The Autobots examined the still-smoking body carefully, ensuring that all signs of life had vanished, despite the occasional twitch of servos, then collectively sighed in relief.

"I'm going to be having nightmares for ages," Sam exhaled, released from Bumblebee's protective grip. "Giant zombie robots... Sheesh."

"Poor Jazz," Ironhide said mournfully. "That his body should be used in such a fashion."

"His spirit is in a better place," Optimus reassured. "He would not hold our actions here against us."

The others agreed, casting one last, regretful look at what remained of Jazz before Ratchet hauled it off. If only they truly could have had Jazz back!

Elsewhere, a voice grumbled quietly to itself. "Man, that was cold, man!"

Thanks to Flower K. Owl, who gave me the idea.