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Naruto's interior monologues (A/N his thoughts at a certain time)

Kyuubi's words


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Good decisions?

That bastard. That god damned bastard. He had it all in the village. Anything and everything, yet he left. The bastard left last night. He hurt Sakura. He left me without a friend.

I don't see why we have to save him. It was his decision.

No, he is their precious last Uchiha and they want him for security. They fear too much in that village. My village. They fear me too much in my village. I am the object of their fear, their hate. They don't want me; they want him.

They want me dead. They want to see me breathe my last breath. Just because of this damn demon they put inside me. I want to make them pay for the suffering I faced all these years. I want to make them bleed the blood I spilled for the and because of them. Every single one of them will bleed!

Ugh! My head! The pain.

The morning after the escape of the Uchiha, Tsunade called on Naruto and Shikamaru to form a team to find and retrieve the escapee. The jonin were gone for the moment and that meant they could only rely on their friends. Upon finding Kiba, Neji, and Choji, they set off with Sakura looking on as they left.

There was an uneasy silence on the pursuit. None desired to talk, or chose not to for fear of what the others would think of them breaking the silence. But one couldn't take it.

"So Sasuke just went up and left?" Kiba started, turning back to make sure they were out of earshot. "Can't say I'm surprised. He always seemed to want to leave." The other didn't speak a reply but there was a mutual agreement in mind. Even Naruto agreed, the only one who would have been on the rebuttal's side. This put off the others, they were sure that he would have disagreed. They noticed from the start there was a change in their friend. He was too quiet for the most part; even more surprising was that he even looked like he didn't want to be on the mission. This was to save his friend, so, why was he so not there? They all suspected for him to be ranting about how this was not Sasuke's decision.

He kept quiet all the time through. It was… unusual to say the least. The loud mouth they knew was gone for the moment, and this stranger replaced him. That was until he seen their faces looking hard on his. His face brightened and took on quizitive qualities. "What is wrong, guys? Is something on my face?" The bright face made them feel as though he was alright. It was simple: he was being broody because his best friend left. There was no real need to look into it.

They should have looked into it; they shouldn't have taken that for him being fine. But what will be done, will be done.

No matter the consequence.

If anybody should be leaving I should. The way I've been treated, the things I put up with day in, day out. He has been privileged all his life. Getting anything he wants on a whim. He could have the affection, the attention, the abilities and Sakura. But he doesn't want what they offer. What the village can give him. Blinded by the idiocy of revenge that only someone spoiled would venture on.

Ugh…where is this all coming from?

Unbeknownst to Naruto the Kyuubi was initiating a long formed plan. Although the final outcome of the plan was unknown to all, even it's initiator.

After taking most of the morning, the make shift team caught up to the ones who culled Sasuke to Oto's side. The sound four, Jirobo, Sakon, Tayuya, and Kidomaru, was there to stop them before they could take back Sasuke. Who, was conveniently put in a barrel for ease of transport. They all remarked it as weird and sort of comical. After time was spent to get out of a trap set by one of the four, circumstances kept separating the five. Choji was the first to leave, Neji second, Kiba fell with one of the sound four and became the third, and Shikamaru stood behind while Naruto went after a new arrival that took the barreled Sasuke.

And again Naruto showed that earlier broody, silent attitude chasing after the new transporter. He didn't do what was expected of him. Something he even expected. He did not yell or shout or rant at the new man. He charged away, and it scared him. He felt as though he lost control of his body. He was trying to shout at the man, but his mouth didn't move and no sound came. He only had a half control. He was the one who moved, who was moving his body. But only at times, he felt himself move and it wasn't by his silent command. His head would suddenly look down, his hand there in front of his face. The hand would twitch and the side of his mouth would twitch as if in a smirk. But he resisted those movements, and they ended up stopping. It still scared him though, he was moving by another's command and he had a good idea by whom.

The man he had been chasing had stopped in a clearing, dropping Sasuke. "So you chose to not give up?" the man said. Naruto, who finally gained control of his mouth and voice box, retorted "Not on your life." The man then reached behind him, sort of confusing Naruto with the action. Not removing his from his back the man returned, "Before we start I would like to tell you that he came on his own. It was his decision. Nothing else."

Naruto reached for his head, a headache, and growled to himself. Half of him told him to say it was a lie; the other wanted to say I know. The contradiction in his head made it feel like it was splitting. Why could he not get the words together? He wanted to say it was a lie; it was just he was being forced to say he knew. But there was an agreement on the words that came out his mouth "You bastard he still is a leaf ninja." The man then removed his arm from behind him pulling a sharpened bone from his back. "That was by birth, by his choosing he is a sound." The man stoically retorted.

Naruto was enraged by those words. But to Naruto it seemed as though his anger was too easy to access, more than usual. He felt pushed into the rage. And he felt pushed to attack the man. He wanted to use his trademark the kagebunshin. But he attacked, and the gap of power between the two males was gone. That was too strange for the blonde youth. He was attacking the man precisely and had more force than normal behind his hits.

