Something a little different from me. I blame the Corruption Sisters and their World Denomination...don't know what I'm talkin' about? Well I guess you'll have to join BA's GrimmNel FC and find out, won't ya? XD

So anyways, nothin' too fancy here, just me havin' a lot of fun writing about these two that are quite different from the IchiHime I normally right. I posted these two on BA and decided to go ahead and slap 'em on here for your enjoyment. And because there needs to be more GrimmNel in the world!!! The chapter titles are just the prompts. This one was 'sword' from the amazing ELONI. Hope you enjoy :D





"Argh! That stupid panther! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid-head!" Neliel grumbled, marking each word with a wide swipe at a boulder, splitting each one with a satisfying rumble that echoed across the rocky desert. She stopped to catch her breath and survey the damage around her. No matter how much she destroyed she couldn't get rid of the image of Grimmjow leaning over Harribel in a dim corner and tugging at her zipper playfully with that infuriating grin on his face. She was not jealous. It was just that the Espada shouldn't be fraternizing. His constant disregard for protocol was irritating to say the least.

With a growl she stuck the end of her pale green sword in the sand and sprung into the air, bringing her leg out and crashing her foot into hard white rock. "I hate cats!"

"Really? 'Cause it kinda looks more like you've got somethin' against rocks."

She whirled around at the deep voice to see the Espada Sexta leaning against a broken boulder with that ridiculous grin on his face. Without thinking, in two flips she'd grabbed her zanpakuto and stood two feet in front of him, angrily poking the sharp blade into his hard stomach.

"Don't ever sneak up on me like that!"

He raised his hands defensively and scowled at her. "Oi! Calm down, woman! Are ya tryin' to give me another hole? Besides, I shouldn't be able to sneak up on you, Espada Tercera," he added mockingly.

All she gave him in response was a growl and a hair toss before turning to sonido away from him, but something held her and she turned her head in surprise to see the end of her blade grasped in his large hand. Her eyes narrowed and her voice took on a calmly authoritative tone, "Let go of my sword, Grimmjow."

He just smirked and tugged hard on the sword throwing her off balance and yanking her close to him. "Not until you tell me about this obsessive hatred towards cats, princess."

She gave her sword another angry tug and her voice went back to sounding desperate. "It's not obsessive, why would I tell the likes of you, and for the last time let go of my sword!" Silently she cursed herself for losing her senses around him again. What on earth became of her calm reasoning when he was around her?! Her search for it became even more frantic as his grin widened and he leaned closer, his heady scent wafting around her.

"You're the one that's three levels above me, take it yourself," he taunted.

That did it. She relaxed and looked him straight in the eye. "Declare." She watched as his eyes widened and glanced towards the rising pink smoke from the blade he was holding. "Gamu-"

"Oi!" He dropped the blade like a hot coal. "All right! All right! You…you…"

She smiled with false sweetness. "I what?"

His face twisted into a hard scowl. "You…win." He spat out the disgusting word and felt boiling anger rise at her smug look. But not for long. He waited patiently as she strolled back to the sheath that was still stuck in the ground and shoved her sword into it, his jaw clenching at the sensual sway of her hips. Then he suddenly pounced in a spray of sand to land behind her, smacked the sword away, and locked his arm around her waist, yanking her tight against him.

"Grimmjow! What do you think you're doing?!"

She felt his hot breath against her cheek. "Winning."

He felt her squirm against him and bit back a groan as her rounded backside rubbed against his increasingly painful lower problem. His mouth brushed against her cheek and his lips moved against her ear. "But that's impossible since you're so much stronger than me, right, Nel? So escape."

Stronger? Ha! She felt about as strong as a jellyfish. And there wasn't a thing she could do as he twisted her body around to face his fiery blue gaze. He slammed their bodies together so that they stood leg for leg, hip for hip, chest for chest. She sensed his hand reach up to grab her hair and gasped when he yanked it, pulling her face skyward. "Who's king now?" he muttered, and frankly she really couldn't care less as his lips crashed into hers.

Any flimsy hold she'd had on reason was swiftly annihilated by his demanding mouth and she found her hands digging into his thick hair, raking her nails against his skull, and moaning in response to his growls that vibrated inside her. Their tongues battled fiercely and his hands burned paths into her uniform as they traveled over her back, her hips, her breasts…

"Ngh – NO!" Suddenly she'd shoved him away, staring at him in horror. "No!" she repeated. "This – this is wrong!"

His shocked expression grew darkly furious. "Is it? Well I ain't apologizin' if that's what you think!" His mouth curled into an angry sneer. "I get it, you hate cats. Whatever, go back and get your rocks off with your precious Nnoitra." He spun around ready to get the hell outta there. He'd been such an idiot, thinking he could burn that creep out of her mind with kissing and hopefully a good…

"What?" she sputtered with a short laugh. He turned his head to glare at her. "Nnoitra?! That skinny insect creep? You must be joking!" His eyes widened but then quickly narrowed into a fierce scowl. "So it's just that you hate cats then. Tch. Like I'd really want anything to do with a stinking goat."

It was her turn to scowl and clinch her fists angrily. "Fine! Why don't you get your rocks off with your precious Harribel!"

She watched in astonishment as his face twisted in disgust. "Harribel?! That bony-lipped freak? Have you seen that thing without her covering? You've gotta be shittin' me!"

Suddenly the air between them felt frozen as they stared at each other in shock. In seconds Grimmjow was in front of her again, her shoulders clasped in his hands, the corners of his mouth twitching. "Do you mean to tell me that you were destroying Hueco Mundo's fine scenery 'cause you were…jealous?"

She frowned and looked away. "Stupid panther…" Finally she looked back at him to see him grinning from ear to ear. Irritated she spat out, "Well you were too!"

He scowled. "Was not!"

"Were to-mmph!" She quickly forgot what the argument and let herself melt into his hot kisses.

He smiled against her lips. "That's better. Women are always better when their mouth is occupied in silence." Suddenly he found himself flat on his back, the wind knocked out of him, staring up at Nel's flashing eyes. He noticed she was holding something and glanced to the side to see a gleaming blade an inch from his face.

"Do you want to get laid or not?"

His eyebrows shot up as he glanced back at her in shock and he could only nod.

"Well then, shut your mouth." Obligingly he clamped his mouth closed, struggling not to groan as she ran her sword across his chest, parting his jacket. She thrust her sword into the sand next to his head, flipped her hair to the side, and leaned over him while raking her fingernails across his chest.

He lifted his hands to run along her straddling thighs and grinned. "So, what was that about hatin' cats?"

She narrowed her eyes at him, and she murmured against his lips before crushing them, "Don't forget you've got a sword next to your head, stupid panther…"




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