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I don't suppose we could all agree that that the first chapter was random bits ranging from the 2007 movie on? I promise the following chapters will be a bit more predictable. Kind of.

Summary: Bits and bytes of humor, life, and even a bit love mixed in as the Autobots live on Earth.

Disclaimers: Transformers is the property of Hasbro and concept licensed through Takara Co. All original characters however are created by ciscogirl/ciscogoldengirl and protected by copyright laws. This work was created only for enjoyment, not with the goals of credit or monetary gain in any fashion.

Bits of Life: 2

1. When Glen first met Sunstreaker, everyone would agree he had made a high pitched squeal considered (up to then) impossible for human vocal chords.

2. Sarah looked at Optimus that evening after she had found the Chevy Twins drawing with Annabelle, "They're just children aren't they?"

3. Despite their personalities, Mudflap and Skids somehow managed to control their choice of language whenever Annabelle was around but then a long conversation with Sarah Lennox might have helped with that.

4. It was common knowledge on the base that when Sideswipe opened his passenger door you shut up, got in, (for the love of everything holy) buckled your seat belt, and got ready for a ride that left your heart somewhere back in Kentucky. It wasn't common knowledge that Ironhide did the same thing and it was just as much fun with his style of 'off roading'.

5. Sam knew his limits. Being shot at. Decepticons with whip-like tongues. Mikaela's Covergirl lipstick 035; smokey rose.

6. It seemed that Ironhide and Sarah were the only ones who could translate Annabelle's 'baby talk'. Optimus was simply content to let her babble.

7. Ratchet was a firm believer of using consoling words, especially concerning his leader. "The Seekers don't fit in any category, they're beyond just 'Bots and 'Cons. He did it to stop the source of this whole war and save the planet so don't slag it up by feeling guilty for having used his power!"

8. Like most nerd-types, Glen and Maggie had a guilty pleasure of all things Star Trek and once a month they could be found in one of the smaller break rooms not overrun with soldiers watching their favorite episodes.

9. Only Maggie failed to see what was so cute about Jolt always 'going the same way myself so let's go together'.

10. Optimus felt his spark twist horribly when Sarah gestured discretely at the Chevy Twins, "They're just children aren't they?"

11. Sarah Lennox didn't so much as adopt Mudflap and Skids as she swooped down on them in a whirl of organic maternal instinct.

12. Bumblebee tried not to think about the very real possibility that he would never be able to speak properly again; honorable war wound or not.

13. Beyond the necessity of missions Glen was the only one allowed inside Sunstreaker for rides; Sideswipe said it was because his brother loved the attention.

14. Simmons was up to something; Will just didn't know if it was worth the trouble asking just what it was.

15. Wheelie couldn't help but feel that Primus had lost a bet with the human's god; how else had Mikaela been born as a fleshie?

16. "Honey, why are Mudflap and Skids enrolled with Annabelle's kindergarten class?"

17. Sideswipe didn't bother with pleasantries when he saw his brother climb out of the crater; he barreled straight into him and threatened to rip his armor off plate by plate if he ever separated from his twin again.

18. Upon seeing Jet Judo for the first time, the Chevy Twins immediately attempted the style with mixed results.

19. "Slagger." Jolt grumbled when Sunstreaker stole Maggie away for a ride to her room after a shift.

20. "Ten bucks says the Major makes the newbs flinch in five minutes." Epps whispered to Sam.

21. Ratchet put the fear of Primus into the Chevy Twins after finally figuring out which part went to who after their Jet Judo attempt.

22. "Please, please, please give me the excuse to go over the President's head and send you to a one man post in Greenland for the next twenty years of your life. Just say one more word." Simmons' whispered to the visiting five star general stupid enough to complain about the families staying on base.

23. It was an unspoken rule on both sides; Megatron and Prime received at minimum a hundred yards whenever they collided on the battlefield.

24. Maggie and Glen soon discovered that their monthly Star Trek Marathon wasn't so secret anymore when they found Epps, Will, Sam, and at least ten others waiting for them with popcorn and sodas.

