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"I won't justify the way I live my life. 'Cause I'm the one living it, feeling it, tasting it and you're just wasting your time."- Sick Puppies


Pointless. Meaningless. Insignificant.

Ain't that redundant?

Well, so is everything else. School. Television. Sports.

All the same. Boring. Tedious.

Even things that are new and bright fade eventually. They become dull or broken.

Or redundant. The same thing over and over again. Everywhere it's the same old pattern.

Nothing changes. Everything you would expect happens, oh so predictably.

Except for that one small, rare exception. You least expect to find something so bright in such a dark place.

Like when you were a kid, receiving those old hand-me-down toys from your older sibling because your parents couldn't afford to buy you that shiny action figure that you really wanted because money was tight that month. So you search through the bin of desolate, rejected, broken toys. And when you think you're just about to give up and sulk, you find that one toy at the bottom of the bin that has yet to lose its luster.

It still has all of its limbs remaining, untouched by the selfish sibling who got everything they wanted while you got stuck with their cast offs. They probably never gave it a second glance. Amongst all the toys that made sound and lit up, the simple action figure was simply placed at the bottom of the barrel.

And once those other toys broke or simply became lame, that forgotten toy was buried underneath them.

But to you it was a treasure. Untouched, unplayed with. Practically brand new.

And most importantly it was all yours.

Sure, it might not be as showy as the others. Not as impressive looking at first glance. It's overlooked by all. But to you it's amazing. Beautiful.

And while all the other toys had quickly become redundant, this toy never fades. It's always special. Not just in appearance, but in value. It's way more amazing then all those other crappy toys combined. This one has substance.

It's different.

And as feminine as this sounds: it's a dream come true.

Because that beautiful exception is just like a fairytale.


Seriously, could he be any more of a douche? Leaving me to clean up all this party shit?

Of course the second the last person leaves (two in the morning) Sora crashes out on the couch.

His loud, rumbling snores is the only thing sound in the entire house as I move from room to room, picking up beer bottles and other various after-party crap. If I don't do it, then no one will. Dad with throw a fit and my step mom, Kendra, will tell him it's a normal teenage thing to throw parties while parents are away.

I shove an empty chip bag into a trash bag as I fume.

She only takes my side because she feels guilty. And she should feel ashamed. It's her fault my family was ripped apart. Does she honestly think trying to be my best bud is going to change that fact?

I furiously stuff the trash bag full with more junk. Stupid drunken morons.

Sora twitches on the couch. His mouth is wide open as drool slides down his chin.

Yeah, I can totally see why all the girls think he's a stud.

I glance at my watch, running my fingers through my hair with my other hand.

It's now five in the morning. This place needs to be at least presentable by the time Xion is dropped off.

Sora releases another bear like snore. I look over at his presence and fight the urge to pour the remaining beer in the bottle on the table over his stupid, damn face.

My fingers are itching towards the bottle when a loud, blaring rap song starts playing.

"Huh?!" Sora grumbles, jerking awake. He frantically looks around the room, before slipping his hand in his pocket and taking out his cell phone: the source of the music.

"Hey, dude," Sora says into the phone, standing up and heading toward the stairs.

I wait till he's out of sight before flipping him off. Stupid bastard.

Immediately, guilt washes over me. I put my finger down and stare at the half cleaned room.

Being in this house automatically turns me into a dick. Unlike Sora, though I'm completely aware of that fact, yet I can't stop myself. It's like a light switch goes off in my brain turning me from that decent guy to that complete asshole.

The only exception to that is my sister, Xion. That's a no-brainer why. It's impossible to be mean or sarcastic to her. Which still continues to amaze me. The only thing we really have in common is my damn dad. He's the reason for Sora's, Xion's, and my almost-creepy-they're-so-blue-eyes.

Which again, shocks me that we all three inherited those. After all my mom and stepmom both have dark, brown eyes, which is the dominate gene for eye color. So according to science we had a bigger chance of getting those, but no, instead we get these blue piercers.

And Sora and I received the messy hair from our mom. We look a lot alike. Too much alike for my own liking. If it wasn't for his brown hair and being a tad bit older, we could pass for twins.

I run my fingers through my hair again. It's something I do unconsciously, especially if I'm nervous or angry. Stupid habit, really.

My eyelids close for a second, before I snap them open. Gotta stay awake. Need to finish cleaning.

But my feet refuse to move. They've gotten accustomed to staying put and now the thought of moving again just makes them mad. And making them angry seems like a terrible bad idea. They could revolt.

Man, am I tired. I'm starting to personify my damn feet.

Need sleep.