The man, Kimimaru, marveled that a genin had this much strength. He wasn't this good as a child. But here the kid was hitting him with the force of two jonin combined it seemed. Even surprise attacks didn't faze the kid. He would just find an opening and then continue with his attacks. He was about to compliment Konoha when he seen the boy's eyes. They were blood red and if Kimimaru wasn't mistaken the boy had blue eyes earlier. That was not normal; therefore the boy wasn't normal. The boy was different, like him. His village had nothing to do with this, something more was to this child.

Kimimaru felt as though if the battle went for much longer, the repercussion would be his defeat. But then something happened that stopped that possibility. Sasuke didn't die in the barrel and was now running to Oto. Naruto went after him but Kimimaru could not allow that. "You're not getting past me." He said ever stoically but felt as though he was lying. But maybe, he could make it truth by going into second state. He activated the earth curse seal on his chest. His skin grew darker and his body structure changed to that of a lizard-like man. His bones now were growing out of his skin and a black pattern adorned his face.

But all in all Naruto wasn't fazed. Or, half of him wasn't fazed, but that side was showing. He grabbed Kimimaru's right shoulder with his left hand and with his right in a fist jabbed Kimimaru in the stomach. Knowledge he didn't have told him that in doing that he would inflict unconsciousness on Kimimaru. And the knowledge proved credible.

Naruto left the now limp man where he fell and went on.

Some time later Kimimaru's disease took him because he never left his cursed state.

Naruto was now running after the fleeing Sasuke and mentally freaking out at the same time. That knowledge he knew he did not have. He then focused on his actions of late. He wasn't acting himself; he was being entirely different. And he was being pushed, he knew that much, by something. But what he didn't know. Or did he? He had the sneaking suspicion that this was his resident's fault. But how, that was the next thought. How was he doing this?

Resent events plagued the blondes mind. And it was easy to get enraged by them. Sasuke's defection, his own loss of control over his body and each and every hitch and their consequence in the retrieval of said Uchiha, these events made Naruto infuriated. And something inside him wanted him to let it all out.

Naruto then felt pulled by something. His vision became blurry, he seen himself move in front of him. Then his clone in a sense looked back at him and had a wide toothy smirk. Naruto felt the intent from his stationary position. He was moving to kill Sasuke! He couldn't let that happen, not when he promised Sakura. He had to get moving before he got to Sasuke. But there was no movement. He was in a sprint that went nowhere.

But he kept on until he felt a tremendous breath behind him. He turned to see this cage resident, the Yoko No Kyuubi. Upon sight he couldn't hold it any longer and to his surprise he had to ability to do it. He shouted at the demonic beast. "What the hell have you been doing!? Why the hell can't I control myself at times!?" The Kyuubi then did a smirk that resembled the one his 'clone' did earlier. The fox then spoke in a tremendous voice only a demon could have "Why boy, I didn't think you would know it was me! You always seemed too dense to understand things like that." It laughed as though the last statement was a hilarious joke. "I must be rubbing off on you. Or well, in this case into you." It laughed again. Naruto was perplexed and horrified at what that could have meant.

Then the beast continued, "I'm testing a plan of mine. What a grand plan it has turned to be too! Look around you, I want to see if you can get it on your own." Naruto looked at the sewer that was his mind. What he saw shocked him to the core. The Kyuubi's chakra was seeping out of its cage and cutting into the walls that were around him. The walls must have led somewhere vital to him, vital to his being and his mind. He looked back at the Kyuubi and said in an almost questioning voice, "You're taking control of me." The fox looked at him, not bad for a first guess. But still the boy was wrong, and the fox corrected him. "I am going into you, becoming you, taking you, and becoming free. And, to announce my freedom I will kill the Uchiha." The fox laughed his hardest after his statement. Knowing his past it was understandable. Naruto was crushed by the statement.

"Don't worry you will regain control afterwards and I will go back to being captive." Naruto then corrected the demon. "It's not that, I don't want my friend dead." Those were the words the Kyuubi wanted to hear. He will enact a ploy that will ensure a longer freedom. "Then what do you say about a deal? Huh boy? How about it?"

Naruto was intrigued, what could the Kyuubi want? "You loosen the seal a tad and I give control back to you." Naruto cringed and shot back "Never! You won't ever get me to do that!" The demon then showed his trump card, "Fine, I'm free now so I'll just kill the Uchiha while I'm free. And…" The Kyuubi chuckled to itself."You can do nothing to stop me!" The Kyuubi laughed again but more for how he knew Naruto would react. "Wait, I'll do what you want." came from the blonde's mouth. The fox laughed again, the boy was beyond dense. "But I want to set ground rules." Not as dense as it thought though. The fox eyed the boy, and asked, "What are these ground rules?" Naruto had to tread carefully; an unfavorable rule and negotiations were over. "First no harming my friends." The fox nodded in acceptance of the rule. "Second no killing without my consent." There was a hesitant nod after that rule. "Third free access to your chakra without any hitches." Another nod signified to go on. "Lastly tell me what will happen in me when I do this." The fox told Naruto plainly "It is a mystery even to me. There are many possibilities. Both of us could die, only I could die, you could die, or we will both live. Nothing will be known unless we do this, even then it could take a while for full effect. But all in all I will abide by your rules even if you die. Kitsune promise." Naruto, even though he was dealing with a demon, felt reassured. "Tell me what to do."

End of chapter

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