25. Ratchet took one look at Sideswipe before looking down at Will. "Is his expression what you would call 'a shit-eating grin'?"

26. The fits were rare now but they still came with the same heart-jerking ferocity that left him helpless to stop himself.

27. Sam knew what love was; it was Mikaela calmly handing him as many blank pieces of paper and bright crayons as needed until the fit was over before quietly giving him a cup of hot cocoa without the mini marshmallows.

28. Sometimes Optimus thought about leaving humanity out of his kind's war but one look at Sam, Mikaela, Will and the rest of NEST's soldiers killed that thought process.

29. Will narrowed his eyes at Simmons' twisted grin. "What did you do, who did you piss off, and where's the paperwork for the damage?"

30. Despite relying on bombers and recon planes, NEST personnel always remained more than a little 'skittish' whenever a jet passed as compared to other soldiers.

31. "When will more Autobots come to Earth?" Sam asked Bumblebee one night as they stared at the stars.

32. Ironhide afforded Will a look of resignation. "Do I even want to know why Mudflap and Skids are now calling Sarah 'Mom'?"

33. Ever since Egypt, there was no point in hiding the Autobots or Decepticons which made missions slightly easier, if only to the point that they no longer had to completely BS the public with threats of toxic spills.

34. The Autobots couldn't eat human food but that didn't stop them from partaking in the holiday celebrations and watching the kitchen staff with the utmost fascination.

35. It was Mikaela who told Ratchet quietly one night that it was time to let go of Jazz; he would never be 'fully' repaired.

36. "How the hell do you buy the moon in the first place?" Will asked Simmons, too impressed to be annoyed by the fact that the man was most certainly adding to the mountains of paperwork.

37. Simmons had declined the UN summit, instead shoving Will and Epps and even persuading/blackmailing Sam into tagging along. "My job entails pissing people off on a regular basis; I don't do diplomacy. Have fun." He told them before pushing Sam into the helicopter.

38. "Is it NEST or EDC?" Arcee asked, voicing the confusion every Autobot and soldier had.

39. It unnerved Sideswipe the day Annabelle showed him a picture she had drawn of him with the bright red crayon letters 'Knight Sideswipe' underneath; she had no idea just how accurate she was.

40. "I don't care if you are an alien that transforms into a sports car; Spiderman's still better." Epps told Bumblebee seriously.

41. Chromia had no thoughts on her reputation when it came to Annabelle and the other human younglings; she loved telling them stories while acting out all the parts.

42. Glen knew he was immature but he knew what it meant when Maggie blushed after Jolt congratulated her on her grasp of cybertronian coding.

43. "Alright! I think he has a cute little blue ass...aft...whatever you call it!" Maggie snarled one night at Glen while they studied Cybertronian basic code.

44. It was to be expected; upon seeing that there was intelligent life from another planet there were massive religious debates, awe, and even outright denial which confused the Autobots. "How did they come up with the idea that we're secret projects from Japan?" Sideswipe asked Lennox.

45. Annabelle's fourth Halloween was spent on base with other base children dressed up as Autobots and their parents passing out popcorn, candy, and fruit punch.

46. Leo had grown used to the regular emails titled 'To Our Chia Head'.

47. There was a substantial list of things the Autobots could not do and after the fiasco of New Year's, hokey pokey was added to the list.

48. No amount of bribing from the Major could get Ironhide to reveal what he had said to the wannabe suicide bomber while on a mission in Afghanistan but the results were felt worldwide; soldiers bearing the NEST badge were avoided like the plague.

49. "You know we could just have two bases; NEST and EDC. One to prevent 'Cons from getting on Earth and the other for reducing them to scrap if they're already on Earth." Same offered to Simmons and the Major, stunning them and making a certain yellow scout look on smugly.

50. Simmons understood his position all too well; as long as he was able to make his government realize the need of the Autobots (and never forget that need) he didn't care if they sneered each time they spoke to him as though he were worthless.

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