naruto instinctively lifted the sword on his left and blocked the man's sword. This surprised the man for a second before he brought the other sword down in a vertical swing. Naruto again instinctively brought his right sword up to block his sword. Naruto recoiled back as he felt the strength the man used in his swing. Then the man kicked Naruto in the stomach, sending him flying back. Naruto stood up and dusted himself off. The man didn't move from where he stood.

"What, are you done?" Asked Naruto. When the man didn't answer, Naruto got mad. "Fine then, here I come." Naruto then ran at the man, who still didn't move. Naruto then vertically swung his right sword at the man, causing the man to block it and then forced it to get stuck on the ground. Naruto used his momentum to use the sword as a lift and kick the man in the chest, sending him back about two steps. Then, while still in the air, Naruto used his other sword to swing another vertical strike at him.

The man used both swords to block this strike. The man smirked at Naruto's determination and conation.

'He's pretty smart for a brat.' The man thought as he moved away from Naruto.

"You're pretty good for a brat ya know that?" The man said, much to the annoyance of Naruto.

"I'm not a brat!" Naruto screamed as he charged the man again.

"Stop!" The man said, making Naruto stop in his tracks. He looked up confused by the man's action.

"What? Why?" Naruto asked. The man struck both swords into the grounds, making them stand. He them walked over to Naruto and crouched down until he was at eye level with Naruto. Naruto also struck both swords into the ground.

"I thought you said you didn't know how to use a sword, let alone two. Were you lying to me?" The man asked seriously. Naruto shook his head.

"I never did use a sword before. I'm not sure how I did all of this; I just did what first came to mind." He said, a bit confused himself. The man smirked at Naruto's words.

"That's good to hear, but if you want to prove to everyone that you're not pathetic, you might want to train more on your swordsmanship." The man said. Naruto smiled at his words and was about to say something but the man said something first. "Lucky for you, I am a great teacher." Naruto's smile grew and he bowed at the man.

"Thank you… uhm…" Naruto stopped; he didn't even know the man's name. The man laughed as he knew why he stopped.

"Just call me Amir." Amir said as he walked into the cabin. Naruto laughed a little bit, attracting the attention of Amir. "Does my name amuse you?" He asked. Naruto immediately stopped laughing and stood up straight.

"No, I just never heard a name like that before." He said. The man looked at Naruto and then went back inside the cabin. Naruto followed him into the cabin which he guessed was Amir's home. When he entered, all he saw was a couch, a small TV, about twenty or so swords hanging on the wall and robes with the kanji for 'Immortals' on the back. Naruto looked at the robes for a long time before he felt a hand land on his shoulder. He looked up and saw Amir looking at the robes too. He had a distant look in his eyes.

"That is the robes we of the Immortals clan wear to show off our pride. We wore it mostly when we were Imperial guards." Naruto saw a sad look go on Amir's face.

"Were?" Naruto asked. Amir looked down and sighed.

"Yes, we were. I am the last of the Immortals clan. The rest died in a war not long ago. I survived only because they thought I died when I was really just unconscious. When I awoke, my brothers lay dead on the floor. I knew returning home would mean my death. I had no fear of dying, but I knew I was the last of my clan so I set off to rebuild my clan. I ended up here. They say they saw me unconscious right outside Konoha's wall." Amir said as he thought back on the war against Greece. Naruto looked at the robes, then at Amir and then again at the robes.

"So you don't have a family anymore." Amir shook his head. "Well, how do you become part of the Immortal clan?" Amir smirked as he moved closer to the robes.

"It's not easy. To be an Immortal you have to meet certain qualifications, which is said to be as worse as the Infantry units." Naruto gulped as soon as he heard Amir words. Naruto might not be the smartest boy alive but he had heard of the Infantry units some nations had. The Infantry units have more physically demanding training than other branches of armies, and place a greater emphasis on discipline, fitness, physical strength and aggression.

"So it's like that than?" Amir nodded, his smirk never leaving his face. Naruto stood passively behind Amir, thinking about what he said. "Then I don't care, I will do whatever you put in front of me, I will succeed and I will be an Immortal." Naruto said with as much determination as he always had. Amir's smirk grew and he looked back at Naruto.

