This is the Prologue / Chapter One.

A story about Rosalie and Emmett. My new found Fav couple. If you have suggestions and constructive critiscism please let me know. PM or leave me a Review. If you want to see something happen in the story PM, ill take it into consideration.

Thanks to my Beta and Friend, Jen a.k.a A Cullen Wannabe.

1. Red and Surprises

Rosalie POV

I padded down the hallway, covering myself with my bathrobe and trying a firm knot at the front. I walked into the kitchen and looked around at the mess that had been made the night before. Emmett is going to help me clean this up, after all that was his fault, looking at my favorite rRed bra hanging from the pot racks that hung over my island kitchen bench. I tried grasping for it but I wasn't tall enough.

I glanced at the clock. ., Jasper would be here at any moment. A ritual my bBrother and I had been doing for years now. Jasper and I were so busy with our prospective jobs, Jasper working as a Police Officer for the local PD and I worked in PR for a clothing company, Eclipse. So we decided Saturday Coffee was our chance to catch up with each other. Should I wake him up? No I shouldn't, he worked so hard last night. I took one more look at the bra and then down at the floor, my fashion magazines and mail strewn across the floor. What will Jazz say when he sees this?

I let my mind wonder to the man that was sleeping in my bed, how the barriers had finally been broken and we had jumped over the Friends wall and into new and uncharted territory. Jasper will certainly be surprised and I hope happy.

I shuffled over to the coffee pot and turned it on, and then went to grab two mugs from the cupboard and milk from the fridge. I looked out the kitchen window that looked over the front gardens of my apartment block and saw the familiar Blonde haired man make his way up the path and into the building.

By the time I walked and opened the front door, Jasper was reaching the top of the stairs.

"Morning Rosie……" Jasper said, taking the last two steps and pulling me into his arms asnd I embraced the comfort of his arms. Maybe I should have called and cancelled?

"I am…well…..good as can be expected," A silly grin escaping from my face, yet trying to mask the excitement of my voice

I pulled away from him and he looked down at me, as if he were insexpecting me. The police officer inside him was coming out.

"You look flushed, and slightly glowing…have you been working out this morning?"

If he only knew. I turned and walked back into the apartment, Jasper hot on my trail.

"Not exactly ……" I kept my back turned away from him, walking into the kitchen as I busied myself with making our coffee. I heard Jasper's feet walk into the kitchen and stop. Here we go.

"Doing some spring cleaning Rose?" I could hear the hint of a smirk in his voice

"Not exactly" I spoke quietly " I ahhh…well you see, what happened was," I felt my cheeks flush. I turned to face my brother and tell him but was stopped mid sentence.

"Please tell me Emmett had something to do with this." I turned to see Jasper underneath my hanging bra and pointing up to it. I let me back rest against the bench.

"Perhaps," The smile escaping and spread across my face.

"About time, you two were making everyone go crazy with your 'sitting on the fence relationship.'"

"You mean, you don't mind that it's Emmett?" I bit my lip in anticipation.

"Of course not….." Jasper walked over to me and gave me a quick hug.

"I am all but happy that it's Emmett, and finally that it is you and Emmett."

"Thank you."

Jasper walked towards the small kitchen table and started picking up the mess of magazines and mail and arranged them on my table. I went back to fixing our coffee.

Joining Jasper at the table with steaming cups of coffee,. I should bite the bullet. "He is still here."

Unfortunately I had chosen the wrong time to bite the bullet, Jasper who had taken his first sip of coffee almost choked.

Setting his cup of coffee on the table, "Em, is still here……in the apartment?" He coughed waving his hands around.

"Yeah, he is sleeping……."

"Well this is totally awkward," he said tTrying to sound stern but the humor in his voice giving himself away. "I should leave and let you well….you know." Jasper went to get up but I stopped him.

"Why don't you go wake him up, he has training in a few hours."

Jasper laughed at my proposition. "Yeah right, because waking up your lover boy won't be awkward at all!"

"I would like him to be at training on time, I don't want to be the reason he gets fined for being late." Heat rising up my neck and into my cheeks, because I know exactly what would happen if I went in there………

"This should be fun!" Jasper turned on his heel and headed down the hallway and towards my bedroom.


Jasper POV

Walking down the hallway to wake up my sister's new lover was a bit whacked out, but still quite funny as well. I am going to have a little chat to Alice about this when I get back home, surely she knew what happened, and after all she had been there last night., Ali had never mentioned anything to me this morning.

I opened the bedroom door, to find one of my best friends sprawled out on my sister's bed. Emmett's back facing me, sheets tangled around his legs and barely covering his ass and hugging a pillow.

Emmett must have heard the door open. I heard his sleep laden voice. "Rosie, baby, is a bit insatiable this morning, ready for another round?"

I had to keep my laughter in, "That's right sweetheart."

I saw Emmett's body stiffen at my voice, quickly covering himself up and turning to face me. He opened his mouth to say something.

"Let's not ruin the moment Em, she's out in the kitchen, you should come have coffee with us." I chuckled and closed the door with rumbling and some cursing from Emmett.

I walked back to Rose and to wait for our friend, this was the day of a brand new life from my sSister and a best friend.

About time.