I glance toward the stairs which seem like a million miles away. However the only other option is the couch and that isn't too promising because it smells a bit funny and I could have sworn seeing a kid puke on one of the pillows earlier.

Thank god, my parents won't be home till Monday night. That will give me time to wash the pillows.

Ha! Pillow is a funny word.

Pillow. Pillow. Pillow.

The word begins to sound even funnier after thinking it a few more times.

Damn, I need sleep.

Forgoing the opportunity to sleep in some kid's vomit, I force my feet to the stairs and climb up them. I can hear Sora yakking away on his phone as I pass his room. The hallway seems to stretch out; my room looking farther away. Just when I'm about to fall over and sleep in the hall, I make it to the door and push it open.

Not even bothering to turn on the light I stumble towards the bed, bumping into boxes along the way and collapse on it. Then, still in my jeans, I close my eyes, drifting off into much desired sleep.


When I wake up the first thing I hear is someone thumping around outside in the hallway.

Great, Sora is already up. Maybe he'll actually help clean the house up before Xion gets back.

Yeah right.

I lift myself off of my bed and glance over at my alarm clock which reads ten AM. Great I have two hours to make this place presentable before Xion returns. The girl is a neat freak so the sight of the enormous mess downstairs will drive her crazy.

I sigh, grabbing a pair of jeans that are scattered amongst all the boxes on the floor. Then I open one of the drawers to my almost empty dresser and pull out yet another hand-me-down shirt from Sora. So far the only clothes I've managed to unpack of my own are jeans, underwear, and socks.

The day I moved in Sora had given me a "care package" of all his clothes he didn't want anymore, so I've been wearing those for the past couple of weeks, too lazy to get my own stuff out.

I head out into the hall and into the bathroom Xion and I share. You would think that because she's the only girl, not to mention my dad's and stepmom's "Little Angel", she would one of the bedrooms with its own bathroom. But no, Sora was here before she was, so of course even though he was the only kid living there at the point when my dad and stepmom first moved in, he took the room with the conjoined bathroom, too damn lazy to walk to the end of the hallway.

I shower quickly, knowing it will take more than an hour to clean the house. When I'm done washing my hair I put the shampoo bottle back in the exact same place it came from. Even though Xion uses her own shampoo, she still likes mine to be kept in order. All the bottles are lined up according to size, just the way she likes it.

Once I'm out and all dried off, I hang the towel back up, making sure it's straight and tidy. I slip on my boxers and jeans then put my shirt on. After brushing my teeth, I clean out all the toothpaste, knowing how much it disgusts Xion to see the sink full of my spit.

She's lucky that I'm the brother she shares a bathroom with, because I honestly don't think Sora would have been willing to do all this stuff for her.

Suddenly, a massive crash comes from downstairs, causing me to jump five feet. Sighing, I leave the bathroom and go downstairs.

"What broke?" I ask, entering the kitchen, though I already suspect the answer due to the strong scent of beer wafting up my nose.

I look at Sora and immediately have to hide back a laugh. His expression is a mixture of rage and grief.

"Someone," he replies, glaring at me, "left this six pack of beer on the edge of the counter. I didn't see it and knocked it over."

"Yeah, I can see that, by the broken glass and beer all over the floor. Good going, Genius. Now start cleaning it up. And don't bitch about it, cause you know perfectly well that we have an entire fridge dedicated to beer down in the basement."

Like I said, I turn from decent guy to dick in a mere matter of seconds.

Sora's face turns bright red with fury. I can tell he's pretty bad hung-over, because normally something like this he would just shrug off, not caring he had just wasted money.

"You clean it up. It's your fault for leaving it here and not putting it in the fridge in the first place. Besides I have to leave anyways, I was just grabbing something to eat," he tells me.

"What do you mean, 'leave'?" I growl.

"You know, as in to go? Get out? Go somewhere else?" Sora responds, sounding as if he's talking to someone in first grade.

"I know what leave means, you asshole. Why are you leaving? First of all you need to help me pick up the shit from your party. And second of all, Dad asked you to take care of Xion until he and Kendra get back."

"Hey, you were at that party here too. And I'll be back in a few hours. Just going to hang out with some buds of mine," Sora says.

He turns around and exits the kitchen. Ten seconds later I hear the front door open and close, leaving me to not only clean the house, but now pick up broken glass.

"Jackass," I mutter darkly.

It takes me about ten minutes to make sure all the little shards of class are completely swept up. Another five to mop up the beer.

The next hour is then spent cleaning up trash. The thrown up on pillow is a lost cause so I pitch it too. They're so many damn decorative pillows in the living room so I know it won't be missed.