"Then let's get started, but first we need to leave." Amir said as he walked into his bedroom.

"Leave?" Naruto asked. Amir came back into the living room a couple of minutes later with a bag full of his stuff. Naruto looked on confused as to why he would pack all that stuff.

"Yeah, leave Konoha. Like I said, to be an Immortal, there are certain qualifications you need to meet and we can't do that here. Now go home and pack; only bring the essentials. When you're done, meet me at the gates and we'll leave." Amir said as he walked out the door. Naruto followed after him.

"Wait, I have a question." Amir turned around and faced Naruto. "Can I take Miyu?"

"Sorry, I can't have you bring another person with us. She would only slow us down. Besides, bring a girl you like will only distract you." Amir answered before he walked away, leaving a blushing Naruto standing there.

"Miyu's not just some girl…" Naruto said before Amir interrupted him.

"That's what they all say!" Amir yelled. Naruto's blush grew and he growled. He picked up Miyu who was sleeping the whole time right outside Amir's back door and ran after Amir. He stopped when he was in front of him and held up Miyu to show Amir. "I'm guessing this Miyu." Naruto nodded his head. Amir sighed.

"Come on, she won't slow us down, I promise." Naruto pleaded and Miyu gave Amir a puppy dog pout. Amir shook his head in defeat.

"Fine, but she better not slow us down." Amir said as he continued his walk while Naruto yelled "YES!" and ran home. He started packing his favorite orange jumpsuit and all the instant ramen he had. When he finished, he ran out and locked his door. He tried to run all the way to the gates but stopped to take a breather. When he realized where he stopped, he started jumping for joy. Then he ran into Ichiraku's Ramen shop. He ate fifteen bowls before he decided to head off. He waved goodbye to Teuchi and Ayame, the only two people he knew who didn't hate him, and told them he'd see them again someday.

When he reached the gates, he noticed that Amir was talking to the two Chunin at the front desk. When he walked up to them, the two Chunins glared at him while Amir started walking out of the village. Naruto followed Amir. When he was close enough, Naruto asked him when they would return.

"When the time is right." Amir said vaguely. Naruto asked him what that meant, but Amir wouldn't say. Naruto stayed quiet as they walked on, not knowing what to expect.

[*.*.Time Skip – 1 year.*.*]

A blond haired masked kid walked limply as he headed for Konoha. He had an average, black headband on his forehead and a black mask that covered everything under his eyes. He had a torn up black coat with the kanji for Immortal on the back. Blue flames embedded at the bottom which reached up to his ankles. He wore a blue long sleeve shirt and black ANBU pants and traditional ninja shoes. He also wore a yellow and silver arm guard on his right hand and blue fingerless gloves. But the things that made him different were the two swords tied to his pants by a brown belt; one on his left and one on his right. The pommel was yellow and the grip were wrapped in bandages. The swords guard was also yellow and the sheath was gray.

"Finally, I can go back home." The kid said. He was exhausted and wanted to go home. He had been training for a full year and it was finally time. Unfortunately, on his way home his master abruptly collapsed and the kid helped him go to the nearest hospital. Luckily, they passed a village not long ago. The doctor told the kid to wait outside while they examined his master. The doctor came back a couple minutes later to tell the kid his master would die from an incurable disease soon. The kid had broken down and cried for his master; though he didn't cry long, for he remembered his master's words.

"To be an Immortal, you most not be weak. No matter the situation, you must be strong."When the kid went to see his master in his last moments on Earth, He left the kid with words that will forever live on in the kid.

"Not matter what, don't ever leave a comrade behind. As part of the Immortal clan, I expect you to have integrity and character. Besides skill, perseverance and heart, that is what makes a warrior so great. Be proud of who you have become and bring some pride into the Immortal clan. Farewell… Naruto…"

A tear escaped Naruto's eye as he remembered his master's last words.

"I will… I will bring pride into the Immortal clan. Just you wait Amir." Naruto said. He kept walking until he reached the front gates of Konoha. "Finally I'm… Here…" Naruto said before collapsing from exhaustion. The two Chunin guards rushed to his side and called for some help. When medical ninja finally arrived, they lifted Naruto onto a stretcher and rushed him to the hospital.

Well ,there you go... My New story and i think it came out great...

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