Finally just as the last beer bottle is cleaned up and I'm just about to sprawl out on the couch with my book, the doorbell rings. Not once, but five times.

Xion always rings the doorbell five times. For some weird reason she likes multiples of fives. So much so that she can't wait to be ten in two years. She's weird like that.

"Hey, Kido," I say, opening the front door.

"Howdy," Xion replies, a wide grin across her face.

I give a friendly wave to the mom of the Xion's friend, who dropped her off. She waves back and pulls out of the driveway.

"Ewww!" Xion wrinkles her nose as she walks past me and inside the house. "What's with all the air freshener?"

I shrug, closing the door. It was either the extreme smell of flowers or the stench of beer, but I don't explain this to her.

"Go unpack your stuff and then we can watch one of the musical you love so much," I tell her.

Her bright blue eyes light up and she runs up the stairs. I'm just about to go into the kitchen to make some popcorn when I hear her yell, "Roxas my door won't open."

Oops, had forgotten about that. Before Sora's party I had turned the lock of her bedroom door and then exited the room, closing the door behind me. I didn't want any of Sora's drunken friends to go into her room and make out or something much worse. The thought of explaining to Xion what a bra was after some girl left it in her room was not my idea of fun.

So I ran up the stairs and down the hall. Xion was staring at the doorknob with such a pouty frustrated look it was kinda funny.

"Must be locked," I mused for her benefit.

"Locked? But it locks from the inside! Who's in my room?!" Xion exclaimed.

I chuckled. "No one. It probably was an accident. Here, I can unlock it." I took out a paper clip from my pocket and put it in the lock. It took a minute of jiggling it around until I finally heard the lock click. "There you go."

She opened the door and peeked cautiously inside of it.

"There's no one in there," I laughed.

"Okay," she replies, still sounding unsure.

"Here, I'll prove it."

I enter her room and open her closet showing her it's empty of human life. Then I get down on my stomach and make a big show of checking under the bed, even though I know it'll be empty. But it's for her benefit so I still do it.

"See. No one." I turn around to face her. She's barely inside the room, watching me make sure it's okay.

Xion smiles. "Okie dokie. Thanks Roxas."

"No problem, Kiddo."

She walks over to the bed and places her bag on it, already starting to put everything away.

I chuckle to myself. She's probably the only kid who cleans up with out being told to do so.

"I'm gonna go make popcorn," I tell her before leaving the room.

I'm waiting in the kitchen for the microwave to go off when it happens; my cell vibrates.

I take it out of my back pocket and flip it open, not expecting the name that pops up on the text message.

"Aqua?" I say out loud, still not believing it. My fingers tremble as I open the message.

Hey there, cutie. I've missed you, it says.

I snap the phone shut and place it back in my pocket.

What the fuck, man? After all that's happened she's decided to contact me now, after all this time? It's been months since I last spoke to her.

The microwave beeps, making me jump. I open it and take the popcorn out, dumping it into a bowl, barely aware that I'm doing so.

Why would she want to talk to me now? Or at all for that matter? And does she honestly think that after what she did to me that I'm gonna text her back and it'll be like old times again? She's crazy if she thinks that.

That bitch. Just when I think I'm over it, she does something like this, bringing back all those memories. Man, I hate-


I turn around, noticing Xion standing in the doorway.

"Popcorn's done," I tell her with false cheer. "What movie we gonna watch?"

"You okay?" she asks, ignoring the question.

"Yeah." I smile wide at her. Grabbing the popcorn bowl off the counter I walk towards Xion and the two of us exit the kitchen. We both plop down on the sofa.

"What movie is it gonna be, Kiddo?" I ask again.

"Um," she pauses to think, "How bout Singing in the Rain?" she exclaims, excitedly.

"Sounds great."

Xion grins and goes to find the movie. Meanwhile I sit on the couch, feeling the presence of my phone in my pocket getting stronger.

I know I should refrain from responding and I don't want to talk to her, yet I can't help but remember all those times talking to her made me smile. All those times in the past when she made me happy. I want it to be how it used to be between us.

Before she cheated on me with my used to be best friend.

My hand moves towards the phone. I want a taste of the past. Want to talk to her. I've missed her too.

Missed the way we used to talk for hours. Missed her smile, her voice. Missed-

I stop suddenly, the open phone in my hand.

We can never go back to how it used to be between us. I know that's not possible. Things change.

And I realize I don't miss her. I miss the façade of her. The person she pretended to be.

But that image isn't real. It's just fantasy. A stupid fairytale.

I take one last look at her text message, before hitting Erase.


"And you're just wasting your time trying to throw me a line, when you're the one drowning. I like where I'm at on my back, floating down in my own riptide. The water is fine."

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